Hot Belly Diet (Master Cleanse Diet) | Lose 15 KGS In 1 Month | Ayurveda Hot Belly Diet*

Hot Belly Diet (Master Cleanse Diet) | Lose 15 KGS In 1 Month | Ayurveda Hot Belly Diet*

Hi guys, today’s video is on the Hot
Belly Diet Plan. It’s a 30-day plan based on Ayurveda, which will focus on
your digestive system and body’s metabolism. It will make your digestion
strong and metabolism faster and help you lose up to 15 kilos in 30 days (30 Lbs In 30 Days) so
let’s get started with this 30-day diet plan. For first 3 days i.e 1st
2nd and 3rd day, cut down on sugar, meat, processed carbs, artificial sweeteners
and full-fat dairy including butter, ghee (clarified butter), full-fat milk etc.
Start your day with castor oil cleanse on an empty stomach.
I have already shared a video on the same. Do check the description box for
the video link. To make this cleansing drink, mix 1 Tablespoon of Castor Oil
with 1 Cup of Warm Water and drink. It works like a cleaning detergent inside
your stomach. It will clean your intestines, help get rid of toxins and
detox your body completely. This process also cures irregular periods, cholesterol
problems and hormonal issues. You might have to visit washroom a few times as
your body would be going through a cleaning process. Drink a lot of warm
water or green or black tea or green or black coffee in these first three days
as it will stimulate your body to burn more fat. Rest of the day be on a healthy
diet and eat foods like vegetable salad, oatmeal, soups or khichdi which is a salty
porridge made with vegetables, lentils and rice all cooked together. Following
this process for 3 days will teach your body to deal with overeating and food
cravings. Now for the next 23 days i.e from the 4th day till the 26th
day you need to follow these guidelines. You need to eat and drink
specific foods which will feed and fuel your metabolism and work towards
rapid weight loss. Continue drinking a lot of warm water or green or black tea
or green or black coffee. Remember not to snack in between the
meals. It will work like intermittent fasting which will accelerate weight
loss and overall health. For next 23 days, lunch needs to be the
most important meal which means calories consumed in dinner should be half the
amount of lunch for example if in lunch you have one plate of Khichdi (porridge)
then in dinner make it half. Now let’s start with breakfast. For breakfast,
have a glass of protein shake. Keep it as simple as possible. You can use low-fat
or skimmed milk, almond or soy milk or even water to make protein shake. Feel free to
use any protein powder be it whey, pumpkin seed protein powder, organic plant protein
powder, protein and herbs etc. Here I am using from Oziva for demonstration
purposes. Protein shakes are nutrient dense and you get good amount of protein to start off your day. They are low in calories prevent muscle loss and
maximize weight loss plus you don’t eat anything which may hinder weight loss or
is more in calories. It’s a simple and straight option for breakfast without
creating any confusions on what to have and what not. Now for lunch, best option
as per me, is a plate or a portion of khichdi or salty porridge. It’s a very
simple recipe. Cook rice with lentils and few vegetables of your
choice all together in a pressure cooker or a crock-pot and it’s done. I recommend
using brown rice as it is way more healthier than white rice you can also
use quinoa or buckwheat. Also, use Himalayan pink salt over regular white salt to avoid water retention. I’m using the one from Nutriwish brand. Have light
snack for the evening like dark chocolate, fresh fruits, nuts, boiled chickpeas etc.
You can repeat the same meal as lunch for dinner but reduce the portioning to
half (1/2). Few other food options are a bowl of soup, a plate of salad, savory oatmeal,
boiled or steamed veggies, eggs, chicken, fish etc. Continue drinking a lot of warm
water or green or black tea or green or black coffee and remember not to snack
in between the meals. Now comes the last (4) four days of this diet. Again for the next 4 days, start your day with castor oil cleanse on an empty stomach. Start reintroducing few healthy foods in
your diet for example in the breakfast start having boiled, fried or scrambled
eggs, smoothies, oatmeal etc. Still avoid sugar, meat, processed carbs, artificial
sweeteners and full-fat dairy. Follow the same rule for lunch and dinner as you
have been doing, i.e dinner is half the quantity as lunch. Have light snack
for evening like dark chocolate, fresh fruits, nuts, boiled chickpeas etc. and
continue drinking a lot of warm water or green or black tea or green or black
coffee and remember not to snack in between the meals. So this is how your
30-day Hot Belly Diet Plan should be. Always ensure that the cooked food for
lunch and dinner is hot as hot food gets easily digested and aids in weight loss.
Eat variety of foods during these 30 days to avoid food cravings or imbalance
in diet and nutrition. Try to eat freshly prepared food and avoid
leftovers as one of the Ayurveda food guidelines is to eat freshly prepared
food. Focus on eating fresh and unprocessed foods. Exercise in these 30
days is important, as it improves strength, normalizes weight and maintains proper digestion. You can also indulge in Yoga.
This plan is safe for all including Thyroid, PCOS, PCOD, Diabetes etc.
Nursing and Pregnant Mothers should avoid this diet as they may not get enough calories required for the day (Castor oil cleanse is also not meant for pregnant & nursing mothers). Do try this diet based on Ayurveda, as it will
detox your body, restore metabolism and help in effortless weight loss and that
too up to 15 kilos in a month. Hit like if you liked this video and don’t forget
to subscribe my channel if you still haven’t and I will see you soon with a
new one till then follow Hot Belly Diet and Rekindle your Life… Bye Bye

