Is Blissey STILL the Best Gym Defender in Pokémon GO?

Is Blissey STILL the Best Gym Defender in Pokémon GO?

It’s been so long since the CP rework, which
gave both Chansey and Blissey the biggest nerf hammer any Pokemon received. Seriously, both of these Pokemon used to be
the undisputed queens of gym defense, but their falling off completely changed the gym
meta-game. Or so I thought. Lately, I’ve noticed a resurgence of Blisseys
and Chanseys defending gyms, and I don’t think it’s related to the Valentine’s
Day event. Call me crazy, but it seems like more people
are starting to place these defenders back into their gyms. But is this because it is a force of habit
from before the rework, Or did the rework not really nerf them much
at all? What’s up everyone. It’s me, its Count, and in today’s video,
I’m going to be exploring whether or not Blisseys and Chanseys are still Top Tier Gym
Defenders even after the CP rework. And I really think this is some relevant information
because as of right now, Chansey have an increased spawn and if you want a really great Chansey,
now is the time to get them. And I really think the information in this
video is going to be really helpful for you. But yeah, if you end up enjoying this video
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time here, and yeah. Let’s get right into it. I really think with the information that I
am going to be presenting in this video, you will be shocked. Before we dive in to whether or not Blissey
and Chansey are still top tier Gym Defenders, let’s first rewind the clock and go back
to the CP rework. The CP rework happened just on the precipice
of PvP’s launch, and the aim of this rework was to balance certain Pokemon who had insane
amounts of health and defense. Attack stats were mostly untouched, but the
amount of health and defense that every Pokemon had was altered significantly. For the most part, this change affected mostly
Legendaries, as Legendaries had a tendency to have excessively high base stats, but there
were three notable non-Legendaries that got a significant nerf from this change, and they
just so have happened to be three top Gym Defenders at that time: Chansey, Blissey,
and Snorlax. While Snorlax isn’t the focal point of this
video, it wasn’t ever any better than both Chansey and Blissey as a defender regardless
of the CP rework. So we won’t say anything about him now. But for both Chansey and Blissey, their insanely
high amounts of health and defense was their key defining factor as Gym Defenders. Most, if not all, Gym Attackers would have
an incredibly difficult time knocking out these Pokemon in a timely manner, and most
players would outright ignore any Gym that had a combination of these two. However, after the CP rework,
Both of these Pokemon lost what made them uniquely powerful as Gym Defenders, and defeating
them in Gym Battles within a timely manner was now feasible. In terms of the numbers, Chansey lost a base
13 Stamina and 48 Defense, resulting in an overall CP loss of 214 when completely maxed
out. Blissey was hit even harder with a loss of
14 Stamina and 60 Defense, which gave a reduction of 462 max CP. Essentially, what this did is drop them an
entire tier or more if we were to compare them to what they were before. If we were to rank the gym defenders pre-nerf
as Blissey at the top, then Chansey a half tier below that, and then Snorlax another
half tier below that, then Blissey dropped down to Snorlax’s level pre-nerf, and Chansey
would be a tier below that, possibly even more. So now that we know to what degree these Pokemon
got nerfed, Why are they still showing up in Gyms? If we want to figure out why Blisseys and
Chanseys are still top tier Gym Defenders, we need to look at their stats as a whole,
and compare them to other Gym Defender candidates. Lets take Metagross, Dragonite, and Milotic,
three Pokemon which GamePress deemed the best Gym Defenders after Blissey, and compare each
of their stats up against Blissey and Chansey pre and post nerf. We will multiple the base Defense and base
Stamina of each of these pokemon, and use that number to rate their defensive capabilities
from a raw stats point of view. Chansey pre nerf, had 176 Defense and 500
Stamina, which multiplies to 88,000. Blissey pre-nerf, had 229 Defense and 510
Stamina, giving us a value of 152,490. Chansey after the nerf has 128 Defense and
487 Stamina, which multiplies to 62,336. Blissey post-nerf has 169 Defense and 496
Stamina, which gives us a value of 83,824. With these values alone, you can already gauge
just how massive the nerf was to these Pokemon. Now let’s do the same for the three Pokemon
I mentioned post-nerf. Metagross has a base Defense of 228 and Stamina
of 190, which gives us a value of 43,320. This is already significantly lower than Blissey
AND Chansey. For Dragonite, it has a base Defense of 198
and Stamina of 209, which gives us a value of 41,382. Once again, still significantly lower. And finally, let’s look at Milotic which
has a base Defense of 219 and Stamina of 216. This gives us a value of 47,304. If we look at these scores for Defense times
Stamina, you can certainly observe a massive drop off from pre to post nerf for Blissey
and Chansey. However, compared to other extremely relevant
Pokemon, they still rank significantly higher. Now do keep in mind that these values do not
take into account the Attack stat, which naturally, all of these Pokemon have a much higher base
