Lose Weight while you Sleep ★ Fast Weight Loss with Hypnosis

Lose Weight while you Sleep ★ Fast Weight Loss with Hypnosis

you welcome to this lose weight sleep hypnosis by progressive hypnosis this recording has been created to help you think and act like a skinny person thereby losing excess weight and becoming that slimmer or healthier happier person that you desire repeated listening will enhance your results so listen to this recording for the next 28 days I enjoy your new healthier way of life and slimmer body so following along now until you drift off to sleep and letting your subconscious mind adopt the eating behaviors that will give you the slim body that you desire settling yourself down into the place where you wish to spend your nights sleep stretching out your back and shoulders turning your head from side to side allowing your body to sink deeper down into the bed settling down the muscles already beginning to let go of any tightness or tension already becoming more relaxed allowing the islands to gently close if they haven't done so already a calm and gentle feeling of stillness is beginning to settle over you taking time out to prioritize yourself to focus on your health and your goals as you take time out right now leaving the whole of the day behind you just simply focusing and relaxing and letting go relaxation is ready and waiting to filter through your whole body as soon as you let it it will flow freely and you will feel yourself drifting in a floating deeply into that safe and peaceful stillness that is deep relaxation and as I help you to find that relaxation more quickly and to sink down into it more deeply all you need to do is just listen to the sound of my voice and let my voice transport you into the deepest level of relaxation wonderfully inviting and soothing relaxation with a mind the body in the spirit can open fully to accept a better way of living a healthier way of being where you easily reduce excess weight where you have a positive connection with food and your daily eating habits support your desires for your body where you think and act like the slim person that you were born to be the words you hear will make it easy to relax into the body that you want it's time now to connect with your inner self and create these wonderful and new life changing habits you with those Islands still resting softly on closed eyes taking a deep breath in and allowing the breath to move out freely just relaxing allowing the relaxation just spreads through the body with every inhalation to deepen it at the pause and to welcome it at the exhale breathing in again all the way in enjoying that gentle pause the stillness and the feeling of the relaxation settling deeper into the muscles the mind and the core of the body with the exhalation any tightness or stress floating out of the body with the air letting go now have any unhelpful feelings like worry or anger or resentment letting them all go flowing right out of the body with every exhalation they serve no purpose they simply hold you back but when you are free of them you are lighter of mind and spirit and more capable of achieving anything that you want that's it deeper deeper relaxed calmer and quieter and more peaceful letting the whole body move into this welcoming and relaxed state it feels so good and with pleasant anticipation now you are about to learn the secrets to lose weight easily and permanently and by listening regularly you'll notice just how easy it is to lose weight for good to be healthier and happier to be slimmer and more toned and more confident in everything and everywhere you go and taking another deep breath in all the way in and relax that's it relaxing deeper it's the most wonderful feeling to experience deep relaxation letting the body now become so very light and the body is becoming very light and very heavily relaxed drifting down more deeply more deeply relaxed with every exhalation feeling better and better and you just hear my voice guiding you and we are going to expand your level of relaxation your marvellous mind and you are going to feel so very free and there is already a beautiful feeling of freedom settling within you now totally free and there is a remarkable beauty in a feeling free free is a butterfly that flips happily from one flower to the next free from old unhelpful habits they were holding you back those old unhelpful habits are you held around food and exercise you are about to experience the most beautiful kind of freedom where you grow in health and wisdom the kind of freedom where you unconsciously reach for healthy foods where you forget completely about processed foods or you catch a glimpse of yourself in a mirror or a passing window and are so very pleased with what you see where you love your body or your body is in optimum health and you can live with this wonderful feeling of freedom and contentment every single day the body in the mind moving into the next level of relaxation ready to begin the process of letting go of old unhelpful patterns of thinking and eating and as you take another breath in continuing to deepen the relaxation drifting into your most relaxed state ever as the breath moves long and slow all the way out more and more peaceful the mind quietening that little bit more and it comfortably still letting go completely any thoughts in the mind just letting the mind take a break no need to think about anything at this moment all the focus on relaxing and letting go and isn't it nice to experience a calm and quiet mind nice to experience peacefulness of the mind peace and quiet calm and kind soothe to your very center letting go of anything that you no longer need feeling so relaxed so comfortable and so soothed but the mind is so open and so quiet you can see in here everything that I suggest so very clearly now everything that you want just exactly so and very deep within that mind is a blueprint that you were born with the one that maps out the person that you are to be that has all the guides for the behaviors for the size and the shape and the health that you are to have and now with that mind so open and relaxed it can find that blueprint see it and read it clearly and feel it in the bones of the body because it is just so very correct it was exactly the way you were meant to be strong and slim healthy and confident fit and toned energized and as you read all the way through that blueprint as you notice the map of the body that you were designed to have you can feel it the very core of you it was how it was meant to be and somehow you deviated from the paths he walked away from the blueprint and it became buried and all the other stuff that you carry around in the mind but now it's clear for you to see uncovered and as you allow your mind to raise it up to the very front of the mind so it can stay front and center large and bright so as you can follow the rules of your success each and every single day and because this is your personal blueprint that came with you and you were born going back to the ways that you are meant to follow you will be just so much easier because it is all natural and all right and there is a beautiful feeling coming over your mind and it's moving into your body it is that calm and healing energy those flowing through your whole body now free and peaceful soothed and settled having found the blueprint is going to make everything so much easier and living now with that blueprint front and center each and every day you will be reminded of the choices that you are to make to be that strong and healthy confident and slim person that you were born to be and with this quiet mind relaxed muscles it is now the ideal time to restore your mind and body connection and recreate those healthy behaviors around food and eating that you were