How to Improve Your Health With Right Sleeping Position-Right or Wrong Sleeping Posture.

How to Improve Your Health With Right Sleeping Position-Right or Wrong Sleeping Posture.

Hi, folks i’m Bob Schrupp physical therapist Brad Heineck physical therapist. Together we are the most famous physical therapists on the internet, in our opinion of course How to improve your health with the right sleeping position, right or wrong sleeping posture, we’re gonna go over five common sleeping positions and we’re gonna tell you what’s good about them and what’s bad about them. I think these are the five basic positions the average person uses By far and we’re gonna go through each one individually. Unless you’re a horse! and he sleeps standing up Well actually i saw a horse yesterday, I was out running and it was laying flat on its ground it looked like it could Have been dead but i think horses lay flat on their side. I thought they stand They do both, I don’t know. Maybe someone can comment, or a bat we could sleep upside down Yeah, let’s get started here right Brad. Oh, by the way let’s do this, Please take a second to subscribe to us we provide videos on how to Stay healthy, fit pain-free, and we upload every day Also go over to Facebooks…I thought it was funny And “like” us because Brad and I as children were not liked and we didn’t have any friends so now We’re trying to turn things around. Bob this really wasn’t that true though. I had a couple of friends, anyways let’s get on with it. All right first position brad Fetal position, let’s demonstrate. So you’re curled up like this Oh, and you probably have a pillow, most people are, just like I was in the womb, yep so that’s why it is a fetal position because this is where you were as a fetus I personally do this on a cold winter night when the sheets are, still cold and i get in and then once I warm up, then i go into the more preferred position, once you get into it a little bit We talk about why This position is not desirable – well one thing You’re in a real flexed position all night long. We’re trying to teach you to keep your back as straight as possible throughout the day. So your back is rounded out like this all night long now That’s not necessarily a lot of stress on the back because you don’t have weight on it, but it’s, still kind of creating a reliance on a certain position and it’s gonna reinforce that position Plus sideline in general does put a little skew on the back and a lateral position, so we’re going sideways A little ways out of neutral as well as in a flexed so you got two different Not abnormal but positions that to lay for a long period of time you probably don’t want that. I want to bring up another point about circulation and breathing If you’ve got all these tight turns, you got a tight turn here, and the hips, a tight turn here in the knee Your shoulders and your elbows are all crunched up the blood circulation It’s like if you take a Garden hose and you bend the garden hose you crimp it, and you don’t have the blood flow, or in a garden hose the water flow actually stops or reduces. It doesn’t stop it here but it reduces the free flow of circulation throughout your arteries. So yeah especially lymphatic too – the lymphatic system, so if you’re having swelling in the legs The swelling has to go up into your abdomen area in order to get processed and then you pee it out basically, but if you’re Like this and your crimping the hose in a couple of spots it’s gonna be harder for that fluid to come out of the layers, so the big-picture: Circulation whether it’s in the arteries or the veins or the lymphatic system, we’re crimping that off and we don’t want to do that We’re gonna avoid that. We’ll show you some right ways to do things later. You wanna do that first or the bad things first? Well i’m going right to supine All right so supine, means on your back and supine i’m gonna, say right off the bat is Probably if not for sure the most desirable position as far as keeping Your body healthy circulation, breathing wise, spine, keeping your spine in a good neutral position, which we like. The biggest thing about laying on your back that will be a common mistake is if this happens You have too thick of a pillow, and i’m gonna put two under here or you use two pillows Which a lot of people do Two pillows or one big one. Look how flexed i am. So we’ve got this spine is nice and neutral throughout his torso and low back but then the neck is tilted up. People will do this so they can watch tv sometimes And then if you fall asleep Like that, it gets your spine in that cranked position And it’s not desirable It may not cause a problem in one night but over a period of weeks or months is where you can, develop Some problems. And that’s gonna affect your breathing too. You’re closing off your trachea here Again, are we making suggestions that one might do to make supine better? Sure yep I mean one thing I see a lot of people who have back pain And they don’t like to be this extended all night long, so they do better with pillows underneath their legs Or of course the leg wedge, Brad’s coming back with that so You could put pillows or even more preferably most people find this to be superior comfort. Whenever you put this in I just It’s just like ahh yeah