Immunity, Bacteria, and Babies!

Immunity, Bacteria, and Babies!

yo what's up y'all welcome back to the ground once again we're talking about the book cut in psychology syndrome by dr. Natasha Campbell McBride as well as her lecture and this phenomenal DVD set why sure ditions London in 2011 make sure you go get those at undergone bonus calm in the store last week we talked all about gut flora good bacteria in the gut how it's important for a protection you from invaders digestion and absorption detoxification making nutrients and vitamins in there so you can use them today we're talking about the immune system if you guys who ever like listen to my radio show if you've read my blog you know that I take reproduction extremely seriously you know it just it boggles my mind it just sounds totally counterintuitive how we can expect to unhealthy parents to make a healthy baby I don't really think things really work that way so today I'm going to show you how the immune system of our children is actually inherited from their parents especially from the mother and it really comes down to the flora that's in the mother's gut as well as in the birth canal so I made a flowchart here to make this nice and easy for us so where it starts is in the womb of course in the womb the baby has a sterile gut there's nothing going on in there so you got a figure when it goes to the birth canal that's where it becomes exposed to the mother's flora now moms out there ladies up there your vaginal flora actually comes from your gut so if you have unhealthy gut flora imbalance gut flora you're gonna have unhealthy vaginal flora so you got to make sure it stays healthy in here so when the baby goes to the Birkenau it swallows that flora you know that good floor or that bad floor and that's where the seed is planted for that child's immune system so it inherits the floor it inherits the immune system but what if that mom has dish bios's and when I say dysbiosis all I mean is like upside down bacteria too much bad not enough good walk if the mom has dysbiosis the baby is going to get dysbiosis because again it's inherited the gut for us so the immune system is compromised so this baby is coming into the world with the chips down in terms of their immunity and so when a baby has compromised immune system can be very prone to infections ear infections chest infections so you take your babies to the doctor doctor does what here's your antibiotics but what's the number one way to screw up the gut flora antibiotics so what that does is it worsens the flora and it worsens that baby's immunity now we've got problems let's go up here vaccinations children babies are exposed to way too many vaccinations and those vaccinations have toxins in them as we talked about last week that gut flora that's in there is your detoxifier that's the baby's detoxifier they grab on to chemicals and toxins and neutralize them or carry them out of the body in the stool if that gut flora is not there that baby's not going to be able to detoxify these things it may have some problems from these vaccinations who knows what they'll be it's talking about the weaning diet you know when the baby stops drinking the breast milk and breast milk is great breast milk actually has antibodies to that bad bacteria so it can actually reverse some of this stuff that's going on right here but when you feed your body your baby just bottles or formula had no breast no there's no protection so you end up making this thing whole thing worse so the waiting diet a lot of parents will just feed their kids grains and dairy products also their first foods definitely not a good idea that digestive system is not totally developed and those foods are incredibly incredibly difficult for that baby's digestive system to break down just a baby's digestive system but even most people's adult digestive systems have a hard time breaking down grains and there's definitely not a good idea if you're thinking about having babies or you have a baby right now go to healthy eww baby calm there's a course by Chris pressors called a healthy baby code get that go through it you'll learn more about you know reproduction in first foods and all that good stuff and you'll learn anywhere else healthy baby code healthy eww baby calm damaged gut ball these things are irritating to the gut wall you know what's really irritating to the gut wall is poor gut flora too much bad bacteria let me show you how this works so last week I showed you the villa right I shows you how the villi which absorb your foods have these they're lined with these cult these things caught in taro sites these are these cells may have hairs on them those are called micro villi let me blow this up for you a little bit but will stay these are three internal sites sitting right next to each other for in taro sites sitting right next to each other and the food you know the nutrients pass through and then they go oh let's keep it easy they go into the bloodstream so your body can use those nutrients now so the food comes from home um these little spaces in between them there's like glue in there that buys these babies up okay these are called tight junctions so they're boom squeeze like like bricks squeezed together and you let it put some whatever the heck it's called mortar in there okay and so what happens when you have lots of bad floor in there is that bad flora makes chemicals that dissolves and eats away at that glue now you've got space between those entero sites and gosh knows what's going to slip through there gosh knows what includes toxins food when you when you break them down bacteria parasites fungus they make toxins those things can slip right on through it is in the blushing where they're not supposed to be microbes the bacteria themselves can spit right on through they're not supposed to be undigested food particles can slip through not where they're supposed to be let's talk about those toxins first we got a lot of toxins sliding on in that's going to put a burden on your organs detoxification such as your liver you got a poor back to liver you're gonna have some problems the lungs are responsible for letting out fat soluble toxins this right here has a whole lot to do with asthma I made you a video on asthma tomorrow or Friday it's gonna blow your mind the skin you may say I have all these these in breakouts going on you wanna know why one of the reasons could be that these toxins are slipping through your bags like we need to eject these things the liver is backed up the lungs are backed up let's go ahead and push them through the skin the bladder things like you know so many things have to go through the hearing so they go into the bladder these toxins irritate the bladder lining now you've got cystitis the doctor says Malad tested you for an infection you don't have an infection so you must be fine that's all on your head but it wasn't an infection it was the toxins all right it's a trip in autoimmunity when things start sliding through here let's take some real quick the number three cause of morbidity and mortality in the industrialized world is autoimmunity lupus multiple sclerosis celiac things of that sort let's say for example an undigested piece of steak comes through here and that undigested piece of steak that protein will say it looks just like that so your body's going on hey undigested steak in the bloodstream it's not supposed to be here let's go ahead and fight that baby off so you but constantly fighting off that undigested just undigested protein for mistake if I can get it up but over time you know what happens something called molecular mimicry now let's say for example your thyroid the proteins that make up your thyroid look just like that steak protein molecule or we'll say your your cartilage or you connective tissue or the myelin in your brain all these different places around the body what if they look exactly like that particle now we have a case of take an identity and the body says well we've been fighting this thing off let's go ahead and fight this one off as well now you've got autoimmune issues certainly not a good idea I know immunity usually comes from the gut we don't want to set up our children with poor gut function and poor gut flora because the mother's floor wasn't where it's supposed to be and I'll tell you one of the things real quick that leads to dysbiosis in the moms gut is using birth control pills and I know there's reasons for birth control pills and you know I'm not going to tell you not to use them I just want you to be educated on them let's say you're on birth control pills for many years you said okay I'm gonna have a baby and then boom you try to get pregnant you're pregnant well you probably had a bad gut flora going into that pregnancy if you didn't go on pro glados because you didn't eat fermented foods and these things cause you ate a poor diet now boom you gave birth to the baby now they're set up for all of this now we've got the number three cause of morbidity and mortality in the world and we've got major issues here so that is my presentation for today make sure you go to dark side preview calm to download the first chapter of my book the dark side of fat loss or go to dark side of fat loss comm and get the book because it's absolutely amazing I'm out of here I'll see you guys tomorrow probably talk about asthma and we'll get more into the foods and things that you can consume later on this week as well I'm out under y'all face

