How to NOT Get Sick | Proven Health Hacks | Doctor Mike

How to NOT Get Sick | Proven Health Hacks | Doctor Mike

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  1. How not to get sick (from a mother with toddlers):
    1: Do not touch, rub, or itch the holes on your body.
    2: If you do touch the holes on your body wash your hands.
    3: It’s almost impossible to get toddlers to comply with rules 1, and 2.
    4: If you have toddlers….it’s impossible to not get sick….??

  2. But have you tried black tea with honey? Yuck. The worst combination ever. The odour is like a smelling sock.

  3. I was going to send this video to my mom because im sick right now but then he said:More Sex!! So i was like ?: Ow Hell No!!?

  4. I haven't had an infective illness for years. My immune system is really good after working in a hospital environment, and I exercise a lot

  5. Doctors in my country only know how to scream at us patients. I mean, why yell and get angry when I am the one who’s dying literally.

  6. More sleep, more sex and less stress? I'm a single mom to a two year old. Sooo…
    I also hate wearing socks.
    I don't drink alcohol, so that's not a problem. Honey is too sweet, but it does help. I try to get enough water. Could use some more exercise, though.
    You forgot chest compressions, chest compressions, chest compressions – it's great for your hair ?
    You speaking about the flu shot sounds like a rhyme or some kind of rap. Love it!

  7. im mad at myself that i clicked on this video because it sounds like a parody of like, "how do we engage millennials with everyday health care? …..let's make a video with a hot influencer doctor called HEALTH HACKS"

    but also, whatever works

    i have ocd tho so don't worry i am Very Aware of the one time i dropped my phone on a bathroom floor a week and a half ago and i've been sanitizing it and thinking about it ever since

  8. Also, don't pick your nose with your dirty fingers. You put viruses and bacteria right into the perfect environment to flourish. If you want to pick your nose, wash your hands first or just don't pick your nose! ?

  9. Hi Dr. Mike I have an important medical question. I am very cold right now even though I’m in sweatpants and a thick sweatshirt. I also have a uncomfortable headache. I have been drinking water many times over the course of the day. So, my question is do I have a severe virus or am I sick with any diseases? Thanks!

  10. I have to disagree with the no alcohol…. I hade a bad sore throat and a few shots latter I didn't feel it any more and when I woke up it was gone so……… The only concussion I could come up with is the germs coating my throat were killed do the intensity of the alcohol….. I've never had a one day recovery on a sore throat until then

  11. i've only got the flu once (of at all, i'm so sure) and i've never gotten a flu shot. Helps that i'm home schooled tho.

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