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  1. This Is a War between the spirit and flesh. Most people think serving TMH doesn't involve what you eat but if your sick and pray to be healed and don't control your flesh, your prayer will fall on death ears. Any thing you want from TMH requires sacrificing the flesh and living in spirit.

  2. Another question: is there a natural way to cure MRSA? I've been dealing with this since 2015 and have had two surgeries for this due to infected hardware in my lower right leg. This hardware was a result of an accident that I sustained in the military 18 years ago.

  3. Is there a natural cure that is related through diet to duchenne muscular dystrophy? My son has been suffering from this since 2015 and is now wheelchair bound.

  4. With your teachings I've learned that I am "NOT LIVING TO EAT BUT EAT TO LIVE" with better choices. Thanks for sharing ???

  5. I've stopped smoking marijuana and have been eating my g-bombs and have been exercising everyday for the past 3 weeks I'm toning up and losing weight at the same time. My energy levels are through the roof no preworkout, supplements or anything just pure will and dedication. Thank you, Much respect Minister.

  6. This just kicked me into high gear! I have no health issues that are medicated and I eat a plant based diet but my lack of rest has caused me to keep weight on, even though I workout 3-5 days per week. Cortisol is a big issue and when hormones are thrown off, we women struggle to lose weight. I thank you for your recipes! Are you in DC? My Sister and I want to have a wellness event and we will be contacting you.

  7. I will try this as well…I have type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure. I am so glad I saw you on the advise show. I am eating to live!!!!!

  8. After dr sebi passed there was no one our people could rely on. You showing up is right on time brother. Shalom

  9. My diet is absolute shit, but you are a very compelling and powerful voice with a positive message! I will do my best to make an effort this year and be more conscious of my choices.

  10. Thank you! I believe many people will be much wiser regarding what they eat after watching this video.

  11. Thank you so much for this. I'm currently 8 months pregnant and was diagnosed with gestational diabetes since then I've been eating healthy and hopefully I can lose weight after pregnancy especially since this is my 4th child and was unsuccessful on a "diet". Thanks so much !

  12. PLEASE HELP!! I am JUST Having a problem on the psychological cravings. How do i fix that asap? Its like an addiction /: !

  13. Thank you sir I'm starting my new health journey today.I had slacked off from listening to you because I'm at work when you come on every night. But I so desire to become a vegan. I just want to stop eating meat. I used to have a smoothie for breakfast a couple of years ago the whole summer I was walking and drinking my smoothies and I got discouraged because of a comment that was made toward me but I'm ready to get started again. I ask that you pray for me to be able to make it through this time

  14. I'm Soo glad I seen this before i went grocery shopping. This is motivation in the right direction. Thanks!❤️

  15. Hello Dr. I'm a sixty year old woman and has never been able to lose weight. Ser how can I get started or is it to late for me.

  16. You make me want to become vegan again. I went back to eating eggs and fish. It's so hard being vegan for me, I ate a lot of rice and beans while I was vegan. I got really tired of it. I'm currently saving my money to buy at least an acre of land to grow my own food.

  17. And Elohim said, “See, I have given you every plant that yields seed which is on the face of all the earth, and every tree whose fruit yields seed, to you it is for food. And to every beast of the earth, and to every bird of the heavens, and to every creeping creature on the earth, in which there is a living being, every green plant is for food.” And it came to be so.
    Berĕshith (Genesis) 1:29‭-‬30 TS2009

  18. Does the Kale have to be cooked first (boiled)????????????????? I have tried this recipe and feel it could help me improve my health. I only use the apple skin, not the inside…. anyone know if the Kale needs to be cooked first?

  19. If someone goes vegan, what foods will give them complete proteins (foods which contain all 9 essential amino acids), which are found in egg whites and yogurt? Also, is it ok to combine brown rice with beans in order to obtain a complete protein meal, or will the rice inhibit weight loss due to the added carbohydrates?

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