born with allowing your body to drop the excess and unhealthy weight so as you become your very best and healthiest version of yourself just like that blueprint and now is the most important time to connect with your true self image your true slim healthy and attractive self and when you feel like a true slim self you begin to unconsciously follow the behaviors that make you slim on the outside by subconsciously receiving the information to act in each like your slim self and as you imagine your future self and your perfect weight your ideal size and shape you can now enhance your connection to your true self trim fit and healthy you've slimmed down exactly where you want to you have all the curves remaining in the places that you want them you are exactly as you want to be your ideal body weight and as you can see yourself slim down to that perfect size and shape and you can Sears just as easily as you can imagine the color of the front door of your home see yourself standing tall at your ideal size and shape your perfect and healthy weight slim and attractive bringing the image close to yourself and making it life-size making it brighter so it's so shiny and inviting your skin is firm and toned you exude confidence there is a gleam in your eye a radiance about you that shines from being confident in your own skin you are open and accepting and welcoming to others and in your mind's eye now take a step forward and right into yourself for that slim and beautiful healthy person so as you are in that healthy body that image of your truest self that image that reflects the blueprint that you are created to become and as you embrace this person and your cells merge and become one your true self locking into this wonderful and slim south and as you see through those eyes and you hear through those ears as you feel the energy and the vibration of your new slim body within you as you feel it's pleasure and it's vitality for the harmony that is oozing throughout your body now the contentment and the Bliss and being one with this truest part of you and as you vividly imagine all of this you are literally installing directions into your body from your subconscious mind you are unconsciously molding your mind to create the daily behaviors of a slim happy confident person you are seeing clearly as you look yourself up and down and notice how slim and fit and healthy you are the true size and shape you're meant to be the one that was blue printed upon you when you are forming in the womb just like the inherited characteristics of your nose your eyes and your hair you are hard-coded and designed to be slim fit and healthy and your body is responding in the most positive way to all of this information as every single cell in your body absorbs the information and is now from this moment forward are going to utilize it as those new better habits and patterns begin to take place within you each and every single day as you think and act like a slim person with ease and comfort you this is the real you the healthy and strong you and you've become so motivated to fulfill this change the only person holding you back from obtaining your goal is you and now this desire within you has turned into your ultimate determination which will ensure that you will succeed each and every day now you see yourself at this wonderful right and correct size at random times throughout the day and evening your true Slim's self-image dominates your mind and you act accordingly making the easy choices and decisions of the slim and healthy person you are becoming acting in the way that they act behaving in the way that they behave and all the while your body is shrinking your health is expanding and your mind is becoming liberated you are becoming liberated from the old food shackles that trapped you in the body that wasn't meant to be in the past you adopted your old eating habits to help you feel better in some way whether to escape boredom or loneliness to avoid work to distract from feelings of sadness and stress and uncertainty and even to keep you safe and you may not even have consciously been aware then or even now while you were making those unhelpful food choices and it doesn't matter most importantly is that your mind is alert to this idea now your mind has learned and you cannot unlearn something learned and so now let your unconscious mind discover a new way for you to obtain all the good feelings that the old way is used to get you you're marvelous and wise unconscious mind is free now to unearth those valuable many and varied ways you can feel good without food you can feel good you can feel better without food so each and every time before you eat you take five or six nice deep breaths in all the way down into the stomach nice and deep and you feel your body relaxing calming down and centering you notice your mind quietens and you feel centered breathing in that pores and breathing out five or six times before you eat carbs and centers you brings you into the present moment allows you to take your time and enjoy your food being very present and aware and as you continue breathing in a calm and relaxed way throughout your whole meal focusing just on eating doing nothing else at the same time and doing just this enhances your mind got connection so as your body and your mind know clearly when you are satisfied and you find from doing this that perfect balance of just the right amount to eat and with each meal you also enjoy a glass of cool refreshing water and you are already benefiting from this knowledge your wonderful unconscious mind has now a new and far better solution programmed and you can begin to feel how good it will be as you're slimmer and healthier self as you adopt this new behavior as you enjoy those five or six nice deep breaths before any meal that centers you and calms your mind that brings you into the present as it connects you so as you find yourself aging smaller meals because of that clear message that you're now hearing that alerts you to that feeling of being just right you're acting in all the ways your slim self does and this is just right for you these deep breaths that you take every day not only move you closer to your ideal size and weight but they have a wonderfully positive effect on your feelings of calmness and confidently being able to handle anything at any time and as you relax deeper into your body and step even more deeper into your slim self and feel those wonderful feelings of pride and happiness in revealing your true self to the world as you hear the praise and admiration of others on the wonderful way you look contentment and inner peace flow through you sending deep feelings of love through your chest and torso wonderful things are happening creating their habits of your slimmer self all as well and allowing your mind now to float down into your stomach to imagine your stomach your stomach which is naturally the size of one of your fists which over those years of overeating and unhealthy eating has been stretched by larger portions but now you're able to shrink your stomach back to the size of your fist just like it was meant to be and as you feel it now shrinking back failing the tingling in the stomach as it shrinks back to the size of your fist and from now on knowing that every time you eat you will feel fuller faster and so you will naturally find yourself eating only meals though the right size for your true slim self and you will be perfectly satisfied with the size of those meals because they are just exactly the right size for your stomach that has now moved back in the most healthy way to either size and the fist and now that you have already reset the mind got connection so as your new healthier sized stomach has a direct connection to that part of the brain that sends the