Instagram Live 11/13/17 - open health and wellness Q&A

Instagram Live 11/13/17 – open health and wellness Q&A

hi guys I'm live I didn't give a specific time tonight I kind of just hopped on I wanted to see how it would go if I just made it a little more spontaneous so tonight's live is totally open format we can talk about whatever you guys want to talk about I'll answer as many of your questions as I can so just let him go I'll wait till the first person ask me something I hope you guys are having a great night and had a good weekend I had a really busy weekend working but working on all really good stuff filming at a really nice event so I actually had a really good productive weekend I enjoyed it hi guys um I purposely wore no makeup for this I'm not wearing an ounce of anything and I'm also extra pale because I don't I'm not spray tan right now I couldn't spray tan after my laser so I just really wanted to show you the results of this laser and what a couple of you were requesting that I don't wear any makeup and some photos so I just want to show you so my skin isn't perfectly like spotless and pigment free like I obviously there's little imperfections but there were like big marks here that I had from this summer they just completely appeared this summer and they're literally gone like this I've always had for years I think it's just loss of volume should be honest but for the most part this completely Shrunk my pores just did miracles okay I'm scrolling up let me get to your questions do I use retinol I don't use retinol just because I'm on a really specific skincare regimen I don't have it with me right now like I'm usually using like a bleaching cream but I love retinol I'm a huge believer in it I think it's amazing it's great for anti-aging it's great for getting rid of pigment I definitely recommend using it if it irritates your skin then go to every other night or you know just experiment with like every two days so I do like it I am not married for the person asking what's the best juice to boost your metabolism Priscilla is asking the best thing to boost your metabolism is lemon water in the morning it's natural it will just kind of kick-start everything it's a great detox so that's what I'd recommend spirulina is also amazing happy Monday to you okay feeling well with Danielle said what advice can you give for just starting to build their brand the best advice I can give is to just consistently put out good content don't think about how many likes you're getting or buy ads or likes or any of that because when you're true to yourself and authentic and you put out good content then people will come and just think about what you can do to be useful what you could actually do to help people and also don't pay attention to what everyone else is doing because you have to find what's uniquely you and you know if I tried to copy you know let's say there was a guy doing something really cool on his Instagram maybe it wouldn't work for me everyone has their own strengths so just focus on you think about how you can give value to people following you and that's what I would do how I cleanse off my makeup okay so Lauren is asking how I remove my makeup so I I'm not a huge fan of maker for moving wipes unless they're really really wet moist ones I don't like when they're dry because then you're really tugging and pulling on your skin I think what if you're like dragging your skin down this does not look good you don't want to pull your skin down because you're going against you know you want to go against gravity so while you as makeup removing wipes if I'm like really lazy and I don't feel like wash my makeup off and there's on my nightstand but I love using like an oil cleanser first and then using my regular cleanser so still wasu has an oil cleanser and I'll do that and it really just like gets all the makeup off I'll do that once or twice and then I'll follow up in my regular cleanser and always do the white towel test after your makeup dab your face with a white towel and if there's any residue on there keep washing being vegan it's easy to eat a lot of carbs okay so Nicole said being vegan it's easy to eat a lot of carbs what is your take on carbs if trying to lose weight if you're trying to lose weight then I would say exercise do some form of like weight training or Pilates and cardio and eat a healthy carbs because the best way to burn fat is to build muscle muscle burns more fat than you just trying to run and burn it off and you need to give yourself energy with healthy carbs so I would stick to all non starchy you know healthy carbs like sweet potatoes quinoa sprouted rice and just stay away from like the processed carbs it's vitamin C oil good for skin vitamin C is great for skin it's a really brightening it's it's an antioxidant the more antioxidants you can use on your skin the better but I don't think oil is for everyone I think you have to see how you feel there's times when oil is so good and feels so nourishing but now I'm going through a phase where it just feels really oily and like it's gonna make me break out so just literally see how you feel you will know your skin the best if it doesn't feel like it's nourishing and it feels a little like oily don't use it you can use vitamin C and like a serum or something too so a healthy habit said it's frustrating when I purchase an expensive beauty product and I see no change or results so I can understand that but one of the biggest problems where people don't see results is if you're not using it long enough so the key to results is to use it consistently for a long time if you're not doing that you're not going to see results so the most expensive isn't always the best but if you're using a really good product you can always ask me I'll let you know my opinion on it using a really good product