How to do the Mountain Climbers Exercise

How to do the Mountain Climbers Exercise

hey what's up guys search from looped fit comm thanks for stopping by I want to give you guys a quick demonstration of one of my favorite cardio and core strengthening exercises and that's the mountain climber exercise now I used this exercise and a lot of my boot camps and personally I use it for my interval training and I like to mix it a lot with kettlebell swings during my kettlebell workouts it's a neat little exercise so let me show you what it looks like okay so what you want to do is start off in a plank position with your arms fully extended something like this your body should be aligned from head to heel and you want to start bringing in one knee towards your chest at a time now when you bring your knee in you can choose to either keep your toes elevated like this or you can choose to touch the toe to the ground you can do whichever one you feel more comfortable with I like to mix it up so that's the mountain climber exercise and I encourage you guys to include it into your cardio days throw it into your circuit training combine it with your kettlebell workouts especially kettlebell swings that combination is great ok let me know what you guys think in the comments below hit that subscribe button and visit my blog at blue to fit calm see you guys next time

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  1. Perfect full body workout for active 80 yr old Mom!>>> Work at your own level and pace to keep aging bones & joints moving. Best purchase for her, ever. Would highly recommend for all, especially active seniors.

  2. I started incorporating mountain climbers into my interval training a while ago. Now I do a variation: mountain climber push ups. Man, that's tiring!

  3. Iv just started doing these in circuits, and tbh i cant get my knees and feet as high as this, i supose thats a flexability issue

  4. There a number of variations you can use. I've used knee-to-elbow before and found it useful, but I always resort back to the original.

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