this is really nice and they’re inexpensive. I wish they were a little bit longer, for someone who’s over six foot tall it would be nice Maybe we’ll have to make this recommendation to the manufacturers. I’d like to see this, where are my feet are just, that would be perfect, but, now it’s not getting me That support there, and that support there is what feels really good. Really does something for the hips and the back A lot of my back pain patients really can’t sleep like this. It just puts too much i think the sets are coming together And it’s hurting much. I’ll say this Bob. If you feel more comfortable laying on your back with your knees up than being flat Chances are very likely you’re, gonna feel very comfortable with, that okay Next should we attack the side lying position, Bob? Okay number three let’s go right side lying position or Okay, so right side lying the thing about this that a lot of people aren’t aware of and is it may cause heartburn Just because of the way the stomach is in the body. Yeah i have read that too i found that interesting. Actually, there’s some negative things to be on the right side versus the left side. The other things that we’ve mentioned if you’re on your back actually, More likely to snore if you’re laying on your back Sometimes that’s a problem, it depends on who else is in the room But going to the right side, we want to make sure the pillow is right, so if it’s a thin pillow I felt uncomfortable already Brad, I mean, and i use two pillows I just fold mine up, I hope I do that when i’m sleeping But, we want to keep that spine in a neutral position and you know if it’s too high We get this and if it’s too low. That’s how I felt it already and I really didn’t like this, that’s already uncomfortable Side lying make sure that you don’t bring your knees up to too close and get into that fetal position. The wall between the legs is nice, some people if you got a hip problem, sometimes this will really make a difference and then of course Sometimes they even put a rolled towel underneath here don’t they Brad Especially if your back is kind of sagging, you can take a towel and Roll it up, and put duct tape on it like we did and it fills in that little gap here, that actually does feel good, I just had a person last week with a herniated disc and This was very helpful for her and actually laying on her back was helpful yeah and you can take it to the point Where you put it all the way around you and it’s giving you support all the time, right as opposed to just when you’re on your side, it’ll give you a support when you’re on your back too. You can make your own like this or if you look up sleep roll Mckenzie makes a sleep roll. I gotta put it in our Amazon list, below. Okay our favorite products below. If you go down in the description it’s in there so i just put that on there, oh? Perfect, yeah let’s go to the left sidelying Okay, so if you can imagine if laying on your right may cause heartburn, if you lay on your left it decreases your risk for for heartburn So that’s a nice thing as far as that digestive system goes. The same thing holds true, neck position, make sure the pillow, we’ll double it this time for Bob Okay you can put the sleep roll between there so, we put this between your knees The roll would go underneath here again It’s good for, well I saw some stuff on that it’s going to increase lymph drainage On your left side better than your right. I didn’t find anything real scientific. I communicated with Aaron, our resident expert on lymph drainage, and from his training he said, yeah it might be true but There’s nothing real solid on it, but one way or another it’s not gonna bother it as What i could find out, but decreases acid reflux. Yep the GERD, the problem with heartburn coming up the esophagus. So next thing. This is the fun one to go after Bob Prone, laying on the stomach: is it good? bad? Who knows. We’re gonna go over that. So lay it on your stomach We as therapists as far as what it does to the spine particularly in the neck, we don’t advise it. We know some people do it and they’re very comfortable with it and maybe their anatomy tolerates it well, but over time they may end up that they’re, going to have problems with, their neck because Bob’s neck, is all the way to the left right now We call that end range of where all the the neck joints, the facet joints, in there and that can Cause problems and it can eventually cause problems if you get some impingement on one of the spinal nerves And get part pain in the shoulder and the arm Headaches. Bob went to a continuing ed course, where it’s pretty clear that that can contribute to some headaches Also the low back, arches that low back a little bit and that can cause problems for long term. Another thing is shoulders. If you tend to sleep with your arms up like that, you can increase the likelihood of less blood flow to the tendons, little more impingement issues going on. Thoracic outlet syndrome I’ll lay on my stomach for like 10 minutes just in the middle of night Get back on your back, so what do you say? Bob that’s all five, I think it’s pretty straightforward, so you know if you can lay on your back, it’s probably the best, but work the other ones as you can. Sounds good. Thanks everybody for watching.

