How To Do Frog Stand [Exercise Tutorial]

How To Do Frog Stand [Exercise Tutorial]

– In this video, I’m gonna teach you, how to do the straight arm frog stand. This is the last progression, that we use, in the foundation movement
system towards the tuck planche, and it is very essential,
because without this progression, you’re not gonna get the
right wrist conditioning to be able to do the tuck planche. Make sure you stick
around right to the end, so you learn this properly. Get those wrists nice and strong, all that and more coming up. – [Male Speaker] We are a
gym, that teaches people, how to move instead of just exercise, because we believe, that
health is about performance, not just body image. – Hi, in case we haven’t met,
my name is Rad Burmeister, co-founder and co-creator of The Foundation Movement
System at Unity Gym, where health is measured by
the way you perform and feel, not just by the way you look, and we teach you, how to nourish and move, instead of die and exercise. First of, we have the straight
straight arm frog stand. Now, we’re starting to
get into some of the more, well, definitely not
advanced kind of standings, but it’s moving on a little
bit with the program. This movement, a lot of
people really struggle with, with progressing from
the bent-arm frog stand to the straight arm frog stand. So we’re going to break it
down, and I’m gonna show you some really good techniques for how you can get through that, buster that barrier, where you feel like, you just can’t do it at all. To start with, I’ll get
Richard just to demonstrate it. So, you can see, it’s quite a challenging move to get into, and what you’re really looking for, is number one, is the
elbows do not bend at all, number two is, when
you’re in a squat position like Richard is here, you wanna bring your hands a bit forward, so that the knees can go
right up into the triceps, above the elbows. So Richard’s got the shape of his body, he can actually go quite high. You don’t need to go that high, just go kind of mid-triceps reaching, and that’s fine there,
and then from there, you’re just going to lean forward, get the weight into the hands, and then slowly, see how his
feet just lift off naturally, so that’s really, really good. So, what you’re looking for, is, you don’t try and lift your feet, the feet will naturally lift off, like, if you do this move properly, when you come forward, if I go forward far enough, eventually, my feet just naturally lift
off the ground like that, okay? And we’re trying to just make sure, that those elbows stay
completely locked straight, when you do it. If it’s too hard on the wrists, you can turn the hands out a little bit, so a 45 degree angle. Now, as I’ve said before, to go from the bent-arm
frog stand to this one, is quite a big leap for a lot of people, so, what do you do, if you
can barely do it at all? Well, what you’re gonna really work on, is basically just wraps. Come down Richie, you basically
get into the position, go forward, hold it
for as long as you can, let’s say you can only do it
for three of four seconds, then you go back and do it again. So, Richie will get ready, get his knees just above the elbows, come forward, hold it
for as long as he can, one, two, whatever it is, then come back. Shake your hands, rest
for a couple of seconds, go again. And then you come back. And you do that basically for enough time that you try to accumulate
for a total time, try to accumulate at
least 30 seconds of time in the straight arm frog stand. So that means, if you can only do it for two seconds at a
time, and you do five reps of two seconds, that would
give you a total of 10 seconds, and if you did three sets of that, you would have gotten 30 second, minimum, that’s will be the minimum time,
that you’ll be looking for. And what we’re really doing here, is, we’re conditioning the wrists and the arms to take your weight, for,
when you do the tuck planche, which is then the next
progression from this, is the band-assisted tuck planche. Yeah, that’s pretty much it for
the straight arm frog stand. Thanks for watching our video, I really hope, you enjoyed it. Now, if wanna know how
to get started with us, download the free flexibility blueprint. You can just, there is a link
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for every’s to answer, everyone’s question, every comment, that gets left, and besides that, until next time, I will see you later guys, enjoy training. (upbeat music) (people chatting faintly,
voices drowned by music) – [Male Speaker] Alright,
are we ready for the next?

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  1. Nice video. Quick question. I been doing planche training for about 6 months. I train planche3-5 times a week for about an hour. I just found out about a method called Grease the groove. I seen videos about grease the groove with pull ups and stuff but dont know how to apply it with my tuck planche. Would I do a certain amount of sets through out the day? thanks!

  2. So i train PPL repeat and I think im gonna do this on both push and pull workouts. So basically 4 times a week. Im doing it till I can do it for 15 seconds.

  3. Question, when I do the lean, I try with all I have to maintain my elbows as straight as I can, but once my feet naturally lifts off the ground, and my body is now all on my arms, my elbows instinctly bend over and I stay in the lean position of the thumbnail, is that ok to happen? Also, if not, is there a way for me to improve my elbow strength so it won't bend over?

    Edit: Btw, I'm just starting my own planche progression and this is one of my first serious attempts on trying this long progression that hopefully I'll be able to complete and even do more 😉 also I alrrady have confidence on my strength so that's why I'm starting with the frog stance and then I'll move up to the tuck planche and so on, so that's why I'm looking forward to this elbow thing

  4. I’m getting stronger in the frog stand advanced so I’m going to make small chances to it that will lead me to the tuck planche

  5. While doing this it hurts at a point on the right side just below the rib cage.. When I first started practicing this stand it was good.. But after 3-4 days it pained at that particular point only when I do the stand… Now it even pains when I do some other leg stretching exercises.. I started doing this stand around 3 months ago… Can you say something about this sir!!

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