Lonzo Ball Putting In WORK In The GYM! | OFFSEASON WORKOUT

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  1. All people doing is complaining that he isnt shooting when this is literally 14 seconds of his day and workout. He is probably shooting everyday. Hell his father said he is shooting when he went on undisputed. So people need to chill. Fox didnt have shooting videos out and look what happened with him THIS year. So shut up and wait until the season starts

  2. No matter how much training he does as long that he doesn’t change his jumpshot eheuehbddheeebwk just ugly form please change it

  3. Ima need zo to ball in some high tops this year them low tops aint meant for basketball them shits a reason why his ankle stay hurt he aint got no type of protection on his ankles

  4. Nigga should be working on his jumpshot instead of looking like he is trying to take out his ballsack or some shit

  5. I hop he can at leas shoot 35% from 3 and 70% from FT next year. That's all he really missing. Already as good playmaker, rebounder, and defender

  6. Trade Lonzo and let him develop under the radar. When he finds himself as a player and works on the weak areas of his game, who knows, maybe he'll end up being as much as a breakout away from the Lakers as DLo is. At the moment though, he's been asked to do too much with a limited skill set.

  7. This don't mean shit last 2 years nothing but injuries. Prove it next season fuck these whack ass video's.

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