amount compared to Blissey and Chansey. However, remember what I said earlier about
the CP rework, that the stats that were heavily affected were the Defense and Stamina stats. For that reason, I want to take the focus
away from Attack because it didn’t necessarily change, thus you could have made the same
argument pre-nerf. A concrete wall that is slightly thinner,
is still a concrete wall. Yes it may not necessary be as strong as it
once was, but it would still take a lot of effort to chisel away. But other than the stats, there’s also another
reason why Blissey and Chansey are still viable, And that is because there is a slew of very
powerful complimentary Pokemon. A strong combination of complementary defenders
can be a vital component to victory. Blissey and Chansey are both pure Normal types,
which means they are always going to be vulnerable to Fighting type powerhouses like Machamp. What used to be the way you counter that with
a defending Blissey or Chansey, is to load them up with moves like Dazzling Gleam and
Psychic, both moves which are Super Effective against Fighting Types. Even though you weren’t dishing out one-hit
knockouts, the high Stamina and Defense would essentially offset the lower Attack. The best way to defend was to rely on their
survivability. Knock out the Pokemon before getting knocked
out themselves. This would force players to use an exorbitant
amount of Potions and Revives just to knock out one Pokemon from a Gym. And if the defending player is online with
a full bag of Golden Razzberries in tow, then you can forget about it. However, with the CP Rework, this sort of
strategy does not hold out as much as it used to. Rather than outlasting Attackers and hoping
that they run out of Revives, many Attackers now have no problem staying alive and knocking
them out. Because of the massive nerf, Blissey and Chansey
now lack the survivability that allowed them to knock out Attackers before getting knocked
out themselves. But what if they were to get help elsewhere? Some of the latest additions from the Sinnoh
Region and even the Hoenn Region have great Type Advantages to some of Blissey and Chansey’s
biggest counters. This includes Pokemon like Togekiss, Metagross,
and Gardevoir. What really allows Blisseys and Chanseys stay
in gyms is the fact that they now have more complementary Pokemon to help them out. If they themselves cannot knock out a counter,
several other Pokemon can fit that bill. You really can’t just roll up to a gym with
an army of Machamps anymore. You have to take into account many other Pokemon
that counter what counter the Blissey that’s in the gym. This alone can draw away Attackers. So the conclusion here is that Chansey and
Blissey did in-fact get a major nerf. They are but a shadow of their former selves,
but because there isn’t any viable alternatives to snatch the top spots even after the nerf,
they still hold out as some of the best options for defending your Gyms. And yes, Chansey may no longer be top tier,
but Blissey definitely still is. Maybe in the future with more gen 4 releases,
and maybe even in future generations, a contender for the throne may appear. But for now, it is the safest choice to throw
that Blissey into a gym. So anyway, that’s going to be it for this
video folks. And I would love to know what you think regarding
the information that I presented in this video. Let me know your thoughts in the comments
section below, are you still using Blissey in Gyms? Let me know how you do with them and if you
have another defender that you tend to go with. Let me know in the comments section as well. And yeah. I really hope you enjoyed this video folks. I want to add more editing and I want to create
more videos in the style like this one, especially for my vlog videos because I found that for
a lot of my videos, I tend to just look at the camera and just talking and I feel like
that doesn’t have a lot of substance. So I would really like to know your feedback
regarding this video format. And I would like to continue making videos
like this in the future. But yeah. If you ended up enjoying this, definitely
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information. But yeah. Hope you enjoyed it. I’m Count Jinsula, and I’ll catch you
all later.

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  1. Not much has changed in my area since the re-work as far as Gym Defenders. Still BlisseyChanseySnorlaxDragoniteTyranitarMetagrossSlakingetc…. I have a select team I use a certain nickname for in the game and just drop those particular ones I like into Gyms 🙂 I've seen that it largely doesn't matter what you put in. A determined attacker will take the gym. I'm not a fan either of certain gyms always being controlled by one team or another. The control needs to rotate so I get my coins! Thanks for the vid CJ.. nice GoFest footage also! I can't wait for GoFest 2019! Last year was great!

  2. I like the format of this video! Great Change! Also this was a good topic not everyone might think its relevant but it is to some.

  3. Thank you for sharing this information bro! I recently got a 93% Chancey from the Valentine's day research quest and was wondering if I should evolve it and power it up max.So after watching your video it sounds like Blissey is worth the stardust to spend it on powering up

  4. bro you forget about mewtwo with focus blast . i have 100 iv max mewtwo its take 1 (weather boosted) to 2 charge attack and blissey out.

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