signal for hunger and fullness you and now that direct link has been illuminated so is the path between the stomach and that part of the brain the controls hunger and fullness is direct and strong and free-flowing and the brain is now acutely aware of all the messages coming from the gut and is acutely aware of the new healthier size of the stomach and so it only sends the signals correctly and after a small portion of food it begins to brighten the path down to the guard so it is very much aware of how much food is going into the stomach and as soon as the stomach is comfortable it receives that message directly and spreads the word that you've had enough food and you hear the signals loud and clear and once you have eaten you don't even think about eating any other food until your next meal time and after eating dinner each evening your mind maintains the signal that it is finished eating for the day and you don't even think about food again until the next morning and it feels so very comfortable and so very right and you just become healthier and relax more deeply into your body knowing that everything is running smoothly everything is running just as it should be for your optimum health for your blueprint have slim and strong and confident and those wonderful feelings of contentment deepening their rhythm and flow through the body the pride and happiness as you continue to reveal your true self to the world and if you ever notice a rumbling in your stomach that is now very good feeling for you that is simply a sign that your body is utilizing excess fat stores for energy and each time you experience those feelings in your stomach it places a smile on your lips a happiness in your heart as you know your body is utilizing those excess stores of fat for the energy it requires and that your body is transforming more quickly into your ideal size and shape and these feelings motivate you even further the wisdom of your unconscious mind protects you and enhances your desires and motivation for inner health as your wise mind gives you a healthy approach to permanent weight loss and a slim fit and healthy body you hear its clear message the body must move success comes naturally as you listen to your inner wisdom and tune in to your own power and as you see your future self at your ideal size and shape looking so fit and toned you realize that exercise is a necessary part of achieving this body and so movement becomes a part of your daily routine and you take pleasure in this knowing that all movement is speeding up your weight loss and being active enhances your mood your energy and your confidence and it helps you sleep deeply every night and as you asked our unconscious mind now for the best exercise for you the one that will become an easy and enjoyable part of your regular life the wisdom of your unconscious mind runs deep and it shows you the pleasures that you will discover each time you exercise each bead of sweat is a sign that the body is squeezing out of that each heavy exhalation is the fat being broken up ready to be let go off every bit of movement is having a positive effect every bit of movement is revealing more of your slim self and as exercise becomes a part of your routine it feels so good and you feel so proud of yourself every time you do it and you become slimmer you feel more energetic you are embracing the lifestyle have a slim person now and you are reaping the rewards as your clothes become loose your silhouette becomes slimmer and your muscles become toned your skin glows and you radiate confidence and all that beautiful radiating health is also coming from the fresh clean whole foods of vegetables and fruit lean proteins that you have been eating as your desire to eat processed foods is just fading away and anytime that you think about eating food with sugars or artificial sweeteners and attitudes or high carbohydrates you remember how these foods cause inflammation within the body how they are not real foods at all how they make you feel unhappy sluggish and tired and you are not interested in any of those feelings you now enjoy feeling energetic confident happy and in control and all those lovely fresh clean foods provide you with abundant energy feel comfortable within your stomach and keep your mind strong nothing tastes as good as house he does nothing feels as good as healthy feels you feel happier more energized and more confident every day you enjoy healthy food and take a moment now breathing in and pause and breathing out relaxing down a little bit further Rhys answering yourself breathing in calm and quiet that's it feeling so very grounded and scented the mind still so very open everything about the body and the mind healing that wonderful blueprint taking pride of place at the front of the mind knowing that you are acting and behaving like a slim person as you embrace all of their behaviors and become just like them and allowing now any blocks or resistance any beliefs that are holding you back from becoming this wonderful healthy and slim self there you see in your future allowing them all to release letting them go any beliefs that there is a reason to hold on to that excess weight can just simply float away the best way to look after yourself the very best way to have abundant health and control clear thinking and focus is to be as fit and strong and healthy as possible and as you can see there can be no reason that being overweight is in any way better than being slim and healthy and as you feel a beautiful warmth moving from the center of the body all the way out down through the hips and the legs and the feet through the arms and to the fingertips all the way through the chest the neck and the head the very tips of the scalp that wonderful warmth is a healing energy that is spreading throughout the entire body spreading into every cell into every organ aligning every part of you with perfect health it's soothing and calming the whole the central nervous system you so you feel so wonderfully calm and centered reinforcing that you can handle any situation reconfirming that you can maintain a healthy lifestyle with ease and imagine awakening in the future everything exactly how you want it to be how it should be you are so very healthy slim and strong you are gloriously happy you feel marvelous and locking into your new and healthy lifestyle enjoying regular physical activity just as much as you enjoy deep and refreshing relaxation your own conscious selection of healthy Whole Foods that firm connection between the mind and the gut that is strongly illuminated and aware of everything that is going on between them as you enjoy those five or six grounding breaths before each meal and your instinctive image of your slim self is always in your mind's eye feeling so very good now better than you've felt for a long time knowing all the suggestions and all of these new behaviors are aligned with your blueprint of the way that you are meant to behave healthy change comes naturally to you as it is your most profound wish to be happy healthy and alive and as you drift down even more deeply letting go completely drifting off into the most wonderfully comfortable soothing sleep as the mind and the body rest all of the new behaviors become more deeply implanted all the healthy ways of living become more deeply accepted and over the next days and weeks you notice yourself acting in all these wonderful healthier ways and you feel yourself becoming slimmer your clothes becoming looser and you feel that lovely sense of pride and fulfillment and these feelings motivate you further to achieve your ultimate success and now it's time to sleep your eyes more deeply relaxed drifting down into a deep and healing sleep feeling more sleepy just let go it's time to sleep you you you you you

