Jake and Amir: Nutrition

Jake and Amir: Nutrition

I'm still here let's give him here the quiz now it's just gonna be depressing what kind of quiz is it it's a nutrition quiz you're like put in what you meet and it tells you how long you have to live Wow me and Jake took a quiz once and it told us which sex in the city's character we were so don't think you're special or unique okay here you go question 1 how often do you eat vegetables 10 times a day really good job you don't eat vegetables 10 times a day oh I know you said how much do you eat every day and that vegetables was your nickname for me it's being serious how much fruit Kiwi well as barbecue sauce a fruit because it's red no what she's being polite she meant to say of course it's not obviously retard all right we're not fries that's a potato or they're apples or ketchup well apples apples are fruit yeah okay still zero then okay I'll get this question about vitamins because I assume you don't know what those are thank you soul mate all right how many times you need fast food in a week sparingly oh that's great now watch this Amir what sparing the meat all day every day every hour that I chicken nugget in my pocket go where that what didn't even come from he just has all right anyway was it say how long do I got 60 years 200 years stop 300 years according to this you should have been dead ten years ago living on borrowed time great Jill pretty poetic yeah no you should watch when you eat a mirror I do watch i watch it go in my mouth see you don't even do that why but we at least pick that up by a minute rule

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  1. “Living on borrowed time”
    As long as the killer domestic hit him again he’ll live forever

  2. "How many times do you eat a day"
    "Amir, what does 'sparingly' mean?"
    "Every day, every hour I got one in my pocket"

    Everyone else probably already noticed it but I wanted to point this out because it implies Amir thinks there's only 10 hours in a day

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