consistently you will see results I highly recommend doing like before and afters in the same light like on a wall and just like a certain spot in your face and you can see you notice any difference sonnez said how to get rid of dark underarms I think so some of you have asked me about this especially my ethnic girls out there if you're talking about like razor burn or you know when you have like thick hair you shave under your arms and it's dark I think the reason I don't have that is because I do laser hair removal which has just been one of the most miraculous things I've like done and everywhere the hair still comes back but it's much thinner it's way easier to manage so I would recommend some kind of laser hair removal let's see you wish you'll take this without makeup honestly my skin is extra good right now this laser I like woke up on Friday cuz so basically when you get a laser that it's the spots where you have like pigment you're trying to get rid of get extra dark so for a day or two you look worse so I looked bad whatever but still you can still go out in public like it's nothing where you need to like have downtime then on Friday I kind of like peeled it all off and I just like stared at my skin I was like oh my god these spots are gone because they've been there for months and I was just really amazed so my skin is at an all-time high right now what's the best for pores on the nose facials are amazing to get rid of blackheads so when you have blackheads that build up especially on your nose this can't end up stretching out your pores and you have oil buildup so it's so important to get good facials you can get the B or a or any other kind of like strip that helps get rid of blackheads just keeping your skin clean the oil buildup can actually stretch out your pores what I mean oh hold on all right I'm not too far behind I just wanted to see what I was missing hold on hold on I'm coming back up what do I think someone said do I recommend eating up oh yeah what do you recommend not eating past 7:00 p.m. I don't know what you mean I would say it's a great idea not to eat past like 8:00 p.m. I do sometimes because I just get really hungry but if you're trying if you're really trying to lose weight I would say don't eat past 8:00 p.m. what supplements or vitamins do I use I have a custom vitamin that I use that I had made it next health this is all based on a micronutrient test so you guys can go get a blood test see what you're deficient in and then ask to get a custom vitamin made so that's what I do I do take more biotin like a stronger dose of biotin besides that and then besides that there's no other actual vitamins but I take like spirulina powder and different things like that that I put in my smoothies I post those a lot it's always different my go-to is our like maca and ashwagandha these are both adaptogens which help basically balance your stressors so it's not that it's like reducing stress that you necessarily feel right away your body has stress hormones that are released when you're not getting enough sleep or there's so many different things and this is actually helping you balance those and deal with stress better so whether you have inflammation or you're sick or you actually are stressed about something adaptogens can really help with that they can also really help balance your hormones and then spirulina is just one of the best healthiest supplements you could add it's full of algae minerals vitamins great source of vegan protein my education background is I have my doctorate in pharmacy so I went to pharmacy school I was in a direct six year program so basically from 18 to 24 I was in the pharmacy program and then I graduated and then I started working at all different kinds of pharmacy settings I did like retail and then I did clinical and then I did like private closed-door and then I did compounding and really felt like this was something I enjoyed most I really enjoyed counseling patients and actually like working one-on-one with people and that's when I started putting out online content and kind of developing my own business and I've never been happier so all the hard work was worth it I'm so someone said I'm allergic to nuts what is a good alternative when it comes to like dairy free milk I would say rice milk is really good alternative so you could try that some people can tolerate hemp milk that are allergic to nuts so ask your doctor but that's also a good alternative and then I think that's all you mean obviously you can't eat nuts if you're allergic to nuts any natural face masks or cleansers um I love Selassie Oh honestly I love it so lost you so much it feels so fresh and clean like I'm obsessed um first as far as face masks there's lots of different face max I'm not I'm not like impartial to one but if you're doing one at home I guess ask me what you would want to do it for and then I can recommend something let's see what brand of makeup do I recommend um I am a big CC cream person I recently was experimenting with Juice Beauty I think I posted that like a month or so ago right before I went to Cabo for Russell's birthday I really like Juice Beauty it's cruelty free it's vegan it's light they're CC cream so when I'm day-to-day I do not wear foundation on my skin the only time I wear like actual foundation coverage is if I'm like filming content and I'm like on camera or if I'm going out to like an event or dinner day to day meetings lunches especially working out I don't wear anything I'll do like a CC cream and even when I had pigment and even when my skin isn't necessarily perfect or whatever I still don't do it because it's just not good in the long run I think this is a huge contributor I just let my skin breathe as much as possible but try juice beauty have I ever tried mice micellar water I actually have sometimes and I really