Indoor Walking Workout | STANDING ABS | Low Impact!

Indoor Walking Workout | STANDING ABS | Low Impact!

today we're going to do a 10-minute
standing ABS walking workout we're going to tone our ABS burn belly fat get fit
and have some fun hi I'm Schellea and welcome to Fabulous
50's we don't need to be athletes now we're over 50 but we do need to do some
form of physical exercise every single day so let's get started let's do this
together we're going to do 30 seconds of power walking followed by 30 seconds of
stand up ab exercises walking like this continuously during the workout is going
to increase our calorie burn so we can burn belly fat tone our ABs and
strengthen our whole body strong arms keep your core engaged Knee lifts. keep your abs engaged and use
your core to lift your legs strong arms this abs workout is about building
strength in our midsection and strong abdominal muscles take the pressure off
our spine helping to ease back pain and stay upright which is super important at
our age let's walk if you're feeling it jog on
the spot or you can switch between the two
you are amazing either way and just by doing this 10 minute workout you're
going to feel pumped and full of energy for the rest of the day legs slightly apart hands behind your
ears pull your belly button in and keep your back straight bend up and down
we're engaging our abdominals and our lower body which makes up our core we're
gaining strength and building muscle you're on fire and I love it this workout that you're doing right now
is making you stronger and the more you work out the stronger and happier you'll
be we don't have to overdo it at our age
this is so perfect for us and don't forget the strong walking is burning our
belly fat so keep going arms out straight kick one leg up and
use your abdominals to balance there's a more gentle version on the right so
choose which option you like the best keep going it's only 30 seconds and I
promise you it's worth it back to walking for 30 seconds what are
you doing today make sure that you include at least one thing that's just
for you. Some you time if you don't schedule it it won't happen so dream up
something while you're working out keep going torso rotations feet hip-width apart
hold your belly in and twist torso rotation works your obliques and the
twisting action improves our core strength and improves muscle tone and
mobility do this purposefully and really feel your abs start walking and if you have the energy
bounce around to the music just feel good while you're doing it we've got to
have more fun and stop being so serious about life and that's what makes us feel
old come on let's do this torso rotations this is the same
exercises before but this time we're going faster and we're building that
strength back straight and your belly held in tight and feel that awesome
stretch twisting helps our mobility and keeps our bodies strong enough right as
we get older great job are you getting hot yet are you out of
breath and if you are that is absolutely perfect strong walking is burning our
belly fat so if you can activate every muscle in your body and keep going take a wide stance arms together gentle
squat and punch punch with your abs so tight don't let go this feels so good
and releases some of your frustration this is a really good exercise for your
whole core awesome job walking for 30 seconds there's only a
couple of minutes to go use up your energy and enjoy the music take a break
if you need it breathe keep going you're doing great knee pulls. lift your knees as you bring
your arms down to the side pretend you're rowing a boat you're
going to stay stable here if you use your abs to do the exercises and it's a
great way to practice your balance if you're feeling puffed out great it means
you're working really hard and you will get results keep going walking with strong arms take a breath
you're doing so well expect a really good day ahead and don't forget we're
burning calories right now so keep going feet hip-width apart straight back hands
behind your ears do this exercise purposefully focus on your abdominal
muscles as you come up and you're feel it in your hamstrings and lower
back this is an awesome stabilizing exercise back to walking are we there yet
almost keep going because everything about what you're doing right now is
good for you so get used to feeling good jumping oblique twist twisting the torso
like this forces your core to have to engage to hold you steady as you land
use the option that suits you best the right-hand side is low-impact but take
this at your own pace both are beneficial walking now keep going there's nothing
better than feeling good after a workout so keep going don't forget that you
planned to do something just for yourself today so make sure that you
make that happen you definitely deserve it side stretch bends been from side to side
using your side obliques keep them engaged back straight how good does that
feel this is such a great stretch we are so close
superb job you're a star dance like no one's
watching that was ten minutes of non-stop exercisi ng no breaks you set
yourself up for an awesome day so celebrate your awesomeness amp up your
energy and finish on a high please give a thumbs up if you had fun
and share this stand up ab workout with some of your friends thank you so much for
the workout and have a beautiful day

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  1. Wow! I have need this kind of ab workout for so long. It didn't strain my neck like other ab workouts do.

