How to start an exercise routine to lose weight

How to start an exercise routine to lose weight

In this week’s video, I’m gonna teach you
how to start an exercise routine to lose weight that you will actually stick to.
Hello Livelies, how are you doing? Okay, so today, I wanted to talk on how to
start an exercise routine to lose weight that you will actually stick to. When you start
an exercise routine that is designed for somebody else, that’s just a blueprint to the masses,
you aren’t stick to it. I’m gonna show you how to create an exercise
routine you can lose weight, and something that is enjoyable for you and that you actually
want to stick to. (exercise routine to lose weight) So I need you to get and paper right now.
Go, go. Hurry. Away. And I want you to right these steps down.
Alright, find ways of moving your body that feel good for you. You don’t know how many
times women come into my wildly alive weight loss and force themselves to do workout that
feel dreadful. (exercise routine to lose weight) This is a set up of failure. I want you to
start tuning into your body and finding ways that feel good for her. Maybe it’s zumba.
Maybe it’s walking. I love walking. Maybe it’s hiking. Maybe it’s taking some strength
class.(exercise routine to lose weight) If you do not like to be in a treadmill, I
do not want you on a treadmill. Alright, number two — my 3 S.
Start small. Slowly increase. Schedule it. So often when women starting an exercise routine,
they set the bar too high, and set themselves up for failure.
Start small. Slowly increase it. And yes, make sure it’s scheduled. Because if it’s
not scheduled, it is not real my sister. And number three, find a supportive sister
also known as an accountability partner. In my Wildly Alive Weight Loss program this
is exactly, how we set them up for success. I have them get together with their supportive
sister into another woman, and they keep themselves accountable. Accountability is huge and why
my clients actually hire me — to have someone (exercise routine to lose weight) gently nagging them and pushing them into
the direction that they want to go. So when you have a sister right there that
you can lock elbows with then you can go on with this journey together, your success skies
rocket. Okay, so there you have it. There is your
awakening activity this week. Those 3 steps, you shouldn’t let them down
and take action on them. Okay? (exercise routine to lose weight) And I have one more step with you. I wanted
to talk to you in a comment section below. I want to hear what ways of moving your body
feels good for you. Like I said, I love walking. It’s one of my favourite forms of exercise.
So comment below, I always loved to hear connecting with your body.
As always, thank you so much for tuning in. Be sure to like this video and subscribe to
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And don’t forget, if you’re not having fun, it’s your own damn fault. (exercise routine to lose weight)

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  1. I am really liking running/ sprinting/walking lately. Instead if sticking to a plan I've just been heading out the door and go as fast or as slow as I want for as long it feels good. I wish I had "ran" like this before it's so much more enjoyable than saying I have to be at "this" pace for x amount of minutes or miles. So freeing!

  2. I like walking, dance workouts, yoga, and free weight strength moves. I miss hiking this winter…. It's too cold here in Colorado!

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