want to buy some I don't know why I don't have one I like the idea of water cleansers or water sprays just because it's nice to have something like that for like after a workout or like midday it's just like an easy cleanse and like a freshen up sometimes I like it used to even keep one on my nightstand and just kind of spray it on my face and I felt like I needed a refresher my princess Yemen said can you see my everyday face product at the end of this I'll go I don't want to stand up and leave you guys hanging it's that's why it's nice when I have Erika do these live with me because she can entertain a little I'm gone someone's asking how do I manage stress well I actually used to not manage stress well at all I used to like get so stressed out over the littlest things that my body would actually physically start aching that's when I knew something was really really stressful I'd get like body pains immediately um I really just worked on any issue I had like I'm a huge believer in dealing with your issues I think mental health is just as important as physical health if not more so like any I basically would figure out what is it that's stressing me out a lot like what is something I'm always having issues with it let's say I really hated my career or there was like a relationship that was stressing me out I would always go to the source of it I have a life coach that I see and I love I've seen her for six years and then I would just deal with it so I always just deal with the actual root of the issue I still naturally don't deal with like immediate stress that well like I tend to get a little bit anxious but I'm always one to go to go fix the problem so I highly recommend that is a keto diet healthy doesn't it miss out on some vitamins we need keto diet is amazingly healthy I think a keto vegan diet is really healthy I don't think you're missing out on that many vitamins I think you're getting a lot I just I personally don't do well in a keto diet I like eating carbs and I like incorporating a good amount of greens in my diet but I do believe in I do think it makes a lot of sense scientifically but sometimes what's perfect on paper as I'm sure many who know isn't always actually right so test it out and see how you feel and if it doesn't work for you that don't feel like you have to stick with it what products do I use on my face daily so every morning at night I do like a double cleanse with Sol la su and then I use like the water toner and an emulsion and a serum and a moisturizer in a sunscreen so I have like a six to seven step process every single morning at night that I truly enjoy and look forward to I actually take my time doing it it's like a nice kind of relaxing spa experience for me and when you take your time doing this at night to people who have like a whole skincare routine at night you know that feeling when you take like a really nice shower and like your hair is washed and you're like in a robe and you get into bed until it clean sheets that's how you feel if you like take your time doing your skincare routine before bed I love doing it it makes you calm and relaxed and it's almost like like almost like an aromatherapy especially was still awesome I love their sense of their products so I really enjoy that what's a good latte machine for beginners who want to make tumeric and green tea lattes at home so for a tumeric latte it's really just juicing tumeric I have noticed that some places like Whole Foods actually just use tumeric powder which obviously fresh tumeric is much better but they're not always as fancy as you think you would just need a juicer for that for fresh tumeric and then you just need a steamer I don't think you need like a big fancy coffee machine you can buy like a little steamer that plugs in put in some like almond milk and steam it and then just add it to your tumeric so basically you would juice it add a little bit of hot water and a little bit of steamed milk I don't make my own at home but I would actually I think for Christmas mom if you're watching this for Christmas I would love a steamer my mom never knows what to get me so I would love to steam out all my milk at home let's see what are my thoughts on Botox I think that Botox is perfectly fine and great for anyone who wants to get it if you go to the right doctor you know you don't go overboard I think a lot of people when they think people who don't know about Botox or who haven't done it especially men are like oh that's a Botox face and well it's so funny because they'll see a woman who probably has way too much filler in her face or like really big lips and they'll say it's Botox and that's not Botox at all for the girls who are watching this that no it's not much at all so when it's done right it's actually really nice I love it because it doesn't last more than three months at a time so even if like you aren't crazy about the results it's never gonna be permanent and I can actually be preventative so for people who and not that everyone has to get it this is just my opinion on it if you do Botox continuously ends up relaxing some of the muscles so you don't form like like actual deep lines so I think it's totally fine but it's a personal choice if you don't know judgment if you like it or you don't just make sure you have a good doctor don't ever group on like Botox or lasers or fillers or anything like that's just not worth it do not skimp on your face in your skin it's too important elissa you asked about vitamin A supplements I missed your question I'm sorry ask it again Linda said what's a good laser for ethnic skin the Pico laser that I just posted on my page you can go check it out after this live I just posted all the details on it it's amazing if you have ethnic skin olive skin you have to be very careful I made the mistake I mean when I first moved to LA