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  1. Thanx alot vicky…..ur tips has always helped me a lot in loosing weight….but I have ceserian baby which makes me struggling to
    loose fat on hips and butt area …pls help

  2. You have amazing voice and it has motivation in it.. my friends with pcod and thyroid are following ur diet recommended by me. M also losing post pregnancy weight

  3. If you want to do intermittent fasting, you can't consume anything over 10 calories as it will trigger insulin. The protein shake will break your fast. Just have water, green or black tea/coffee only.

  4. Thyroid n pcos can do this diet plz reply fast I need to reduce my weight for conceiving at least 30 kg plz mam plz help meπŸ˜”

  5. What a coincidence…I started to eat khichdi from today..and saw ur video…thank you…
    One doubt…castor oil intake only first 3 days and last 4 days right?

  6. Hi vicky iam a big fan of yours, by following ur raw meal diet plan and egg diet plan I reduced around 9 kgs in 20 days. Thanks a lot for ur videos

  7. Again iam definitely gonna try dis plan, pls suggest can I have protein rich food like eggs or chick peas for breakfast instead of protein shake which you mentioned 😊

  8. I am a little confused in some of the things? Can someone please write down the diet plan I want to do this diet. THank you!!

  9. Hi Vicky , hope you are doing well. Your plans are great motivation to me. Just few mins back I was checking your intermittent plan and here you are with a new plan😊love you take care😘

  10. Will including fruits as snacks result in too much calorie intake since the portion of dinner is limited. And can you pls recommend if any other food healthy food can replace khichdi and still be effective.

  11. I'm suffering from severe gastric problem. lentils and legumes really makes me gassy and bloated. can u please tell me what diet I should follow. please please.

  12. Ma'am will this diet help to reduce tummy fat after pregnancy… My stomach still like six months pregnant …after two years still it's same…. I really want to get back the tummy before pregnancy I had.

  13. I wish to know if i can start it on first day of menstrual cycle and go accordingly…or should i wait for my menstruation to stop to start with castor oil cleanse

  14. The links you have mentioned in this video for castor oil.. The ones on Amazon say that it is only for external use.. Is there a specific one for consuming.. Please let us know

  15. Hey Vicky rocks.
    How are you?
    This dietπŸ³πŸŽπŸŒπŸ’ seems quite interesting, more easy, very effectiveπŸ’ͺβœŒπŸ‘Œ and helping to loose weight for everyone.

    Thanks dear.
    It means alot.

    Remee from QatarπŸ‡ΆπŸ‡¦

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    Click this link to Buy Cold Pressed Castor Oil – Food Grade / Edible Version / USDA Approved / Pharmaceutical Grade
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