Killer Heavy Bag Workout for Boxing

Killer Heavy Bag Workout for Boxing

All right this video goes out to my buddy Johnny at expert boxing expert boxing calm in this video I’m going to give you a breakdown of my heavy bag routine when I was competing and Basically this is what I would do on a non sparring day on Sparring days. What I usually do is I Want to get 10 rounds total so however many rounds? I did up sparring if I did 6 I’d bang out four on the bag Family did four rounds of sparring [I] get six rounds on the bag, but anyways on a non sparring day this would be my routine and I’m going to show you guys How what I would do and how I’ll organize it because half the battle is staying motivated And so it helps to have some variety and have some things to do that are fun And so I’m going to break it down for you right now real quick all right Round one Alright first thing I’d like to do is start with the jab [get] my legs hands and feet warmed up gauging timing distance [losing] my head for a jab [my] [head] after [I] jab creating angles Just started to think about how I’m gonna set up other shots in the later round Round 2, Southpaw Just to balance up my body work different shots & Angles you never know when you’re gonna need this tactics Strategy in sparring or in a fight. It’s good to have it one round. I dedicate the Southpaw Round 3, head movements I would emphasize, scooping, ducking snapbacks, moving my head after I punched and moving my head before I punch Extra emphasis on head movement, quick snapping slips Always moving that head All right, round 4,5,6: Fight pace This is what I’m throwing fast combos stories [or] combos move my head creating angles my footwork active Just moving exactly how I move in a fight [you] get a pace high pressure on All right, round 7. Feet KG slick on the outside Faking, picking my shots not so busy with the hands But picking with my shots quick get out home boom and back out again Just being Cagey and cautious All right round eight hand speed and punch volleys short quick punches. You should get the looseness Speed fluidity in my hands nothing Particular just let my mind go free let my hands go All right, next round. Power shots. Bend my knees Follow my [brow] turn my hips and shoulders keep everything in the shot Bad intentions on these shots And final round My legs were spent and I was tired working on the inside making it ugly Getting in uncomfortably close up against the bag, slipping and dissing my head working the body working the head turning the guy creating angles Just staying busy All right, so I hope this helps you guys give you getting some ideas and some ways to work a heavy bag You can add some of this stuff to your routine We thinks your box into the next level. Thanks for watching

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  1. I started boxing and playing with the bag around this time and if it wasn't for this video I would have been so very lost I still use this workout and the concept of it with my Muay Thai

  2. I'm trying to box to help lose fat and get abs which I did last summer and got in great shape but gained a lot of weight when school came around because I was on the basketball team and rode the bench all year and didn't get to practice much during practice and had a crappy diet so I gained a lot of fat so I'm trying to get into boxing again and I quit the basketball team at the end of the school year so can anyone make a workout routine that's focused around boxing or give me a good at home boxing program to follow to get back in shape again fast??? I'll appreciate it very much

  3. Great video. I've incorporated some of these tips already in my training. Check out some of my bag work on my channel. Thanks!

  4. Yep my next bag routine. However I must also utilise my kicks elbows and knees at the same time. I think I will be a bloody mess initially. But the sweet science must be added to correlate with my kicks and so on…

  5. I find it weird how all these fighters have "rounds" of different movement. Jabs, straights, combos, head movement etc. In a fight , you're not going to be doing one at a time. You should train how you're going to actually be moving, aka incorporating every movement into every round.

  6. Yesss! about time a boxer did a heavy bag video. Excellent movement good hands fantastic breathing keeping the weight on both feet. Really enjoy watching PRO.

  7. Im right handed and keep going to southpaw naturally while sparring and often work it on the bag too however i keep getting told off for it, why is this?

  8. Round 1: warm up jab…angles, setting up shots
    Round 2: opposite stance
    Round 3: head movement…slipping, ducking
    Rounds 4,5,6: fight pace…lots of combos, angles, active footwork
    Round 7: selective punching…slick, cagey, cautious
    Round 8: volume…let mind go free and hands go
    Round 9: power shots…bad intentions on these shots, bend the knees and dig
    Round 10: work the inside..get close to the back and work all angles

    thank you for the video as always 🙂

  9. I think I need to raise my bag up another foot. I can't work head movement with where I got it, but raising it up means I won't have enough room to work body shots anymore- though I'll be able to throw uppercuts afterwards!

  10. Excellent tips man ! Thanks a lot. I started boxing a few months ago only to help me quit smoking, but now, after watching your video, I wanna fight like a pro. Greetings from Brazil.

  11. Good video. I like how you keep the audio separate from the video. Easier to understand because you're not breathing hard. What happened to your earlier videos when you were under the name jvv? There's a couple videos that I really liked that I been looking for.

  12. I've come back to this video so many times over the years to find new ways to work the heavy bag when my routine feels like it's getting stale. Thank you for a great video.

  13. Would you recommend this workout for amateur boxers? i'm doing 3 min for 3 rounds total, and for some reason i just seem to gas out after only 2 rounds, so i'm looking for ways to really increase my fighting stamina, and i mean to the point where i can go atleast 6 rounds without getting tired to the point where i can barely lift my arms.

  14. Thanks for the vid man.. This is my favourite workout! I use this one all the time as my go to and it’s helped me improve my boxing a LOT! you the man

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