Jump Rope Workout For Beginners To Accelerate Fat Loss

Jump Rope Workout For Beginners To Accelerate Fat Loss

jumping rope is a highly effective and in my opinion underrated form of cardio so in this video I'm going to show you guys how to start jumping rope is a complete beginner how to advance it and how to incorporate it into your workout routine first I'm going to show you how to start jumping rope is a complete beginner if you're starting from scratch then I'm going to explain how to incorporate jumping rope into your workout routine and then show you some advanced jumps so you can keep challenging yourself and making this more and more effective first of all don't stand like this with your shoulders rounded forward okay a lot of people stand like that and the problem with that is it will wear away at your rotator cuff so instead what you want to do is tuck those shoulders down and back a little bit and tuck that chin in as well closer to your neck that's going to be proper posture to protect your shoulders next what you want to do is not hold your elbows out like that that's not ideal instead hold your hands out so they're wider than your elbows and your shoulders with your hands wide you're going to twirl the jump rope by flicking the wrists you flick it backwards and then up in forwards I recommend starting off by not holding the jump rope and just practicing all the motions hopping on your toes and then twirling the imaginary jump rope or invisible jump rope while flicking your wrist back and then forward once you get a feel for what it should be like then you can pick up the jump rope and start practicing start off by twirling the rope above and in front of you but don't try to jump just step over it after it stops against your legs keep repeating this and this is going to help you get a feeling for how to flick that rope up and over your head you don't have to practice this for long just long enough that you can get the rope over your head consistently next you want to add a jump but only one jump notice that I didn't go for a second jump see this is a good introduction to jumping over the rope all you got to do is concentrate on getting it under your feet once and then reset again practice this and so you can consistently get the rope over your head and jump over it without messing up and once you have that single jump down it's time to go for consecutive jumps so you're going to do the same thing you're doing before but now you're gonna keep jumping and keep flicking the wrists to twirl the rope above and over you now there are four joints moving for this to happen and the first one being my ankles because my calves are applying force so I can push off from the balls of my feet the second joint being the knees I'm bending slightly at the knees as I push off with my quads and hamstrings and my thighs and then of course the wrists are rotating to flick the rope above and over me and also the shoulders are slightly applying force especially in the rear deltoids to help move that rope as you practice jumping rope more and more you're going to notice that you feel it in the upper body specifically the the rear deltoids and the forearms almost as much as you feel it in the lower body so there's really like two ways that I like to include jump rope into my workout routine the first way is if I'm doing circuits like for instance my beginner circuit that I know a lot of people are using in the beginner circuit you're doing circuits of 4 exercises right you got push-pull squat and hinge you would just add a fifth exercise of jump rope to the circuit so every round of the circuit is now 5 exercises but the second way I like to incorporate jump rope into my workout routine is actually using separate cardio sessions and these are pretty short sessions it's not like people who get on a treadmill for 45 minutes or anything this is a short 10 to 15 minute max cardio session and the way I recommend doing that is take your phone alright I have an Android phone here so if I go to the Google Play Store but if you have Apple if I be the app store and look for an app called Tabata timer that's the app I use it doesn't have to be too bad a timer though it can be any workout timer app then in the app what I do is I set intervals of 45 seconds work and 15 seconds rest and I might do I don't know 10 12 15 of those interval now if you're just starting out with jump rope I recommend starting at about five intervals of 45 seconds work 15 seconds rest do that about five maybe six times and gradually increase it until you get to ten twelve or fifteen intervals so basically my cardio session is just 45 seconds of jumping rope 15 seconds rest 45 seconds jumping rope 15 seconds rest and I just keep repeating that and what I like about that is that that interval is exactly one minute so if I'm going to do 10 intervals then my cardio session is only 10 minutes so if you're wondering how often you should do this well as a beginner I recommend every day if you can because it's lower intensity and you're basically just learning how to jump consistently and getting a feel for the movement but when you start getting into advanced jumps you really start pushing your cardiovascular limits and going into a state of EPOC which I'll explain later in this video I actually recommend keeping it to only two or three sessions per week and you'll see why I want to explain epoch later now I know a lot of you are piping in wait forty-five seconds of jumping rope it's just the standard hop isn't that gonna get too easy and yeah eventually it's going to get too easy that's why I'm about to show you more advanced jumping that you can use to keep it intense so the first advanced jump I like to do is called jump rope sprints at least that's what I call it what you do is you start off jumping rope like you normally would but then you start alternating legs kind of doing like a march in place and as you practice this you'll find that you can get faster and faster and it comes pretty quickly actually as you speed up it's almost like a sprint you're just going as fast as you can it'll take some time and practice but eventually you'll get to the point where you can do this pretty fast without messing up meaning without the Rope hitting your feet and trust me when the Rope hits your feet when you're going this fast it kind of hurts so you'll learn fairly quickly but doing 45 seconds of this or even just 30 seconds really taxes your cardio trust me all right Chris crosses this is where things really start to suck in a good way so with criss-cross is you have to jump high and what you're doing I'll slow this down so you can see I'm crossing my arms as the Rope comes over my head and then uncrossing them the next time it comes over my head so I cross uncross cross uncross and when you cross your arms it'll create a loop that you jump through so this one takes a lot of practice actually because you'll trip up a lot on the rope but with enough practice you will get consistent with it just remember to jump high every time you jump once you build up to doing these Criss crosses for 45 seconds at a time if you are really going to feel it now there are tons of advance jumps but I'm going to show you one more that I really like these are double jumps double jumps what you're going to do is start off with normal jumps but you're going to quickly start doing two twirls every jump what I mean by that is the rope is going to hit the ground twice with every jump so you're gonna hit it once twice once twice see that that is a double jump again just like you did with the Criss crosses make sure to jump nice and high with these tuck the knees up a bit you need some airtime in order to get that double jump to happen for the rope to go under you twice also this one hurts the most when the Rope hits your feet so don't wear sandals when you do this trust me guys when you start doing 45 seconds of Criss crosses or double jumps or jump rope Sprint's you're gonna see that this is really tough cardio all right I I put it up there with burpees like really intense burpees actually and the reason why I recommend increasing the intensity of your cardio instead of making it longer like doing you know two minute work and 30-second rest or something for your interval is because when you do short intense bursts of cardio you start really they call it going super maximal you're going over your vo2 Max and that puts you in a state of EPOC EPOC is short for excess post-exercise oxygen consumption when you're in a state of EPOC it basically means that dirt your workout you were deprived of oxygen because the exercise was so intense so your body increases its intake of oxygen naturally to make up for that that the deficit of oxygen and this raises your BMR your basal metabolic rate this means that for upwards of 24 to 48 hours even longer in some cases you're going to be burning more calories at rest and this is a great way to really accelerate fat loss so if you've been looking to add cardio to your routine to try to accelerate fat loss jump rope is an excellent option just remember if you're beginner to start with the progressions I showed at the beginning of this video make sure you take it nice and slow use a workout timer do 45 seconds on 15 seconds off so that you have those intervals and make sure that when you feel ready you increase the intensity carefully alright maybe start with 30 seconds on 30 seconds off and then go back to 45 15 that might be a good way to introduce the more intense jumps that I showed later in the video and I promise you will see if you if you go into a state of EPOC from whether it's jump rope or any cardio you will see accelerated fat loss alright guys I hope this video was helpful I hope it showed you how to jump rope and tell you how to implement it in your workouts don't forget to Like and subscribe alright button is down below hit the bell so you get notified when I upload and I will see you in the next video talk to you later