I was 24 and I came back here and I started experimenting with lasers and I went to some doctors who unfortunately offered free lasers and oh like hum I'll do one for you for free and I was naive and did them thank God I had no scarring but there are so many lasers you have to be careful with because for dark skin you can end up getting darker pigment so Pico it's called picosure laser that's the full name is very safe for dark spots and dark skin so you are ethnic I would look into that best drugstore face product oh I missed a lot of stuff down here hold on um best drugstore face price sorry let me just scan through and see what I'm missing shoot okay I'm gonna keep trying to answer as many as I can that's drugstore face product I would say some kind of retinol I'm gonna be completely honest I don't really use any drugstore face products but I am very willing to look into them and find out what I think is best if you guys have any that you want me to look into a comment on my last post and ask me and I will look into them what do I eat after hot yoga um it depends on what kind of date it what time of the day it is it fits like morning and I don't ever eat a heavy meal before yoga I'll have like a green juice or my green smoothie and then after I'll have like oatmeal or whatever breakfast I want to have that day protein bar or shake before after workouts I'm really trying to avoid protein bars right now I'm like always experimenting I like to experiment with myself and then report back to you guys you know the least process the better obviously if you're like in a gym there's certain for I would say choose like a raw protein bar sweetened with dates or something more natural but I don't like to rely on protein bars it's like a source of my protein for the day or like my macros for the day so all I usually do like a green smoothie or fruit before my workout and then I'll do a smoothie with like healthy fat some chia seeds or I'll eat like some quinoa oats after I'm trying and then as far as actual protein goes I like doing like just hemp protein or hemp seeds so it's like really clean what closes pores the best I feel like they keep getting bigger the Pico laser that I just did made my pores almost invisible lasers in general even though they're for pigment are great for so many things and they do really help shrink your pores even light therapy can do that if you want something a little less expensive you can try like red light therapy and blue light therapy those are really great for it and then also maybe just getting facials every one to two months and making sure you're getting all that oil out and cleaning out your skin good remedies for hyperpigmentation hey Andy I just saw your message good remedies for hyperpigmentation so write these down because there's a few serums and products that are really good for hyperpigmentation so there's freulich acid spelled with an F like Frank there's vitamin C and then prescription there's ads alayich acid which sometimes is available in the US and sometimes it's not I when it was not available in the US I was asking my doctor to write for a prescription in Canada those are all really great and a little more natural hydroquinone is a bleaching agent people wonder if you know you've read that it has carcinogenic effects that really high doses when you're using a lower dose I do believe that it's safe is it on my skin personally so I'm okay with it a combination of those things is really gonna work the best you can use the vitamin C and the serums and all that stuff like daily in fact SkinCeuticals has a really good brew like acid serum that's that's worked pretty well for a lot of people so I would say that and hydroquinone you could do IP and you can get into your heavier like IPL's light therapy and then if it's really strong like mine was really strong then you can do a laser that's obviously the most expensive scrolling up scrolling up let's see someone said less product better food better skin yes but so as much as I talk about being natural obviously natural is great there's nothing wrong with technology and science I think that it should be nature inspired but also don't fight like the technology and these great things were coming up with like lasers are such a gift they're amazing it's just very advanced medicine so just because you're using a tool or something that's new and innovative doesn't mean it's bad I'm definitely not one for chemicals or some things that are like really harsh on your skin but it doesn't mean we have to solve everything with fruits even though I love my fruit you guys always ask me to speak in Farsi and I'm too embarrassed with my accent my first he is not good did I lose weight going vegan not at all I stayed pretty consistent yeah nothing really changed in my weight when I went vegan um lasers for the face best ones well I think we've gone over that have I tried so someone's asking have you tried suja those vegan veggie fruit juices you said you've tried one it was terrible yeah I'm not a huge fan of Suja as long as juice is our organic and cold-pressed that's fine but I don't like when they're like the whole point of like a fresh juice is to have it fresh and I don't like when it's been sitting bottled for like days or it's good for like a month so if you're gonna have a juice I would recommend like if you're at Whole Foods getting a Suja just go to the juice bar and ask them to make you a juice it's like the same price it's not more expensive and it's right there and it tastes better so of all of them my favorite one is clover I love clover juice but so does not bad it's just not my personal favorite what do I think about intermittent fasting so intermittent fasting is great if you were trying to lose weight I also think that it makes a lot of sense in terms of like cleansing your body because