How To Stay Motivated For Gym | Make Exercising A Habit

How To Stay Motivated For Gym | Make Exercising A Habit

developing the habit of consistent exercises program I'll give you the biggest return on investment in regards to any habit you form simply because exercising regularly and eating healthy is going to directly influence your life span right so it surprises me how so many people don't take it seriously so many people struggle with it and in this video I'm gonna give you some practical takeaways some tips that can help you make this a part of your life easily first tip I always give people is to ease into it so many people get motivated they get over the moon to get excited and think once to exercising especially around New Year's time right they get this huge surge of energy and they want to go seven days a week two hours a day and just kill it crush there goes well here's the problem with that that's commitment level that amount of enthusiasm is not going to last it's not consistent your motivation would deplete and what's gonna be left behind when it depletes is discipline that it's gonna ride you through so if you haven't discipline use writing up motivation just writing off the surge of excitement that you initially give me trying to exercise to make it a habit you're gonna inevitably get disappointed when you can no longer stick to that commitment so easy into it don't do two hours every day six days a week try stuff with maybe three workouts each week for an hour and 20 minutes some like that the next tip I have is to have realistic expectations people that you know get into this whole thing where they want to exercise they have these unrealistic expectations where they think that they're gonna have three chest workouts and they're gonna start looking like Arnold Schwarzenegger well they think that they're gonna have a few booty workouts do a few cable kickbacks and they're gonna stop look on Instagram models right well that's not realistic that's not realistic representation of the world you need to take your time and see this as like a lifelong thing this isn't some three-month transformation thing this isn't something you just simply do to get the body and you and Nola gonna hit the gym during a workout this is part of your life you wanna make this a habit so have realistic expectations that celebrate the small victories don't get discouraged when you are not at where you think you are or if you are not making the progress you think you should be making celebrate the small victories and it's all about consistency they will add up in a while though add up in the long run the small victories add up and make huge wins but your next tip is to track your progress when you can see the results of your hard labor when you can see that what you're doing is actually paying off you're gonna be that much more motivated to get back into the gym and put in another hard worker what discourages people what makes people quit from gym is not seeing results right so make sure when you start off to take progress pictures every couple of weeks measure your body measure your arms measure your legs your waist measure your weight check how many calories you're burning and curl your workouts every time you do call you see how much weight you're lifting week by week because what's gonna happen is if you stick with it for a couple of months now and you look at your numbers for that month and you refer them back to when you started and you see that there's actually empirical differences there's there's the results right in front of you you're gonna be so elevated you're gonna stick with it and you're gonna get the bug okay next tip is to have intrinsic motivation not extrinsic motivations what I mean by this extrinsic motivation could be things such as seeking the validation of other people so you go to gym simply to get the body so that you can impress a girl was that you can impress a guy now initially this might be a good thing if it actually gets you in the gym but this feel is not gonna last you because you don't see that these things are very superficial and they won't last you want to have intrinsic motivation you want to be able to self generate your motivation to go to a gym to improve yourself for you because that's going to last at the end of the day you are who you are and you're gonna live this life with yourself right all these other people that you're trying to impress not gonna always be there the consistent variable the constant variable is you so develop that intrinsic motivation and do it for you okay the last tip I have for you guys is to have a set routine as in a set schedule for when you're going to be going to the gym and don't compromise on it as soon as you start compromising you plant the seed of doubt and it's gonna ruin your chances of making this a habit as soon as you break the streak so what I suggest is to use this trick that Jim Carrey made popular it's basically you have a calendar of the days that you go gym and what you want to do is make a cross but each one of those days so very soon that pan will appear in your calendar and you don't want to break this pad but you want to keep this going don't vote for any kind of rationalizations that your mind will come up with because your mind will come up with something it might be raining outside you might say so I was raining outside it's cold I just stay inside the house where it's wrong no don't listen to that at all stick to the routine even if you don't have a chance of going to the gym still get a workout in at home if you are alive if you've got room if you up the floor you can workout you can do some push-ups you do some burpees you to some sit-ups we finally do some pull-ups there's always chances to work at don't give yourself the excuse because once you give yourself to excuse it's gonna be that much easy to give yourself excuse the next time and once you do the second time it's gonna be pretty much guaranteed that you are going to ruin the habits so be consistent be disciplined develop that grit you

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  2. Great video! I really liked your first point about not jumping in but easing into it. This can be translated into so many areas of one's life as well (relationships, eating habits, meditation, or any goals for that matter) I might make a video about this in the near future!

  3. This is great. In the last 5 years, I started going to the gym twice but both times, it lasted less than one year. I'm hoping to start once again and go all in. This was very helpful. Thank you.

    I really like the calendar method and I do think it's very effective. I hate breaking streaks. It's the same reason I keep a no-fap days tracker. Whenever I get an urge, I look at how far I've come and instantly boost myself to get rid of those negative feelings/thoughts.

  4. Great video. Quite relevant lol. Keep up the great work man I remember when you had like 2k subs… you deserve it

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