In The Lab: The Lenovo Yoga C940

In The Lab: The Lenovo Yoga C940

Hi, I’m Rebecca with Store #1017
in San Angelo, TX and welcome to The Lab. This is the Lenovo Yoga C940. And we call it the Yoga because
it is a very flexible laptop. One of the coolest
features about this laptop is going to be the speaker
built right into the hinge. No matter what position
you put this laptop in, you’re still going to get that
perfect 360-degree sound. I’ve tried yoga before, makes me almost as flexible
as this computer. Chair pose. I like this chair pose better. I have 5 sisters and we like
to watch movies together. And with the 360 sound, we’re all able to actually
hear what’s going on. The amazing thin bezel is going to give it an
even larger screen. Watching movie pose. Thanks for stopping by The Lab. Namaste.

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