sometimes you need to give your body a break it's kind of the same but actually it goes in line with what I say I'm having fruit first thing in the morning when you're sleeping that's like eight hours of the night that you never normally get we are not eating anything not drinking anything and you're giving your body like this nice rest and it's almost like naturally detoxing it's like a machine that's going all day and like processing all these things and finally you just give it a break to like clean out and do its own thing so when you wake up first thing in the morning that's why I always say like don't put crap into your body like dairy and and bagels and like you know a heavy protein I'm big on starting light and then you know building up heavier so having like an organic fresh green juice or having like you know veggies or fruits just something really nice and detoxing so intermittent fasting is kind of that same concept where you let your body have a little break and you know you go through the day and you're not constantly giving it work to do so it makes sense if you're trying to lose weight I would I would recommend trying intermittent fasting natural remedy so someone's asking do you know natural remedies for infections I would say the most natural remedies for fighting off bacteria or just even preventing infections would be something like oregano oil turmeric garlic ginger in fact taking a shot of oregano oil garlic ginger turmeric and lemon is so gross but it works so well I've done that as soon as I start to feel sick I take one of those shots honestly I can taste it for like hours and I'm horrified but it works very very well so those are the most natural boutique Lyanna said are you a peaceful person I like to think so yes how do I feel someone said how do you feel about kombucha drinks love kombucha obsessed with kombucha I would probably drink it three times a day but wasn't so expensive but I drink about I'd say like three a week my favorite brand is health aid what else any recommendation to even out the skin tone on your lips that's actually interesting I went through this really interesting phase where I wanted to see if I could light in the color of my lips it was very weird a weird phase I was going through I'm so glad I didn't actually do anything because I I like the color of them naturally and I tried doing like a co2 Fraxel I do not recommend it it was literally the most painful thing I mean like bad I couldn't handle it so I don't know any recommendations for lightening the color of your lips because things that you use on your skin and your face don't apply to your lips because it's a completely different vascular system as you can see like this is a different feeling and texture than it is on your skin so I really don't know anything maybe asks like a plastic surgeon or I'm sure your lip color is beautiful and just stick with it advice for melasma would be all the stuff I talked about earlier in this with the different lasers and creams I'm gonna save this live and it's gonna be on YouTube so you'll see it your top lip is darker than your bottom lip DM me and send me a picture cuz I have a feeling that maybe it's just an issue that you're focusing on and a lot of other people probably aren't noticing a lot of times when you focus on something myself included and you think it's the worst like other people are not noticing it as much on you so sometimes you just go through phases I wouldn't make any rash decisions without just going you know letting it pan out if it's something that really bothers you for months and months and you can actually look into fixing it do you apply some oh here's a great question star Smith said do you apply sunscreen before or after your moisturizer sunscreen should be your very last step in fact even putting foundation over your sunscreen isn't the best idea because you're kind of blocking it so what I would do is all your skin care stuff and then put on your sunscreen let it sit for like a good 10 minutes or so and then put on your foundation preferably get foundation with SPF so you also have that layer over it or get like a powdered foundation and also patted over but it should definitely be your last step someone asked where I was born I was born in New York what you're so someone said your hair used to be straight and now it's really curly in so many dead ends um your hair could change like my hair used to be so wavy and thick and curly and then it totally calmed down so I think it's natural to have changes in your hair your body your skin I would look into hair masks and oils for your ends it's really great to help soften them coconut oil avocado both of those work really well good rec so someone's asking what's good recommendations for allergies my mom is always stuffy and sneezing I told her pineapple juice but I think she needs something stronger if you're always stuffy and sneezy but you don't want to go on medication I would actually look into having like a massage therapist or chiropractor you can even like help drain your sinuses like really get to these pressure points that really works well for a lot of people let me think boosting your immunity can always help so kind of the same things we went over if you're sick like the oregano oil you could do a few drops of that every day if those aren't working maybe just see an allergy specialist and do an allergy test and see what's going on sometimes you need medication as much as them is big on prevention and food and natural remedies like there are times where you have to turn the medication if it's bad thoughts on Moroccan oil for hair I love Moroccan oil mainly because of the smell it does leave your hair like a little bit too oily for me personally maybe if you have really curly hair it'd be a good option how do you keep your hair thick on a vegan