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  1. Silly question….do I have to be awake the time this meditation lasts? Or i just start listening until i get asleep and let it continue?

  2. I can't lissend to this when I sleep att Night because I has a Hard Times to Keep me awake at Day. IF I sitt down it taket me a few seconds for me to fall a sleep. I'm dedly tired all Day. ??☹️☹️
    Butik I hope this would fit sombody else.

  3. I do see results I'm eating better not hungery all time no junk food .. Lol Thank you so much
    I've lost 3 lbs in the last week….

  4. My skinny friends can eat what ever they won't when ewer they will and lot of it. If I eat as much as they do. I would bee fat as a pigg

  5. Ive been listening to this and some other ones as well for a couple of weeks now. My eating habits has gotten better. Ive dropped 5lbs. I exercise 4-5 time a week. Ive noticed a difference in my body. Im hoping to be down 30lbs by next year.

  6. I start this mediation for a month because i didn’t sleep good after my ex and i broke up. Also i stopped smoking and am really nervous sometimes. Since almost 4 weeks I eat healthier, visit the gym regularly and lost 7 kilos ? i don’t know if this is this meditation or just my wish for a change but it’s awesome and I will listen to it every night till I have my dreamweight

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  8. I want to lose weight. I want to be healthy, but do not want to be skinny. Skinny can easily look as much like a weight problem being overweight. Neither looks healthy.