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  1. never thought I could lie on my back but after hip surgery have been doing it -back is much better thanks M<K

  2. I thought you were going to advise of the best sleeping position. So there isn't a best? We Just need to include the pillows n roll depending on the position we choose?

  3. How do I get myself to fall asleep on my Left side, when I've been a Right side sleeper for a long 30 years? – I have tried sleeping on my Left side. I can't. I have Hyper-Active Leg Syndrome. Meaning… just about when I am about to fall asleep on my Left side, my Right leg all of the sudden ''jerks up in the air'' for No reason at all. I Hate having this prob. And that scares my wife out of her wits. lol. Even if I try sleeping on my Back, my stupid Right leg all of the sudden ''spasms up'' just before I fall sound asleep…I'm not sure If my Hyper Leg problem is caused from having moderate cerebral palsy or not. Sleeping on my Stomach is a very Uncomfortable position since I cannot turn my head to the Right or Left to well at my 56 year old age any more. — Sleeping on my Right side all night?? No Hyper-Active Right Leg problem…. But Yes, Yes. I "Do'' get Heartburn Allot having to force myself to sleep on my Right side all night long *never rolling over.

  4. Thanks, Bob and Brad .. love your advice .. very helpful. The funny parts too .. 😁 .. greetings from The Netherlands!

  5. Weird i heard sleeping on right side is good if you got liver problems, that it helps liver by laying on it, but i have started stretching my body out for circulation and how i lay neck n watching my shoulders. Ty for sharing

  6. I'm a back sleeper now since watching your videos and the only complaint I have is my lower back is sore sometimes in the morning. I've tried pillows below my legs but that gives me hip and leg pain. So I don't want to buy a leg wedge incase it's a waste of money, any other suggestions?

  7. I am a ischemis stroke survivor. The CVA happened couple of yrs back & made me hemiplegic. The infract was so big that even after regular physicaltherapy, still I cant do nything by my left hand & its pretty tough to walk even with a proper F.O . Plz come up with some tips and excersise vedios that can be helpfull for patients like me

  8. Horses sleep on their chests but to achieve deep sleep they must lie flat out even if not for long periods. Their sleep patterns are different from humans' but just as necessary to them!

  9. When you talk about laying on the stomach as a bad position, I find that I Don't lie flat like on the back but get into a position similar to climbing a ladder.
    My side that I am lying on will have the leg straight with the opposite leg bent, the arm will be tucked into the area where you show putting the towel and the other arm is bent such that my hand is even with my head.
    Think about when you cuddle with your wife, it's not in a back massage situation.

  10. I love you guys!! I have had right shoulder and right upper back problems for a year now… went to the Dr. and he said it was inflamation in my shoulder. Been taking Aleve 2-2x a day and seems to work. I have been using your vids for stretching and are trying to train myself to sleep on my back. Its very hard to do it… but I am trying. Keep the vids coming.

  11. I wish there was a mattress with a hole for my face so i could sleep stomach down without twisting my cervical. I used to put a pillow under my feet, which helped keep them not under tension. The head is definitely a problem, tho, it also pushes the mandible which i think contributed to my TMJD. Great video, btw o/

  12. I was sleeping in a fetal position and waking up with my hands completely numb and dead and could not understand why until now. You guys come up with the best topics and are so incredibly helpful. And you are very entertaining, funny, and fun to watch! You're famous with me!

  13. Hi, one of the exercises you've suggested for people who have herniated disk issues or sciatica is to lie on the stomach and then arch the back. Other than the issue of the neck being in the end range, why is sleeping on the stomach considered negative. Being on my stomach was one of the only ways to relieve my sciatic pain.

  14. Some horses do lay down to sleep, as a matter of fact it is said if they do lay down they live longer. With that being said i have had horses that never lay down unless they want to roll.

  15. A pillow to the chest is always helpful also (I have ankylosing spondylitis) for side-sleeping. I think you have recommended this before ?

  16. Try –My Pillow, Great!! no two pillows,making head too high or no need for neck roll–Its Great–3 depths of fill.

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