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  1. Pretty great video Hector but… when you got to the quad strengthening my heartbroken a lil bit ? I wish I could do squats with runners knee but bending to or past 90 is excruciating. Great preventative stuff though. I'm currently legpressing from 0 to 70 degrees with little to no pain as per my physio reccomendations. Just wanted to chime in with some feedback from the depths of recovery ?

  2. Although I'm not a runner, I found this video quite beneficial for myself as well. I'm getting older, and just want healthy knees as I age. Thank you, your video was quite comprehensive.

  3. Ive got knee pain in only left leg. Running on streets doesnt help & thats how it began. Any squat or bend it hurts . Ive had it weeks now. Reverse lunge doesnt hurt tho.

  4. Thanks for sharing. Just started noticing runners knee during my long runs and after this I think I specifically know what was the reason for my runners knee pain. I think it's because of flats footing as I have my knees more kind of inwards. I'll try some excercise as you described and try to keep my knee straight while running and see if that make any difference ? Thanks mate

  5. What about the muscles on the inside of your legs? I noticed that my muscles were tight when I got runners knee!

  6. I wasna professional runner and I'm very surprised your video is very informative especially for those who don't know how to protect their knees and prevent injuries

  7. Hi thank you for the helpful video. My question is if you already have strong legs (I never skip leg day) but it still hurts to run even 1 mile what else can i do to strengthen my knee to where i can run more? My back story is I never ran for cardio just stair-master and incline treadmill walk. I ran a 15k in week 1. week 2 ran a 10k. week 3 got in a in hour on the treadmill mid week than ran a 13k trail run. week 4 12 mile run that killed my knees and limped home. took 2 weeks off of everything than went out for a run same pain came back. started a stretching and foam rolling routine for the last 10 days. I can walk on the treadmill no issues but when i start to run even 1 mile my knees are still bothering me. Please help

  8. Just started running after an acl and meniscus tear a year and a half ago, this video explains my recent aches in my knee, great video!

  9. Feel Good Knees is an easy-to-follow 5 minute daily ritual… and it actually “feels GOOD while you do it”!

  10. Great video. Damn. I'll have to start doing legs in the gym. I was a bit worried its something more serious but if most people get it I know I can just adjust my training and keep going. I have my first marathon in April so this helps a lot.

  11. hello Aatec, is there a video similar, improve version of this in your channel or this counts today aswell ?

  12. Really great video — nicely put together a comprehensive bunch of information, including what & why, and how to prevent, strengthen. Would you happen to have something similar for shoulder muscles — I know this is perhaps Athletics focussed channel, but hoping that you might have something. Looking for exercises that strength shoulder muscles for people who get shoulder pain (the ball-n-socket joint) from playing sports like badminton, tennis, vollyball.

  13. That's all good and nice, but I've got runner's knee on week 12 out of 18 weeks program. And now I have marathon coming in 6 weeks and no way that I can cut out running volumes. Screw me, right?

  14. Omg thank you so much. This was super clear and easy to follow. I REALLY appreciate the strengthening plan at the end because I always get confused on how to plan it out. THANK YOUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!

  15. Hey, I was wondering if balancing on a slackline would be a good exercise to improve your stabilizing muscles and help avoid runners knee?

  16. I have high arches and am slightly knock-kneed. I ran in the past, up to 8 miles, with minimalist shoes and a frontal strike and only got runners knee when I tried using shoes with a regular lift. Trying to get back into it after about 4 years, and after just 4 runs (10-13 minutes each) my knees are really uncomfortable. I'm so afraid I'm going to ruin my joints or have to throw in the towel. Would my knock-knees make this worse, and can that be fixed? I don't have access to specialty products or treatment in the country where I live.

  17. Great video. I like that all the strength training exercises had a body weight, resistance band, and weighted variation. I like to work with body weight and resistance bands when I’m not in the gym.

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