everything's mental everything support no you create your reality with your thoughts and just live in a virtual reality world and you make it what you're you build your story with your open your mind is another mount built this story I wanted to do mr. Olympia that starts with a fort then come back to me it's very important to propel forward no matter what adversity and how big that mount might be no matter how many rocks so low that Valley is we continue to move forward always believe [Applause] most of the people I find these when work out and when work out hard so it doesn't really matter how big you are with your professional or amateur the important thing is I'm professional pay attention so these guys pushed me through it it gets hard and definitely gets lonely especially train by yourself a lot so I appreciate all my training partners over the past few years I'm always a winner if I if I work hard and I know I give 100% [Applause] I did it then but it was almost like I had a feeling that I had to do this it wasn't like you know I had to do it that to do it was life life or death I feel the bodybuilding could have a positive effect on anybody's life it's something positive to put your energy into and that's got to be a good thing you know just always trying to get better not only establish a life which has been my ultimate goal from the beginning it's not titles to me it's more to create opportunities for a lifestyle

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  1. Life must be lived and curiosity kept alive. One must never, for whatever reason, turn his back on life. Eleanor Roosevelt

  2. What do u want in life?
    Me- chest like Arnold
    Bpicep like flex wheeler
    Quads like Tom platz
    Back like yates
    Shoulder like levrone
    Triceps like Ronnie?

  3. Please do more women’s motivation videos!! You have no idea how much they help & inspire me to reach my goals!!

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