How to Do a Step-up with a Kick Back | Female Bodybuilding

How to Do a Step-up with a Kick Back | Female Bodybuilding

Hey, my name is Aaron. And I’m a former US Junior Olympics certified
swim coach and personal trainer. And fitness is my passion. So I cannot wait to share it with you guys. Another one, two punch. We’re going to do step ups with kick back. So really targeting the butt. But also getting the rest of the leg as well. So come to your step. Now, when you’re doing a step up, you generally
want the stair to be a little bit higher. But for demonstration purposes we’re just
going to use what that we have here. If you have one of these steps, you can add
a couple more risers. Or you can do it on just a stair or a bench
if you’re at the gym. You know, one of the benches that they have
in the weight room for, you know, chest press or something. Use that, that’s a height. But for now we’re going to use this. So you’re going to start in a lunge position. Okay? So foot flat on the box. The ball, the weight of the ball, of your
back foot. Alright? Nice and light. Bent, straight. And you’re going to bring it up, and back. Okay? So stepping up, and kicking it back. Now if your stair was higher, obviously this
would be more challenging. And if you notice, I’m tapping my foot on
the bottom of the bench each time I come up. Right? It helps to stabilize you. Most people’s balance isn’t that great. You’ll get there. So again, lunging down, step up, bring the
leg back. Lunge down, step up, bring the leg back. And when you finish your ten reps, on your
first leg, and you get to the top, you’re going to pulse out for ten. So just keep the leg slightly bent. Standing leg straight. Don’t lean into the hip. Body nice and straight. Core nice and tight, and just pulsing out. There you have it. Switch legs.

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