How To Make CRISPY Baked Sweet Potato Fries, Healthy Recipe! Mind Over Munch

How To Make CRISPY Baked Sweet Potato Fries, Healthy Recipe! Mind Over Munch

Sweet potato fries are delicious. We’ve all heard that they’re healthier
when they are baked and not fried and of course that sweet potato also offers added
nutrition that a regular white potato doesn’t. That being said, if you have ever tried
to make your own sweet potato fries, you may have been disappointed because
sometimes they can end up a little bit soggy. So today I am showing you how to make
the truly crispy sweet potato fries. Start by peeling your sweet potatoes and cutting
them into even strips just like French fries. Now this step is very important
for crispy sweet potato fries, we want to make sure they are evenly cut
so that they cook evenly in the oven. And the next step could be the most important for
getting your crispy fries and that is soaking them. Place your cut fries into a large bowl with
water and let them soak for about 45 minutes. This draws out excess starch which
helps them to cook through better. And it helps them to crisp up on the outside while
staying tender on the inside without burning. Once soaked, you can strain out your fries and
pat them down with a towel until they are dry. Put them into a zip lock bag and
add a little bit of corn starch. This is also going to help them crisp up.
Seal the bag and toss to coat. You want to make sure you leave a little bit of
air in the bag so that they can coat thoroughly. You may need to do this in two bags
depending on how many fries you are making. In a large mixing bowl you can add your coated fries
along with a little bit of coconut oil and garlic powder. We are going to wait until later to add the salt
because adding it before is one of the things that can make them go limp when they are cooking. Line
baking sheets with foil, shiny side down and spray. Now this is another important step for crispy fries.
Do not crowd the pan. Make sure you leave enough space between the fries so
they have room to breathe and the moisture can circulate. Now if you try this out and your fries still turn out
soggy, you may need to bake them one pan at a time. It just kind of depends on your oven. Bake in an oven pre heated to 425 degrees Fahrenheit
for about 30 minutes, flipping half way through. Remove from the oven and then add your salt to taste. These
babes will also crisp up a little bit more as they cool. So let them chill for a few
minutes before devouring. And there you have it. Actually crispy sweet potato fries.
If you have had disappointing experiences in the past, I hope that these tips will help you so you
can once again enjoy fries guilt free. And if you try out these fries or any of my recipes, don’t
forget to Instagram or tweet me a pic. Have a fantastic week. I will see you on Thursday, so don’t forget to subscribe,
and remember it’s all a matter of Mind Over Munch. We’ve all heard that.
A little bit soggy. Now this step is very important, which helps, which
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  1. It does not matter what size of the foil you use. The reason it is shinny is due to the manufacturing equipment polishing it as it rolls through metal.

  2. Try coating your fries in egg whites and cook just liek she is here.. you get the crispiest fries ever!! and healthy as heck! enjoy!

  3. They crisped up after about an hour and 20 minutes. They crisped up a bit more as they cooled, just as she said they would. I could have cooked them a bit longer and got them crispier, but I was hungry. They crisped up a satisfying amount. Certainly the most crispy I have ever made. Will try coconut oil next time. I followed the steps to the letter, but I did use olive oil. And I didn't cut them as evenly and neatly as she did either (some were skinnier, some fatter). Will try this recipe again, with some tweaks. It was very good.

  4. Thank you!! I was boiling them before putting them in the oven they turned out ok but soggy and not very tasty, I'm making fries right now but the way you did it

  5. i learned i did absolutely everything wrong with my plate of soggy sweet potato fries i'm eating right now

  6. Cool video. To be another level healthier, dont peal the skin. The skin is filled with lots of nutrients (you can even google it), do NOT ad corn starch (corn is very acidic on the body and mucus forming)… 😉

  7. Omg, she's so adorable ,I didn't even notice the window till I read some of the comments about the window, then went back to check it out. lol

  8. Your voice and inflections are super annoying. I guess you are trying to be cute and relatable but it comes across as moronic. You are drowning your video and now it is unwatchable.

  9. Zero points for aesthetics. Looks burnt and unappetising. My 12 year old nephew makes much better baked sweet potato fries. The thing is you can't treat sweet potatoes like ordinary potatoes. I knew things would go downhill the moment you coated it in corn flour.

  10. When one uses oil of any kind it is considered frying. So this is not a "truly" baked item. I would have loved to see how they would have turned out with soaking and without the oil added.

  11. I loved this quick tutorial, but it was still a bit soggy! I followed every step grrr. It was better than any of my previous tries though 🤣

  12. If you're going to add corn starch to them then it was pointless to soak them. Since potatoes already have starch in them soaking them to remove the starch just to add starch will in fact make your fries more soggy in the end rather than being nice and crispy.

  13. Take the foil… crumple it up into a ball and then slowly uncrumple it… lay that down on the pan spread the Fry's over it …you won't have to flip the fries and they'll be crispier…you won't have burnt ends. Guaranteed!

  14. thanks hun. Going to give these a whirl. No cornstarch so going to just try the soaking method. I do happen to have coconut oil, garlic powder, and salt. Thanks for the tips!!

  15. Thanks for the tips! In the future, pls don't promote plastic bags when Tupperware could be used instead, washed, and reused a million times. Peace!

  16. Thank you so much for this video. I followed your instructions, and my latest batch were the crispiest sweet potato fries I’ve made

  17. WOW, YOUR REALLY STUPID! BOTH SIDES OF THE FOIL ARE THE SAME U PUTZ!! HAHA!… ITS JUST THE WAY THE HEAT HITS ONE SIDE VS THE OTHER ON THE CONVEYOR BELT THAT MAKES THE TWO SIDES VISUALLY CONTRASTING to one another. A chef who doesnt know that and who subscribes to adding which side of the foil should be up/down in the recipe prob doesn't know shit about shit resulting in nonsense recipes which is just a bunch of talking outa the ass for views.

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