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  1. I have been jumping rope for more than 6 months now and combined with walking and slight dietary changes lost my targeted 35 lb weight. Now need to to build lean muscles without going to gym. You are my GURU . Love your videos I am more regular with planks and pushups now. Hopefully in year can see some results

  2. Check out rush athletes for a few more videos on how to make jump rope look cool. I started skipping a few months ago and have now got an interest in calalsetnics rather than the other way round. This is my favourite calalsetnics channel btw. Keep up the good work

  3. Literally went straight out and bought a jump rope after seeing this. Excited to learn a new skill! Thanks for the great content.

  4. Very nice Video. I never noticed how much I can do with a jump rope 🙂
    I also would like to see a video about L-sit Pullups because for some reason I can not pull from the hanging L-Sit position and I would like to change that 🙂

  5. for anyone terribly out of shape (i am) i started pretty much like this – except i did 4-5 sets of 20 jumps (rest as needed) and slowly (your achilie's tendons, calves, knees will thank you) build up to 30 jump sets and up to 60 jump sets. This might be slow progression, but shin splints are a thing and very painful. Now, I use the timer for 30 seconds (and don't count jumps) and I am slowly bringing up both duration and number of sets every week i move one up. I generally go every day now, but take a day of rest as needed.

  6. Note to beginners: Do not – DO NOT – jump rope without shoes like I did. Because when you do it messes up your metatarsals so badly you can't jump rope for years, and it hurts so much you can't run for ages, and when you finally can run again you're scared of trying jump rope just incase your metatarsals get messed up again.
    So wear good shoes. And don't jump on tile with bare feet. A major "DOH!" moment for me. A pity because I really enjoyed jumping rope.

  7. I’ve lost 40 pounds. My knees don’t hurt anymore but my ankles hurt after jumping rope, jumping jacks or walking more than a mile. Any advice?

  8. You forgot to mention using or moving the elbow and hip joints. It is impossible to do the jump rope with out using those muscles, even with the basic single under.

  9. I swear that jump rope is the most intense & difficult form of cardio. I can do a trail run for 20 to 25 minutes before I need to walk a bit, but put a rope in my hands and I can only do maybe 1 minute before I need to stop… I’m definitely going to try your method and do the intervals at 1 min on/30 seconds off and hopefully build my endurance. ?

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