How to Do Teaser 1 | Pilates Workout

How to Do Teaser 1 | Pilates Workout

This is teaser one. So, teaser is a challenge. It's a bit of a tease. It's very similar to the roll-up, but it's
more difficult. Now that we're nearing the end of the class
we take stability away and challenge ourselves since we're warm and ready to go. In the teaser you'll start with your knees
in towards your chest and stretch your arms up towards the ceiling. Then extend your legs out to 45 degrees. From here inhale to prepare, then exhale,
curl your chin toward your chest, and roll-up to seated reaching for your toes. She's still in a C curve in her lower back,
but her chest is lifted. Inhale, then exhale, bring your chin towards
the chest and articulate your spine to the mat. Again reach the arms up, inhale, curl the
chin towards the chest, exhale through the exertion as you're reaching for the toes. Very nice. Inhale, then exhale. The chin goes toward the chest, very important,
before you roll up and down. One last time here. Take an inhale, exhale, roll the chin up towards
the chest, stretch for your toes, and think of widening your collarbones like you're showing
off a beautiful necklace. Inhale, then exhale, curl the chin back towards
the chest, roll the spine down, then hug your knees in towards your chest. So, that is very challenging. If you're having a hard time with it there
is a great modification to get you started to strengthen you into this ideal form. We'll start with tabletop legs and your arms
up toward the ceiling. Take an inhale, curl the chin towards the
chest, then exhale, roll up to seated, and keep the knees bent. That's it. Breathe in, bring the chin back towards the
chest, and exhale lower back down. Let's see it one more time. You'll breathe in, curl the chin towards the
chest, breathe out, and roll up. That's it. Inhale, then exhale. Chin towards the chest, articulate the spine
to the mat, then hug your knees right back in towards the chest. And that's teaser one.

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  1. Please the music really makes you feel anxious while your trying to focus on your instruction. It's doesnt flow with the exercise.

  2. Excellent demo, thank you. One thing, which may not be under the control of these professionals: demonstration videos tend to have irritating music, why?

  3. Guys, i realy like your Pilates vids, the  Problem is, the background music is too loud, i can not hear precisely the verbal instructions 🙁

  4. A great demonstration. However, I would recommend you set up your channel so that you have to approve comments before they are displayed, to avoid the more unsavoury comments below.

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