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  1. Not to mention a baby's gut is open until they are around 6 months old which is why introducing solid foods, especially rice cereal, prior to that is harmful

  2. When you delivery via C-Section, the baby is not exposed to your vaginal flora. You go directly from the womb to the world and bi-pass an maternal bacteria that can be ingested. What you give your child after birth is then in question.

  3. Love your vid's for healthy food. This is so important for mankind, there are so many people waling around having no idea that food can make them realle really sick. Keep it up by spreading this info…Good job. Greetings Ivo From the Netherlands

  4. Hey sean, loving the videos. Just wondering what your stance on intermittent fasting is? I would absolutely love to hear your take on the subject

  5. There is an article in the NYtimes that says that when babies eat dirt, that spurs the development of a healthy immune system.

  6. What about babies that are born using the C section operation? How much of a disadvantage are they in terms of the good bacteria that is found in the digestive system?

  7. Thanks for the info. I would like to hear more about how you create good flora in your gut. I know about probiotics and fermented foods, but not sure how much probiotics you should be taking.

  8. What an enlightening and simple take on autoimmunity. Thanks again. Stuff like this should be shown in schools, lol.

  9. Some of this I already knew but great job presenting it. I have a cousin who was born by C-section (which is of course necessary at times) but sure enough, he has Asthma and Chrons disease. Could well be a connection, but as you demonstrate, the subject is vital even in 'normal' deliveries.

    I like how often you say "boom," by the way.

  10. Sean, what about anti-biotics for when we get our wisdom teeth pulled? thats like a week or two or anti-biotics. Do we just go back to replenishing the gut flora after?

  11. @B0MBALI9 because, like dieting, people give up on almost everything in life. Just the few who actually still care about this stuff but its great information and I'm glad I learned so much.

  12. I'm so glad I found your channel years ago. But what happened to all the viewers? you had like 20k views. now its like 200.
    anyway, Cool that you bring up stuff like this!

  13. I heard that when babies are born some midwives or whatever they are called will put some of the mothers poop into the babies mouth to expose it to the… gut flora im guessing?

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