How to Do Knee Stretches for Runners | Knee Exercises

How to Do Knee Stretches for Runners | Knee Exercises

Hi, my name is Eric Sampson and I want to
spend a little bit of time talking about good knee stretches for the running population. There’s a little bit of research going on
saying that about 20 minutes of stretching for every one hour of running or exercise
is very important. Most people are not stretching for 20 minutes
per one hour of exercise, and also the key is to try to stretch out the muscles that
are most involved with your running and that includes your front of your leg called your
quadriceps, as well as the back of your leg, called your hamstrings and your calf. Those are the three muscles that you want
to concentrate on the most and in a perfect world you’re going to stretch them out pre
and post running. But by and large, it’s roughly 20 minutes
for every one hour of running. The first stretch I want to review is the
hamstring stretch. The best technique to stretch the hamstrings
out is going to be in line. I think with line you can relax your back
muscles and you can relax your other leg as well, so only the leg that’s involved is getting
stretched. The arms are going to help a little bit, but
ultimately it’s a much more relaxed position. So you’re going to bend this knee. Good, I’m going to take a strap, I’m going
to wrap it around the other leg and from there, you can grab on. The key thing with stretching out your hamstrings
is going to be number one, making sure the knee stays straight and number two, making
sure the lower back stays straight. That’s the one that gets missed a lot. Trying to keep your spine in neutral or keeping
your back a little arched is the key to get a better line of pull on the hamstrings. And from there, you would lift and come on
all the way up, til you feel the stretch back through here. You’re going to try to hold it for about 20
seconds and then maybe repeat a few times before running, as well as a few times after
running. If you feel like you’ve accomplished a little
bit with the first repetition you can try to pull it up a little bit higher, again trying
to achieve a stretch through the back of the thigh, and that is your hamstring stretch.

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