it’s just medicine | Grey’s Anatomy

it’s just medicine | Grey’s Anatomy

I had an edge. And I’ve lost it. And I need it. I need it back. If you could just tell me. How you keep yours. No no no. Alex. I can’t do this. I can’t. They didn’t want me to operate. And I pushed them. I bullied them. I told them I was the best You are. I can’t tell them. But you have to tell them. So just stand here, get it all out of your system. And then pull yourself back together again. I shouldn’t have come back. I made a mistake last year. You can make your way back. I almost walked away. From anything. If you don’t feel the losses. If they don’t hurt you. That’s how you know you’re not cut out for this kinda work. You did it. – This surgery is a bad idea, chief.
– But is it impossible? In your hands. Is is impossible? Miracles happen. Medical miracles happen every day. You said it, you said that. Time of death 18:52 I spent my whole life in hospitals. My whole life. I need to just… breathe. You won’t die. I know it feels like that right now but trust me. You won’t die. I thought it would kill me, too. But instead it saved my life. Because I decided to live. Tomorrow we’re gonna be surgeons. I decided to live because he died. Please. I know you’re not dead. You know how I know? Cause I can feel your pulse. Which means your heart is beating. Your heart is beating. Which means you’re not dead, okay? Hey. Eyes on me. You stay not dead, okay? It’s a beautiful day to save lives, right? So you stay not dead.

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  1. Oh my god…where shall I begin? First, we're all clowns now and then…this though? Doesn't make you one! The way you carefully chose the scenes, the voiceovers, the few effects that you used…all together it makes this whole video PERFECT! The quality adds to this! I am so glad to have subscribed to such an artist, who causes me to remember why I loved this show in the first place with their masterpieces! Secondly, time for a Grey's Anatomy rewatch, I guess. Thanks for this! <3

  2. When you haven't watched the show (just the first seasons) and you still end up crying like a baby at the end of the video, it's because the editor is THAT talented. 3:38 of perfection. That's what it is. Your timing and the lyric interpretation are impeccable, 2:49 killed me. All the quotes you used were on point, and even though you used many, it didn't feel like it was too much. All these things I mentioned and so much more are what makes you a brilliant vidder. Thank you for all the videos you're blessing us with♥

  3. Grey's Anatomy is my favourite show EVER! I don't care what people say. It certainly has changed a lot since Cristina, Derek, Mark, Lexie. George, Izzie, Arizona, Callie, and April left but I'll never stop w watching it.
    Thank you for this AMAZING video

  4. This is amazing and reminds me of how many of my favorite characters are gone now :(. Great work and glad you finished it!

  5. I watched it last night and I cried and I watched it this morning and I cried and I am still crying watching it now. This is beyond beautiful, the faces or moments paired with the song and voice overs, so simple, but so poignant. It is incredible, and oh my goodness the ending, stay not dead and Meredith walking back towards life if you will. Outstanding, I am so mesmerised I cannot put into words how incredible it is. Perfection!!

  6. Your edits about greys anatomy give me chills. And i don't have any words to describe what i see in your videos. Thank u for making me feel such deep emotions

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