How to Stretch & Exercise the Lower Back : How to do Hip Extension Lower Back Exercises

How to Stretch & Exercise the Lower Back : How to do Hip Extension Lower Back Exercises

Hi I’m Angela on behalf of
and right now I’m going to show you exercises that stretches out the lower back. This particular
exercise is called the hip extension it is very simple and you can do it in your own
home. I like to lay out a towel which is more comfortable or a mat. So to begin this exercise
you want to get into this position and take one knee at a time just keep this knee in
this position just like it is right now. Extend your knee towards your chest and curl. Right
now I can feel all the stretches on my lower back and to release just simply look up or
forward rather and extend the leg. That releases the stretch as well it stretches the back
in a completely different way. Then you want take other knee and repeat this exercises.
Extend remember to breath in and out it increases the effectiveness of the exercise and then
release. You can repeat this you know 3 to 4 times and that is the hip extensions that
stretches out the lower back.

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