Intense Ab Mania Workout | POP Pilates

Intense Ab Mania Workout | POP Pilates

hey guys Cassey here I'm really sorry I haven't uploaded a workout video for you in a really long time but I've been traveling a bunch and it's just kind of hard just got back from Paris and London and in San Francisco actually it was crazy had a wedding and then I did a keynote with Google in London and then I went to Paris were finest on the Eiffel Tower the first time and also where Marie Antoinette got Quixote so that was really cool too anyway this is not what this video is about this videos gonna be really fun for you if you love extreme abs one extreme abs too because this is your intense ab mania but guess what guys you don't just get what you today you get two treats because I am doing it a giveaway look at these new members of our family these are the Blogilates KOTOR yoga mats they're so pretty so listen guys are you teaching Pilates for like 10 years and so I've gone through literally every yoga mat that's ever been out there on the market thin ones super thick one short ones long ones and over the past several months I decided that I was going to develop the best year the mat out there not only in terms of quality and in terms of thickness but in terms of beauty too because as you know in addition to being a fitness instructor I love art and I love design as you can see they are full color and absolutely beautiful but they're just not superficially beautiful check it out they're actually super thick there are five millimeters dense and if you don't really know what that means then let me just tell you that's about two times as thick as your typical yoga mat but they're also really light and guys I love that you've been doing Pilates with me for so long and some of you do it on a carpet on a towels and as I'm bad I don't the bed because you can't really feel your abs but the great thing about pop lies that you can do it anywhere you don't really need anything but if it was one thing I would ask you to invest in it's like yoga mat because this is the base of your practice it's going to help alleviate your joints so that you're not going to hurt so you're not going to slip and fall you feel like you're just you know moving all over the place I get rug burn so I want you to know that this man right here is the best one out there made for you guys so this is how you can enter to win one of these mats and I'm not going away 10.4 if you like this one this one is called the kaleidoscope mat you can write down in the comments if you want this one if you want to win this one it's called these so many succulents mat this is the peony garden mat and this crazy thing here that looks like fire is called the sunset festival mat each one of these designed to collaborate it on with artists and so they are unique and you will not see them on any other match all you have to do is comment below and let me know which one of these co2 or yoga mats you want to win and this is open up to pop stirs all over the world nobody is excluded and I will be announcing a winner one week from today that is October 25th make sure you are subscribed to Blogilates because I do not want you missing any of these workouts ok so that's it guys good luck and you can find all the mats on blog lysozymes calm but let's go ahead and get started because we got some ab work to do alright guys don't be scared makes a little bit because it's going to be really fun okay I promise you hands forward heels pressing toes forward tuck the chin to the chest and slowly roll down with control okay that would be this part of hope work out now things are going to get real so knees the tabletop position hands on your thighs press them out slightly from up both hands behind the nape of the neck elbows super wide and lift up into that Pilates stance you may be shaking right now I want the eyes shoulders up good I'm over there already – coming to you tensions – yeah late friends and his back table Donghae cute and in this here we go add a credulous nice good last to play Opus one playing bullets flip tires time for weight three two one relax down with hands in a triangle excellent elbow left let's leg always yeah very good hold it now – good now at this point I can do to press that low back to focus I don't want you to feel in there four three two one in the dilemma to the top good – lets go Oh hold it but four three two in that's crazy okay keep moving on go talk to me Oh Oh for three very good torture and hold it five four three two season for last ah okay here we go we are going to keep going nice long stems we're going to roll up towards tipping point okay lift right there down lip to the points to it down there next if you need a halter leg this isn't me – and I come down lift you do any point up good that's two more let's go up now you stay right here stay right into that are quick I'm so tricky it over time stay right here in three those abs are done Billy's on the in shoulders back chin tall open up your heart choose a ceiling to one in three two one let's go home good right into that earthquake okay situate yourself hold four three two one exchange the mark four three two one lower oh I know it burns four three two one bring it down oh that's crazy okay for this like that I would like you to bring those legs down each other's language bring them up and I want to lift on the two teasers and then come back up down and lift and back Wow down and lit house this is hard for you spend your knees right here and down okay and low let's go flip it down suit again low and up pull this teaser house flips it's now very good bring those knees in relax the head and three nice right where we started by quick you both now the arms out the sides good and hold it right there five four three two knees in relax oh my heart dial a moment inhale three nose exhale arms long behind lift up ooh that hurts hands down and give yourselves a big round of applause thank you so much for joining me today and do not forget to enter the yoga mat giveaway contest just comment below which one of the other mats you want to win and of course is open to pop stores all over the world and please give this video a thumbs up if you like it if you want more insane out workouts or in seeing whatever workouts because I'm here to give it to you alright guys I love you so much and I will see you next time bye you

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  1. Did cassey use the first song for a song challenge somewhere why do I feel triggered by it and remembering that it was the song that never ended and caused me so much pain idk what

  2. I just love your videos! AND the music…would you consider including in the "blurb" what songs you use in them? : )

  3. This one made me realize how much work I still have to do. I plan on going through the 2nd – 4th week of beginners calendar one more time before moving on to your more advanced videos. Thanks Cassey, really feeling stronger

  4. I love how this was hard but also doable! It felt so good to finish! Love these old workouts, bring some of these golden moves back! I especially love the cross leg "pop" through! 😉

  5. Hey, Cassie. This is one of my favorite workouts, but it always strains my neck. I try to follow all the tips to not strain my neck, but it still hurts. I even had to go to a chiropractor to try to fix it. Please, can you make an ab workout video that does not strain your neck? (Ex: ab workouts that don't make you lift your neck and shoulders)

  6. So frustrated with this video… i normally enjoy the WO but this just made me feel like giving up all the time…

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