How to Eat Popcorn to Get Fit | Fitness Outrageous | Ep. 9

How to Eat Popcorn to Get Fit | Fitness Outrageous | Ep. 9

Hey best Pal-y, I’m Ali And I have a popcorn problem Except I would argue that it’s not a problem because I look like this. I eat a lot of popcorn It’s actually pretty tough for me to not eat this prop right now. I need it for the video I sometimes talk about this on Instagram and snapchat but the real proof lies in a group text with my two best friends We’ve labeled it pop chat and it’s basically just me sending them a picture of the popcorn I’m eating And this happens like once, maybe twice a day. I lead a very habitual life. Okay, I’m eating… I’m eating a prop I’m actually thinking about making a video that describes my habits and why they make me superhuman and how you could make them faster But that’s not this video. This video is about how popcorn gives you abs! Ok, not exactly that, but I do think popcorn can be a part of a great fitness journey If you don’t f*** it up. Popcorn is never not f***** up, because people don’t have my secret… until now This is my popcorn hack secret, that will keep you fit and happy and scarfing snacks But wait, not yet because I haven’t convinced you yet, that popcorn is inherently healthy itself So let’s do that. Popcorn is healthy because:
1. It has a ton of fiber This gold will help you crap gold. 2. It’s a whole grain This was a whole grain of corn and after its popped, it is… still a whole grain of corn I know, I didn’t realize it either. 3. I consider it a carb snack, but there’s a surprising amount of protein in there. It’s… it’s hidden in there. 4. You can… How do I describe this? Eat it for a very long time Like, it’s a low-density food. So you can eat more of it compared to other things. Look at this This popcorn is the same amount of calories as these Takis I don’t know about you But I would rather eat this through an entire movie than think about eating these and then they’re gone Just kidding, the popcorn’s gone too. Also, I ate the bowl. Gotta lick friggin’ Taki dust off my hands. Ok, I’ve convinced you that popcorn in itself is healthy And I say in itself because this does not apply to movie theater popcorn, or microwave popcorn, or bagged popcorn Yes, even you “Smartfood” just ’cause you named yourself smart doesn’t mean that we’re all gonna think you’re healthy Oh, wait, we do. Okay. Well, that is bullcrap I’m here to give you a smarter food. The best way to prepare popcorn So it is actually not bad for you. My secret popcorn hack invention. First take air popped popcorn, not bagged, not microwaved Not even the stuff on the stove because you have to oil to it If you use one of these air poppers, guess what’s the only thing it uses to cook? Air! I’ll link to this in the description if you want to get one of your own. They’re super cheap and actually surprisingly durable I once used this to fill an entire baby pool with popcorn [Whirrr, crunch, crunch, whirrr, chomp chomp] And it still works. After you’ve popped, get a food-safe spray bottle. I use this one I’ll link to it in the description too But anything should work and just make sure it’s food-safe, because I don’t want you growing a third arm from chemicals because of me Ok. Now here’s the most secret-y secret part of what I’ve come up with. What’s in the spray bottle? Water Yeah, spray water on your popcorn to make the salt stick. It works and it tastes great The rest of the world thinks the only way to adhere delicious salt to your popcorn is with butter or oil Stuff that makes it less healthy for you, makes you not able to eat as much of it. Nooo! Again, I am all about volume. I just wanna… I just want you forever Honestly, you have to try this because I know you’re probably skeptical. Plain popcorn with salt held there by water doesn’t sound like it’s good Ok, if you compare it directly back to back with movie theater popcorn drowning in butter then I guess who’s gonna win is.. Fine, but as long as I’m not doing a direct freakin’ comparison This is a joyous, and as I proven, delicious part of my diet. So I encourage you to go try it. Wet Popcorn everyone! I’m a genius! But no, seriously My friends all eat their popcorn like this after I showed them. Mostly because we’re drunk at my house and I made it for ’em But they don’t complain because Wet Popcorn is dope! It’s the newest, coolest thing and now that the secret’s out I can’t wait to hear what you think. So let me know in the comments after you’ve moistened your snack. That sounded weird… Oh yeah, and also let me know if you want to see that video I mentioned, about creating habits And subscribe for more jokes and superhero secrets and lots of other stuff

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  1. You can also use other spices to add fun flavors such as curry powder, cinnamon, cardamom, garlic powder etc or a combination thereof.

  2. How is it when it comes to calories? I'm in a calorie deficit atm and I'm just wondering how much oil-free popcorn I can eat πŸ˜…

  3. I love how at 2:59 there was a moment of "what the fuck am I doing with my life." I don't know either, but it's pretty cool to watch lol.

  4. When I was a kid, my parents used to take me to a popcorn shop right around the corner. The owner pretty much pop anything, corn, soy beans, rice….you name it. It was so good back then

  5. Thanks for the great idea. I've always avoided it. I hit my first weight loss goal of 75lbs. 15lbs left until my next one and 45lbs to the third. Thanks once again for the inspiration.

  6. Never thought about using an air spray to help the salt stick popcorn. In the past I've tried to mix (poorly) water + butter to make the butter go a longer way. This looks much better. I'm definately a believer that people add butter when really what they want is salt. Ps. A little butter helps too πŸ˜›

  7. What about Nutritional Yeast in popcorn? I have a hot air popper and I add nutritional yeast to it. Sometimes, I will add peccorino cheese. My husband is a huge fan of bulletproof coffee, so he makes bulletproof popcorn. One small bowl of bulletproof popcorn fills him up for about 4 hours when combined with the coffee.

  8. I literally watched this while eating smart food popcorn πŸ˜‘

    Though do that other video you mentioned… I miss being a creature of habit and can use some tips!

  9. Why do people like movie theater butter? I personally think this is a scam on par with stuffing. Or at least narwhals.

  10. More good internet. I'll try it, but my go-to has always been air popped with olive oil, salt, garlic powder and parmesan cheese.

  11. I still have my Mom's air popper from the 1970's that she got from my grandmother lol and it still works I don't know if you remember but the old ones with the yellow see through plastic top lol. Looks like I'm headed to the storage unit tomorrow to find it thanks to you now I gotta try this love you Ali your awesome as always!

  12. I’ve used water in a spray bottle before the mist is way better! It doesn’t shrink/dissolve the popcorn as much

  13. I like to use coconut oil in a stir crazy and then dust with table salt. Coconut oil help you burn fat and is keto friendly.

  14. I love popcorn but I worried if the hard seed cover collects in your stomach or colon, ever since I heard hair never leaves your stomach I thought of that. Have you heard about that?

  15. I cook mine on the stove with coconut oil!! Still better than microwave or theatre popcorn! And a great replacement for chips :))

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