Knights in gym

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  1. In my head, i could imagine this happening for real in medieval times. I'm not a religious person but I've learnt the basic understandings at school. When there isn't much to do when it comes to crusading or going to claim the holy lands, knights could send a courier or a trained bird to send a message to their brethren. This would involve a great gathering to train once, twice or thrice a year to uphold their mastery of the sword and keep their traditions as holy warriors alive. The training would last 6 days in reference to the time it took god to create the world. The training would involve mostly intensive sword duels and strength training and possibly a lot of praying every night before dawn to carry on their long days of mustering their strength. on the 7th day, they would take the whole day to relax and recuperate before returning home to their families.

  2. Havels ring, ring of favor, knight's ring, knight slayer's ring
    <30% equip load, 50% absorption
    Git gud, casul

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