Kegel Exercise for Women: Tone Vaginal Muscles

Kegel Exercise for Women: Tone Vaginal Muscles

Hi everyone, this is Priyanka. Today Im going to talk about kegel exercises for women. these are recommended for women with a weak pelvic floor tone. pelvic floor muscles can get weaker due to common reasons such as pregnancy, long hours of labour, childbirth, aging and due to being overweight these exercises can help you prevent and control urinary or stress incontinence along with other pelvic floor problems these are usually suggested for new moms who wish to tone up their vaginal muscles or to women with medical conditions they are also good for people who are trying to use menstrual cups and their weak muscles are not able to form a seal with the cup. However, this is a slow process and it can take upto 3-6 months for you to notice any results. These exercises are pretty easy to do and you can make them a part of your daily routine you can do them at home / while at work / relaxing / anytime… they help you strengthen the pelvic floor muscles that support the uterus, bladder and small intestine before we start the exercise, it is important that we feel the muscle to ensure we are doing it right here are some techniques you can use to find your pelvic floor muscles stopping or slowing the flow of urine while urinating and using an inward lift and squeeze of the pelvic floor muscles contracting the muscles in and around the anus as if trying to avoid passing gas, touch the area between the anus and vagina with your finger and notice your finger lift slightly inwards as you contract these muscles and not down and outwards. To start, make sure your butt and tummy muscles are relaxed. If you’re lying down then you should be flat on your back with your arms by your sides and your knees up and together keep your head down to avoid straining your neck.
you can do these while sitting but for beginners it is suggested to do while
you’re lying on your back or on your side to perform the exercise you need to
follow these steps – tighten up your anus, something you would do to prevent
bowel movement. you must not use your butt or thigh muscles. simultaneously squeez in your vagina like you would do to grip a tampon and also your urethra like you’re
trying to control urine flow while breathing in, then relax and breathe out. first do these quickly, squeezing and relaxing everyone 1 to 3 seconds, then do them slowly
trying to hold before relaxing up to the count of 10. You should aim to do three sets of 8, tightening and relaxing of muscles everyday three times a day, you can aim to
do them in the morning, afternoon and evening. don’t do more than what your
muscles can handle as these may result in over tiering of the muscles and lead to
incorrect exercise. you can also make it a habit to tighten the muscles every
time you sneeze or cough

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  1. Im really having difficulty doing the exercise…im suffering with low back pain and they found out that my pelvic muscle is weak

  2. Thank u very much this has made it so much easier to understand. I wasnt sure if i was doing it right but your advice made it so much clearer. Especially with finger placement.

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