How Do I Squat Deeper?  Fix Your Hips With This 4 Exercise Circuit

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  1. @carnifexhead Not necessarily… there is a ton of research to show that passive stretching (especially pre-workout) can lead to temporary weakness and instability, and can aggravate injuries. Since I stopped "stretching" and started doing more active mobility work I've been able to remain injury free. Stretching is not always a good idea for everyone.

  2. have you seen a doctor about your pain? because if stretching worsens the condition that is usually bad.

  3. dude your videos rock man! keep it up/ My hips are fucked right now, hopefully they'll get better with this.

  4. Smit the HIT you are an amazing coach to me ! You put outstanding value to my everyday work and Training as a coach! much love for this thank you !

  5. Dang, I think that's what I had then. I took a week off & tried to make myself do stretches(actually very similar to these minus the flat bench).

  6. hey man, i get hip flexor tendonitis from squats, literally as soon as my squat is getting heavier i get so much tightness and pain i have to stop doing them completely 🙁 stretching the hip flexor seems to make it worse. any ideas my form is pretty spot on. i do get butt wink when hitting below parrallel. thank you.

  7. Great video, one question is he is obviously very flexible, what if someone doesn't have that range of motion?

  8. Hey Smitty, how often should this be performed? and should be it after or before workouts or at both times?

  9. Will definitely be incorporating this into my routine! How long would you recommend holding each stretch and how many circuits? Keep up the awesome videos!

  10. i was just about to google this man! my hips remain quite tight even after my long mobility/stretching drill prior to working out, must have to work on them more often, great video.

  11. I had to take a week off squatting because of some pain in my umm.."hip crease", I guess you could call it? I always feel way too tight my first two warm up sets.

  12. I swear Smitty you always come thru especially and coincidentally on days that I am going to train that body part i.e. leg day! Preciate it bruh

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