  2. Thanks for another amazing Video. I just did it now. along with your Indoor workout and thigh workout. I know i will see results with this one too! I live in a RV, so these workouts make it easy 🙂

  3. Love the music Schel. Love that the workout is only 10 minutes. How good does it feel? It feel ghastly, but if you get rid of my belly by doing this, I'll persevere! Just finished my second session. Here's hoping. Thanks for making this vid.

  4. I really enjoyed this video.
    Please tell me how much minutes we should do workout or exercises.
    I m 43.
    Please tell me.
    I have already lose 14 kg.

  5. I'm over 50 and have fibromyalgia , I cannot tell you how grateful I am for this video! Finally one I could make it all the way through !!! ???? Can you tell me what muscles this will tone please? THANK YOU!!!! ??????

  6. Hey girl, thanks for that video , bloody fantastic, just did that video with you!! And l feel Amazing ????so much fun ,keep posting your Amazing videos ??????????????????????

  7. Schellea you're a 'Rock Star'… these past few workouts are going to be my new routine… Balance… Cardio… Flexibility… Strength… I'll let you know by months end my results… ?????✌?

  8. Thank you for this upbeat video. I just turned 80 and do all of these exercises except jumping or jogging. You make it fun..Love the music.

  9. Hi, Thank you! ????????????❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️???have a great day. Thank you god bless you ?

  10. I just love your 10 minute workouts they help so much and who doesn't have 10 minutes do no excuses !!!!!!

  11. I do your 15 min low impact walking workout every morning with my husband, will be adding this new one to our morning workout now! Thank you

  12. I'll be adding this to my morning work out, what a great way to wake up! I just got a rebounder recently too… so much fun while you work out! 🙂

  13. Hi lovely. It was worth watching just see your fantastic attitude and smile. I’ll,have to do this one down the track. Wish me luck for Thursday Schellea, as I go in for my final reconstruction operation after breast cancer. Yay!! Sending you sunshine from Qld xx???

  14. Good morning, and thank you for the motivation! You look amazing and I want to look and feel amazing as well. I have let my menopause symptoms control my life. I am not working out or feeling good………….You look happy and that is the most important thing ladies…..

  15. I love doing these type of exercises while binging on Netflicks or You Tube!!! You look wonderful!! xo Laurie

  16. Lovely, lively and positive workout which I’m looking forward to fitting into my busy days. Thank you ?

  17. Hi.beautiful⚘.sister❗

  18. U r so energetic , smiling always wid positive vibes…my depressive mood get uplifted whenever i see ur video… love u..

  19. I love this! Living in upstate NY, we literally only have a month of summer, at which time I run every other day (because it's over 60!)…but then I need to find something…and this is perfect! I will commit to do this every other day when the yuck moves in. Hugs my beauty!!!!

  20. Haha I love you and thank you, but I chuckle when you say low impact???. The last time I did your low impact, I couldn't walk or sit or stand up for 3 days!! ????

  21. been watching your videos nut a little confused….is this for people in thier 50 s or u play music from the 50 s ? Im 61 been a farmer most of my life. I promise u im not dissing your workout but by the time i get out there and feed my mini horses then feed and water 150 RABBITS….clean my house and then go out in the evening when its cool enough to breathe and weed and work on my half acre garden….corn beans squash tomatoes peppers and what have u….does work qualify as exercise if it's outside doing things not sitting at a desk?

  22. I think this music is absolutely perfect for this 10 minute "LOW" impact workout. Especially for our age. It's so soothing to the soul. It reminds me and helps me..not to get lost in this crazy, fast pace, and busy life. You are absolutely gorgeous. Thank you for sharing your knowledge of fitness and encouraging others to love themselves as well as to love life. God Bless you… Life is simply amazing and our bodies are as well. ?

  23. You are Amazing !! I needed this..I had a few falls . At 59 years. Not good. You have given me HOPE !!! Thanks !!!!

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