How to choose the right kind of carbs for fat loss

I want to show you this easy two step process for choosing the right kind of carbs at the right time of day to do this I had the help of someone I think you'll find pretty inspiring today I'm at the home of one of my online success stories – Katie Malay just 12 weeks ago she was feeling a lot like you might be feeling right now she was confused and conflicted by all the information on fat loss she was frustrated by her agonizing lack of results and she was embarrassed by her extra body fat that she was carrying wait till you see what she looks like on the other side of this store she lost 23 inches total 11 from her waist alone and I'm going to show you how she did it let's go you're gonna love this see what I mean you look awesome thanks Katie I was just telling the viewers how awesome your transformation has been thanks I'm really excited I've lost 23 inches of app and my belly is totally gone and I've got so much energy that is so awesome well you look absolutely amazing let's just get right to the first of the keys choosing the right carbs at the right time of day for maximum permanent fat loss it's really that simple use natural over-processed exactly you know any food that comes from the ground or from a tree its natural and ideal for fat loss anything man-made is considered processed and it's not ideal or the best choice for fat loss here are some examples of natural carbs you've got fruits and vegetables you've got greens you've got oats you've got rice beans yams all kinds of options basically anything that's picked from the ground or from a tree and all those things here that you see on this side of the counter now let's look at some of the bad guys processed carbs yeah exactly now because of the processing these carbs have very little nutritional value and they're usually really high in calories which is the opposite of what you want right so the idea is to the most nutrients with the fewest amount of calories most processed carbs are the opposite few nutrients with way too many calories processed carbs also cause an increase in insulin levels which enables those calories to be stored as fat so you want to make sure that you limit your intake of processed carbs such as pasta chips crackers breads and of course refined sugars basically everything that you see here on this side of the counter let's look at the difference between a large sweet potato six small crackers or even just seven chips this huge sweet potato has the same amount of calories as these few chips now which do you think is gonna give you more nutrients through more energy and help you stay for longer you guessed it the sweet potato the bottom-line choose natural carbs over processed carbs now does this mean that you can never have bread pasta and crackers no of course not there are exceptions to every rule but remember I use the word exception here's the way to help you with this we've created a simple meal guideline chart so that you know the best foods to eat and when to eat them you'll see what we've labeled each food on the chart as ideal or acceptable now as we've explained natural carbs are best for fat loss so they're listed on the chart as ideal however there are some processed carbs that aren't bad we've listed these as acceptable there are a bit higher in calories because they're processed but they offer some good nutritional value such as fiber some examples of these foods in the acceptable sections are 100% whole grain bread and tortillas high fiber low sugar cereals and 100% whole grain pasta after all what's life without a little bit of bread or a bowl of cereal every once in a while the key is choosing the right ones at the right time just like this chart shows you it's really quick and easy yeah even my husband and kids follow these guidelines and although they don't need the lose weight they really enjoy it because have more energy they do better in school and sports and they're still able to enjoy their favorite foods yeah and now that you understand the right kind of carbs to choose step two for getting amazing results with the carbs is called carb timing it's important to know when to eat which kind of carb so we've broken that down into three easy-to-understand categories and then there's a color-coded chart so they're so incredibly easy to identify we've made planning your meals extremely simple for you and as long as you follow these color-coded guidelines and choose either ideal or acceptable foods from each of the color-coded lists you'll be on the fast track of burning fat it's easy and with a little practice you'll always know which foods to combine with each meal from the color-coded chart and food list yes it's really easy whether I'm at home with my family at the office out to dinner or on the road I just follow this chart and select a food from each color-coded category and I stay right on track and the results have been incredible far better than I ever imagined don't worry you don't have to eat a bunch of raw or steamed vegetables to lose fat there are a lot of really quick and easy ways to make these natural foods taste like your very own favorite comfort foods in fact we have hundreds of fat burning recipes that I'm going to give you absolutely free you'll melt away fat with delicious meals like burgers and fries pizza cake cookies and even ice cream you'll just need to choose the right ingredients and combinations at the right time in the right way and I'll show you how okay so let's summarize the key to long-term fat loss and just how simple I've made it for you first you absolutely must get your nutrition right to lose fat I can't stress that enough nutrition is 90% of the game and it doesn't need to be difficult or time-consuming second choose your carbs wisely choose natural carbs over processed ones and third the timing of when to eat these natural carbs is equally important as easy as eating starchy and/or simple carbs early in the day and fibrous carbs later in the day as shown on our color-coded chart if you follow this easy rule consistently each day along with the other simple keys to guaranteed fat loss you will be successful on this program this one-of-a-kind program is not available in stores or on TV but only through this special offer it's fun it's easy and it works like magic to peel off the layers of fat so will you look back next weekend and say to yourself I wish I had or I am so glad I did you can spend next weekend just like the one before it unhappy with the way things are trying to figure it all out on your own with absolutely no guarantee of results or you can start right away and enjoy the thrill of knowing that you have a proven system that's based on 15 years of experience and proven results there is absolutely no risk here at all so why not give this a try while these amazing free bonus offers are still available listen if you want a lean Fit Body like all the success stories you've seen here then this is perfect for you simply click the button below and order through our 100% safe and secure enrollment form once you place your order you'll receive an email receipt and we'll get you started right away well welcome aboard I look forward to proving to you just how simple losing fat can be and I'm so excited to help you look and feel your very best

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