Is your ON Amino Energy FAKE ? Optimum Nutrition Essential Amino Energy Preworkout FAKE OR GENUINE ?

Is your ON Amino Energy FAKE ? Optimum Nutrition Essential Amino Energy Preworkout FAKE OR GENUINE ?

Hey ! What’s up warriors, it’s Amit. Speed , Agility and Quickness Certified and welcome to Amit Physique Today I am going to give information about whether your Optimum Nutrition Amino Energy is genuine or fake. Top of the cap there should be embossed ON logo, below which should be printed true strength If your cap doesn’t contain logo then it’s fake. Check your product’s front label where it’s written “essential” and word amino having letters “N.O.” should be all be printed in silver Majority of the flavors are printed like this If you are using Blueberry Mojito flavor and the above letters are printed in silver then your product is fake Bottle should have a 12 digit bar code by the help of which shopkeepers scans the product during checkout Always purchase the product from official importer so that you minimize the chances of getting a fake product In India there is currently one official importer of Optimum Nutrition which is Bright Commodities Check product’s address which should be 3500 Lacey Road Suite 1200 Downers Grove If your product contains any local Indian address then your product is fake No matter how many places there is ON logo on the product there should be R symbol for regmark If your product doesn’t contain this symbol then your product is fake Under the bottle , there should be a embossed warrior which should be holding a shield and spear above which should be a number 760-737 7995 Below that should be written CBM Under every USA made tubs there should be crease of mould mark from plastic thermoforming Under the bottle there should be batch code , manufacturing date and expiration date in blue ink jet print Please note down Manufacturing and expiration date should have a difference of 2 years Because powdered products have shelf life of two years Manufacturing and expiration date’s format should be MM/YY Look the bottle carefully, there shouldn’t be any spelling mistake If your product contains spelling mistake and something written with grammatical errors. Then your product is fake Essential Amino Energy is available in only 3 serving sizes 25 serving , 30 serving and 65 serving Only naturally flavored products come in 25 servings bottle If your serving size doesn’t match with what I have stated then your product is fake Amino Energy’s packaging is done with proper thinking and planning like blueberry mojito in blue color , pineapple in yellow concorde grape in purple this resembles the flavors as they occur in nature In similar fashion the product’s packaging is designed If your product is imported by bright commodities Then it should have a hologram or a scratch code If you look the product in light then it should emit rainbow like colors or it should be having a scratch code whose instruction I have already given in Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Casein video Click the card notification above to verify your scratch code Original Amino energy has white colored inner seal Please check the seal carefully so it’s not refurbished in any way fake sellers generally take out contents of original amino energy and fill it with glucose powder and then try to resell the product There is no vacuum barrier under the cap it just has embossed “Made in USA 89 mm” Original Amino Energy has black color scoop which is of very good quality and the scoop’s handle is long If your product contains a scoop which looks cheap then your product is fake Follow me on my social media Facebook , Instagram , Twitter and Snapchat at amitphysique Please Subscribe and tap the bell icon Your amino energy shouldn’t have any clumps when you open the inner seal for the first time If your product formed clumps then it could be because of two possible cases First, your product is opened by someone Second, your product’s expiration date is nearby Let’s check the mixability I have around 200 ml of water And on another hand 1 scoop of blueberry mojito Here goes my amino energy in water I won’t cut the camera so that you get a clear idea how much time it actually takes to mix it in water If you use shaker or blender bottle then it mixes very fast I guess it’s almost dissolved As you can see it’s crystal clear No clumps visible awesome mix-ability. Very quickly it got dissolved Check your amino energy’s color when dissolved in water I am having blueberry mojito which is of very light blue color If you look at the bottle then you can see a light blue mark on the product From this you can deduce what color your product should look like when dissolved in water Let’s taste the product I am going to taste how blueberry mojito tastes like Awesome taste, must try Blueberry mojito tastes delicious. Give it a try Please like the video if the video helped you Thank you so much for subscribing You can also connect with me on my social media at “amitphysique” . I will be glad to help you out with your fitness goals Take care warriors This is Amit signing off

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  1. Please tell which brand is good among these:
    BPI sports
    Optimum Nutrition
    In terms of label transparency and amino spiking. ??

  2. i had purchased ON Essential Amino Energy from and the product has no ON Logo on the Cap of the Jar. And When i complained regarding this instead they told me that ON Essential Amino Energy Jar does not comes with Optimum Nutrition logo on the cap of the jar.
    I doubt they are lying . Please help Amit Physique

  3. Brother i bought ON amino energy pack last month from Amazon and ut had bright sticker but pack lid hadn't ON logo then i returned.. So tell me amino energy coming in new pack with lid ON logo?

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