diet I have lost weight in hair you know this is really interesting because some people do not experience this at all and some people really do in fact I have a couple girlfriends who have the thickest hair who eat a completely vegan plant-based diet mine it feels a little bit thinner but I actually don't think it's veganism I just think it's hormonal because I've got I've actually noticed throughout the years of my life like I've gone through different phases with my hair I would say just make sure you're getting all your nutrients make sure you're not just eating processed vegan food you're very educated on getting the right food groups into your diet definitely getting a blood test seeing if you're deficient in anything checking your hormones and if everything's normal then just stay on that path and kind of eliminate based on that based on that what's the best preventative cream or serum for the neck decolletage so this is the neck decolletage area here so I think there's just misconception that you have to use a different different products down here it's hard because you have this little serum it's so expensive and you don't want to use it on your neck and chest because you probably don't feel it want to feel like you're wasting it but it's actually good for all like for everything what's good enough for your face should be good enough for your neck and chest this is when a lot of women age I swear this is what they complain about the most because you never think about it especially with sunscreen you should be bringing your sunscreen all the way down so if I could pick the best preventive measure I would say sunscreen I think people don't like that answer because it seems so obvious and you're expecting me to give you this like miracle ingredient but sunscreen is the biggest factor for anti-aging so just start doing it you'll thank me in like 10 20 years our Greek lemon flavored yogurt and yogurt at Starbucks healthy that's a big no don't buy I wouldn't buy yogurt or really any snacks from Starbucks personally not the healthiest and I would avoid dairy I've always recommended everyone to avoid dairy so there's three reasons number one I'm not big on snacks at Starbucks number two dairy is not healthy and number three anything flavored I'm not a big fan of I always say to buy everything plane and then flavor it yourself because at least you're in control of the flavor sometimes you can read a package and it says natural flavors you have no idea what that could be I mean Google what could fall under natural flavors and you'll be a little bit terrified so start with a plain and then add your own lemon or add a little bit of stevia or even add like maple syrup that's so much better than what they're putting in there because I guarantee you it's not that natural what facial cleanser do I use sulwhasoo now someone else is asking how do you keep your confidence up are you afraid of competition No how do I keep my confidence up I think that's all really internal it's not about I mean of course how you look on the outside plays a huge role but it's all about how you feel about yourself I give this example all the time because I think it really sets in and like hits home like you could walk into a room where everyone tells you that this dress or outfit looks amazing on you but if you don't feel like it looks good think anyone says it's gonna matter it's all about how you feel about yourself so think about that in the bigger picture what you think about yourself and how you feel about yourself is more important than what anyone else thinks about you so if you can do whatever to be at peace with yourself and to be happy and to just learn to love and respect yourself your confidence will fly through the roof thoughts on kojic acid I love kojic acid I actually forgot today I don't think I mentioned that one kojic acid is great for sunspots is a moisturizer with SPF good enough for protection from the Sun yep that's totally fine as long as it's like at least a 30 I like using 50 but as long as it's at least a 30 that's totally fine thoughts on vitamin C serum I love it great for brightening skin anti-aging boosts collagen someone said I've heard there were certain foods to eat to help anxiety what are good foods to help anxiety um the only thing that I would say you could consume to help anxiety that's a really nice calming effect there's no foods that I know of that would actually chemically help with your anxieties though I don't have anything for you there but I do think that okay call me Becky said if you had to choose between a vitamin C serum or a hyaluronic acid which would you choose I would use both oh sorry I had my finger over the thing can you guys hear me now is this better how about now you still can't hear me good now okay my arm was getting tired so I was holding it what did you miss me saying I was talking about anxiety and I said that kava kava was good and I said magnesium was good and that herbal tea was good those are my three that I'd recommend and then I was just REO what would I choose between vitamin C and hyaluronic acid I would use both they're both very different and compliment your skin in different ways if I was on a deserted island and I had to pick one I would pick hyaluronic acid because I think the most important thing is hydrating your skin okay so Shireen's asking she says I eat a very healthy diet my total cholesterol is higher than it should be what can I add to help lower my LDL so I love this because it's not always about cutting out food sometimes adding foods can help lower your lower your cholesterol and this is not always a thing for older age there's people in their 20s that have high cholesterol so this is where you're gonna look to your healthy fats so Omega is like walnuts and almonds make sure they're unroasted unsalted and raw those