How to Do the Mermaid | Pilates Workout

How to Do the Mermaid | Pilates Workout

the last intermediate mat exercise is the mermaid which kind of speaks for itself once you see what it looks like the mermaid does however work a great deal of lateral flexion lateral flexion is side bending and lateral flexion is hard on your lower back and your lumbar spine if you're not supported through the abdominals so it's a good idea that you've waited this long through the mat series near the end so that you can complices in a healthy safe way and it's also just a really great stretch after a pretty challenging workout so for the mermaid you'll turn to the side of your mat and start in the little kind of cheerleader position you try to keep the knees and shins stacked as much as possible but you'll separate them enough so that both of your hips and shoulders are squared and then reach your arms right up to a tee position here okay you'll lean over toward your left side then lower your hand and forearm toward the mat lengthen your arms up by your head and side banks from here you're lifting the underside of the waist so this is cinched and this waistline is very long then come back up to seated wrap your right hand around your right knee and then stick a counter stretch to the other side now with the breath inhale come to the center continue to inhale as you mean over to the side exhale as you bend here finding a deep stretch inhale pinwheel yourself up to seated exhale take your counter stretch one last time inhale come to a tee position with the arms exhale side Bend from here feel the ribs soften so you're stretched but you're working efficiently so no strain in Pilates take an inhale then exhale come up to seated wrap your hands within and side-bend your counter stretch all right come back up to the starting position then with your arms in a tee and then we'll switch to the other side so bring your hands behind you extend the legs and fold them underneath you to the other side take an inhale then exhale side bend to the right lower your hand and forearm over that's it breathe in then breathe out come back up to seated and take your counter stretch here nice two more times take a deep inhale then exhale side bend over try to keep your hips anchored and equal to the mat inhale it's a seated exhale side bend and soften here last time inhale come to the center exhale side bend deep breath in then exhale come back up towards sitting take your counter stretch and then come all the way back up to your seated starting position so that's mermaid and then you would end your mat class by doing front support

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  1. Hi, Would you not say that the Mermaid is more of a stretch/release stretch than an exercise? Usually ideal after an Advanced movement of an Oblique Exercise? Regards

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