IFBB Pro Sadik Hadzovic's Olympia Back Workout

IFBB Pro Sadik Hadzovic's Olympia Back Workout

[Applause] what's up guys is a Sadiq heads OPIC team got athlete and Olympia competitor we're over here at body be calm and we're training back today [Applause] everybody wants the B taper the illusion the tiny waist the broad shoulders but you really have to start with the lats you want to get as wide as you possibly could so today we're gonna focus on our width and we're gonna focus on our thickness of our back all right guys go drink your pre-workout and let's get started we're gonna start off with a superset we're gonna do pull downs and pull ups the main goal here warm up the muscle and prime it for our compound movement so when I'm doing my pull downs guys I don't go from A to B what I'm really focusing on is I'm pretending I'm onstage I'm flexing my back I'm drawing the blood into the muscle to get the maximum contraction pull-ups are self-explanatory all we're doing is just stretching out that lat drawing that blood right into the muscle the first power of movement is the deadlift you might think I'm crazy for starting off with it but you'll be thanking me later so what we're gonna do is we're gonna use all our power all our might and the first exercise we're gonna prime the body deadlift so self-explanatory guys what you're gonna do is contract your core you're gonna keep your chest heavy you look straight up and you're gonna drive and use all your power starting with your legs every other workout I like to alternate between free weight and machine rose today machine rose I start in a pronated position and I'd like to supinate my wrists when I'm contracting this has been a major key this year for me like I said I need to build that back thickness just go slow and controlled you know don't worry about repetitions just to make perfect reps so the next exercise is closed grip cable rose now we've all seen arnold schwarzenegger do it every time I perform this movement I imagine Arnold in my mind so what is Arnold doing the same thing that I'm doing chest heavy we're gonna contract the core and we're gonna pull the cable straight down to our belly button and slowly stretch out the lap our last back movement probably the most important one why because this is the most isolated movement that we're gonna do today now what we're gonna do is we're gonna lay down facedown why are we doing this we're gonna totally take out our legs and we're gonna take out our lower back from the equation and only focus on driving that blood into the lap many people they come up to me they say city do I train back once a week you might train back twice a week I always recommend at least one heavy back workout per week personally my back is my lagging body part so I train back twice a week one is heavy and one is light that was my back workout if you guys loved it why don't you contact me on social media you can find me on instagram as at sid because OV ik so if you guys are interested and seeing more videos more articles go to bodybuilding.com now if you guys like this video make sure you subscribe and like it below

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  1. The shoulders….the arms…no…the chest…I mean u r totally Hot dude. Keep it up. MashAllah

  2. Wow… is it real that he doesn't know how to pronounce his last name? It's pronounced like: Hajovich (with soft "ch").

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