Immune System Healing I (Binaural, Isochronic, Solfeggio, 10.5Hz, 285Hz, 352Hz)

Immune System Healing I (Binaural, Isochronic, Solfeggio, 10.5Hz, 285Hz, 352Hz)

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  1. This one is old but nice. Got rid of my chest pain in under a minute though I'll still need to detox myself to get any lasting results I'm sure.
    (Oh yeah, chest congestion & sore throat + an ache in my solar plexus region jst FYI)

  2. I have autoimmune and have tried lot's of binaural an rife's & this is the only thing that seems to really help my immune system settle down…. Thanks Karmic beats!!

  3. Great Video, also Try its for free and you can choose the frequences you Need for your disease
    Best regards

  4. my brother and sister are both sick, i just got back to college and cant afford to get sick too. noticed some symptoms today, turned to binaurals. this makes me feel much better only a few minutes in, thank you

  5. Okay, so this helps this pains due to sicknesses too I'm guessing, I tried painkillers, not a dent, hurts too much to lay down and it's late at night. Will post more later.

  6. Does anyone knows why during the process it made me cry several times??? Please if someone knows let me know but it really helps

  7. I honestly can say, that I am so so happy and grateful to utube for covering all the subjects, which are giving me a NEW LIFE TO SURVIVE. BLESS YOU ALL.

  8. Can this video help me recover from the damage I have done on my body resulting from years of alcoholism and smoking?

  9. Wow…I am so glad I found this video. I have Psoriasis and Psoriatic Arthritis. I have been dealing with this illness for years an endure much pain, within the hour of listening to this my pain is so much more manageable. Can you please tell me what the recommended listening time is or can  I listen to this as much as I want?

  10. this beat is works. i have fever for two days. i ate pct but the fever kept coming back. i listened to this for one night. and now i feel better. i still have a slight fever but it gets better. ??

  11. No relevant comments again. It's a video for immune system. Nobody describes a definite condition and whether it helped or not. I can see no actual references.

  12. It works! I've gobbled up tablets and capsules since yesterday, but this is the one that made me feel better. Thank you SOO much. Good karma to you, please.

  13. TY this beat sounds very soothing, I am doing a candida and parasite detox so this sounds like it will be a great addition to help me heal and combat die off. I can wait to loop this while I sleep tonight.

  14. Oh Thank you for sending me this link. It's going to rain . That makes me hurt all over, LOL.  This is pleasant. I think I'll sit down and listen until the rain gets here and take me a nap. This starts working as soon as I put it on.  Thank you so much.

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