are really good things like oats are really good incorporating more fiber more fruits more veggies making me hungry talking about all this because I haven't had dinner yet but all those things that should help your cholesterol oh my god someone told me that who you and your boyfriend are both watching me live at the same time in the same room that's amazing hi to both of you I'm glad I made two phones tonight Chemical fields good or bad chemical peels are good depending on the person I personally don't enjoy them because I don't like that when you get a peel you don't start peeling right away you start peeling like maybe two or three days later it's at this big mystery then you peel for like a week I like that with a laser I can control it and I know that my worst day is gonna be that day and it's gonna continuously get better so I can plan my day time I don't like like the surprise of not knowing when I'm gonna peel can I talk about retinoids retinoids are basically the prescription version of retinol so it's stronger prescription version it it is a stronger more potent version but if you use both of them consistently you will get the same result so it's not totally necessary to use retinol but I like prescription retinoids better personally I've seen better results on them studies do show that they both work if you don't have access to a prescription for retinoids and I would just use an over-the-counter retinol music consistently could you guys hear my stomach growl just now I was actually gonna make dinner before I got on this live and eat it with you so I could show you what I was eating but I didn't want to be late I'm really hungry I don't know how much longer I can last I'm not gonna lie Oh Zack you solved the leaders create leaders with Gerard I actually haven't even seen the full video did you just see I did a video with Gerard Adams on entrepreneurship and Russell Simmons was on it because he's you know my biggest mentor and it was a really good video but I haven't seen it yet so why do you have I'm excited to see it what what is what kojic acid Brad do you recommend um I don't have a specific one I recommend maybe just send me send me things that you like brands that you like and I can recommend something and that you guys everyone replied it in that and tell her she's crazy she really likes my new backpack so she's trying to bargain with me it's Persian tea good for you I look persian to you so this is like a home remedy when I was growing up any time I had a stomachache I would have Persians black Persian tea and to this day is what I use I think someone asked me the other day what food is good for crabs and I recommended Persian T we have it we call it tea with neva which is basically rock candy so it's the one time I'll like actually have sugar and I swear it hears my stomach ache so it's actually a really good point placebo effect is so strong like who knows if it's actually doing anything but your brain is so powerful it can like really trick your body into feeling better so I've grown up knowing that it made me feel better and now it just works forever hoes AK you're in founders okay yeah send it to me DM me and you can email it to me or you can send it to info at dr. mona van comm and net do you see my mom oh my god dead you guys there's a personal convo going on here alright do I take I take b12 in my multivitamin yes I also try to get a b12 shot every month sometimes I forget or am lazy but I do try to best morning juice is all greens with like maybe a half a fruit so kale spinach celery cucumber lemon ginger and then maybe like one apple or a half an apple fillers for under the eyes fillers can be really great for under the eyes again make sure that you go to a good doctor you know dr. Simon ourian is one of the only doctors that I like know is a really great filler and I've like seen results from there's plenty more out there that are good but that one that I could like personally recommend that I've seen good results with you know it's great as long as you go to the right person if you have like really strong volume loss under your eyes topical products aren't gonna do it I want to be completely real with you if you have like a little bit and you're using consistent vitamin C for a long time then you are actually going to build collagen but if it's like really deep the only thing way you're gonna really achieve that look again just through cosmetic fillers okay I'm so hungry I have to go eat some dinner if you guys have any other questions this was a really fun live if any other questions please comment on my last photo and leave them my DMS get extremely overwhelming and I can't get to them all and they just keep flooding down but when I see them in the comments that's what I take priority to because everybody else you can see them and we can you know that maybe I'm answering more than one person's question at a time so it's just a lot easier and that's it alright I hope you guys have a great night and this was useful I'll see you back here next Monday bye

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  1. I'm really surprised you're suggesting a keto diet is "healthy" have you read the scientific literature on ketogenic diets? They're terrible for you and have so many adverse side effects. Just type in Ketogenic diet in Google Scholar and you'll find a whole bunch of literature pointing to the negative effects of ketosis on the body. Or go to Dr Greger's YouTube channel, he's one of the few YouTubers that actually uses EVIDENCE based nutrition to support his recommendations…

  2. Hi! New to you and absolutely love your context!!!! Would you recommend a all body lotion that is parbaren/sulfate free? Something healthy which would provide a healthy glow? Love your skin glow! Thanks!


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