How to Analyse your Corporate Wellness Program  | LAMBERT | Phase I

How to Analyse your Corporate Wellness Program | LAMBERT | Phase I

Hi everybody i’m Wayne Lambert, the owner and
lead consultant with Lambert. This video is about our universal truth,
our single organising principle – which is to Analyse, Plan, Execute and Sustain. This
is the first phase: Analyse. LAMBERT ensures that your organisation’s key
personnel are clear on how hours, productivity and deadlines are all
monitored – and we address any fears and apprehension expressed by not only
managers but employees. Together we ensure that workload issues are resolved,
and realistic targets are set. So how do we analyse your culture? The purpose of
completing a health culture analysis, is to identify the cultural supports for
good health, and any areas that might need improvement. Working to improve the
health culture of your worksite makes your worksite more supportive of healthy
behaviours ie: healthy food choices, no smoking policies,
walking groups etc etc. After this, we will then analyse your organisation’s
strategic plan, annual reports and past medical claims – in order to better
understand the current employee health status. Certain data will be collected
via specific assessments, to see which portion of the costs are modifiable. This
analysis phase needs to identify how to position wellness, so that it fits in
with the priorities of your organisation. I will now summarise our baseline
analytics: Organisational data collection, Employee health data collection, Physical
environment data collection and finally Employee protection and productivity data. Throughout the whole corporate wellness program we
never stop analysing the progress of your company, so it’s
important to know that we constantly monitor, re-survey and make any
adjustments that are necessary. LAMBERT also acts on specific recommendations
for modification, or for further enhancements. So it’s time to decide: is
now the right time for you to commence your very own corporate wellness program?
and allow LAMBERT to take the reins and guide you on your corporate wellness
journey. if so book your strategy call now by
emailing [email protected]

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  1. The analysis phase commences immediately after the strategy call, but also occurs throughout the whole program too – therefore its perhaps the most important phase.

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