How to Do Pilates Push-Ups | Pilates Workout

How to Do Pilates Push-Ups | Pilates Workout

this is push-ups in the last in the math sequence so we'll start push-ups by transitioning from steel to standing so in feel the hands go together you can thread the fingers through and then wrap your hands around the front of your ankles clap your heels three times rock back clap clap clap do it again Madeline to get a little momentum going and then come up to standing trying not to touch the mat from here you'll walk all the way back to the back edge of your mat in Pilates stance and reach your arms up toward the ceiling inhale to prepare then exhale roll down towards the mat and go out into your front support position from here we add Pilates push-ups bend your elbows and push up in Pilates the elbows graze the side of the ribcage rather than going wide to the sides one more time here Madeline inhale to lower exhale to lift lift your hips back toward the ceiling and walk your hands back towards your feet breathe in then breathe out and roll up to standing roll down through the spine and walk out to your push-up position and go for three push-ups you can go up to ten push-ups if you like that's it one more time lift the hips and walk your hands back towards your toes then roll all the way back up to stand now a challenging variation to this will include a little bit of balance manipulation so lift your arms up toward the ceiling and as you begin to roll forward lift your right leg up so you'll round forward freeing the right leg which will lift as you roll down then walk out so you're in a one-legged plank position and why not do some push-ups how about three that's it and two one then from here lift the hips block back towards your toes you're almost in a kind of standing slit here then with control lower your leg and then roll your spine all the way back up to standing one more time take an inhale yep exhales you roll down low level for free and then walk forward to your plank position hold it here then the elbows three times so the hips are still square the shoulders are still square here up then lift here to stretch the leg long breathing deeply and breathe out begin to lower your leg and roll all the way up to standing that's it lower your arms to the sides and that's our push-ups

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  1. Butthurt teenage boy virgin logic: making unsuccessful kitchen jokes at a pilates video because he ain't never touchin' dat booty.

  2. I'm sorry you have mistaken mat for kitchen, just letting you know.
    btw where is that sandwich I ordered 5 days ago?

  3. yes, but for women, who are not so strong in shoulders and arms, it's a lot of work to get to this level.

  4. not true. i am female too and i also dislike these push-ups – if i do push-ups i make them on a floor not on a mat!

  5. what is this shit. she doesnt even come close to the ground… at least let your nose touch that mat when you do the push up…

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