Losing Strength, Bench Tips, Superset Cardio (Q&A)

Losing Strength, Bench Tips, Superset Cardio (Q&A)

welcome back to another Q&A video post your questions down below and let's begin hey alex has a novice lifter how to cut without losing strength I'm worried that I lose my strength if I cut is it possible to strengthen now is phase it depends on two factors how close you are to intermediate and what's your current body fat percentage is if you're leaning towards the leaner side you're probably losing strength while you cut as a novice whereas if you're obese or slightly higher say just standard fluffy you can quite easily recom pin my opinion at least for some months before you plateau so really depends on the body fat percentage okay the extra reserves will make it easier to recon just the way it is that's why a lot of fatter guy sends the exceptional results whereas the ones who try to maintain optimal lean this year around we see some struggles okay especially with basic routines in general the second thing is regards to experience level the closer you are tend to meet it obviously you've milt a lot of those linear newbie gains so it'll be difficult to maintain or even gain strength in a deficit and in some cases yeah you're actually gonna lose it that said loss should be very minimal if you ask me on top that the moment you start eating normally again the gains are gonna come back so you have to ask yourself what do you want are you willing to sacrifice a little bit of strength gains just so you can get slightly leaner is that your true objective are you chasing ascetics what do you want I can't answer that all I will say is that the closer you are to intermediate and the leaner you are the more difficult gonna be to maintain or gain strength in the deficit hey Alex you recommend dumbbell bench press regular neutral and volume days or intensity what rep ranges you recommend I do it works great on both days and honestly you can't go wrong you could do it twice a week or just one time now in terms of sets and reps the same as a barbell exercise although for intensity days I'll keep it around 4 to 10 reps on the dumbbell press for being on the lower side specifically if you're doing something like back off sets okay but I would say 6 of 10 that's pretty standard and it should work very well on intensity workout ok and for volume or 5 sets of 10 you can do 4 sets of 12 you can even go higher than that and do reps of 15 to 20 which is actually my choice although I haven't done dumbbell press in a while due to my own over here although when I do train when I do voluntour cats at the gym yeah I'll grab the dumbbells man I'll do a three by 20 or a five by twenty or four by 25 for me high reps have always worked very well and it's a great way to getting more or less weight okay and then we'll challenge you like crazy so I'll say reps between twelve and twenty are exceptional for volume work well you can keep it standard three six week at twelve as well you can't go wrong hey Alex should I do have you rack balls at the beginning of my pole workout or at the end I would definitely recommend starting with the rack poles since it's very much an overloading exercise no matter what position you're pulling from it will tax your body but at the same time it Prime's you because once you get that heavy load in you just feel like a boss when you go to the post right after and the truth is that you're not gonna want to do heavy rack balls after weighted pull-ups and barbell rows and shrugs and all these things to me it just makes sense to start with that first it's gonna be your main heavy exercise it's gonna give you the maximum stress you're looking for and it's also a great overall mass and strength builder and then you slowly break it down you're going to the pull-ups and maybe you do your other little accessories like your cable rose and your rear delts so you start with the most difficult eise's first and you work your way down some guys believe the opposite whereby you begin with the small accessories if you do what you want but in my opinion and in my experience you definitely want to start the rack pulls first the only exception to this would be if you're doing a 1 rep max way to pull-ups then I will start with that and treat the rack pole as like a secondary movement where you're doing rep work say reps of three to five at least for an intensity workout so it depends if you're maxing on the pull-ups or not but that's how I do kind of programming would you recommend for someone wants to specialize and overhead press and weigh the chin-ups intermediate that both lives well something like my natural enhance program obviously that system is catered for overhead press and rows okay and also the rock pools and all that but can easily be specialized for the chins you just gotta be meticulous with that size selection and the great example is the workouts that I've been posting recently I've been doing weighted pull up chin up whatever you call it specialization for well over a year now okay I do very very little rows pretty much no shrugs and very little poles I haven't done it in a very long time to be honest with you and my back is looking better than ever and for traps I find that the neck work is extremely beneficial and I'll be making a video on that soon but in terms of specialization concurrent periodization but you can't go wrong or you could run some standard routine whatever you like but my recommendation is you have a volume day intensity day and you rotate the variations on a frequent basis and you make it all specific okay so for overhead press you can wave it like paws overhead you know touch and go with it slightly wider grip an hour then you throw in the Z presses then maybe throwing the overhead pressing with the band's or you switch to a football bar right and then you can do some waves as well like a 75 80 85 percent ten by three something like that that's brutal as or just a standard 5×5 for accessories like there's so many ways to program do whatever you want regardless of where I press programming then for Chin's it's the exact same thing guys the way that I did it was constantly changing grips of the pull-ups and the chin-ups and all that I use every single style you could think of and I mix in pauses and sometimes I do excessive range of motion where like my freaking body is touching the barbell I got to really lean back and it's always clean foam for the most part so I wrote it a lot of variations in that way and I incorporate volume and intensity so I did one of Max's I do 3×3 I do three by five I do five by five I do waves three-week waves you know for volume days I do just classic three sets of ten I do ramping sets I do it all so everything that I'm talking about like the style of programming it works for any lifts for the most part you can use on any freaking exercise on chin-ups overhead press deadlifts squats bench press legit anything it doesn't matter what you're doing because it's a periodization style it doesn't even have to be full-body either it could be push-pull legs up lower whatever it doesn't matter it's the system the act of managing of all intensity throughout the yearly cycle and rotating specific movements it just works plain and simple so that's how we do it man concurrent periodization bro you're gonna get mad strong with very little plateaus after overhead press I feel dizzy that's the one exercise that I feel like this why does it happen can't do something about it I said I passed out during one of my max and would like to keep me exercise well hurting myself again okay I've actually heard a few people report this problem and that said please see my video on exertion headaches okay because I think a lot of those tips can be helpful for you okay that said I think you need to do a lot more neck training okay that should help with the headaches big-time and feelings passing out in addition to using the max F of method more frequently what I've noticed is that guys who aren't used to lifting heavy all the time tend to experience some of the problems you're describing okay now for me I've been using the max f4 method for years okay and I use this year-round you're not a hundred percent of the time every single workout but I would say at least 95 percent of time ninety ninety-five that's very realistic in my training program so I say if you max out on a very frequent basis you just get used to it that's my opinion and that's just work for me so just rotate the variations of the overhead press okay go happy every single week you know and then see if you're still getting that lightheadedness if if so like I don't have to tell you bro could it be the form could it be that you're not breathing incorrectly you're breathing too high up and stead of low I don't know I honestly have no idea this is not something I can speak up from experience in terms of passing out and overhead press I've gone to lightheadedness but not like fainting or anything like that you know I'm saying but in my opinion like you just got to work your neck more and you got to use the max effort method more frequently but I could be totally wrong and responding to you right now so maybe guys who have more experience with this should give you a response but I didn't want to give you my input nonetheless yo Alex in a way couldn't you say it's worthless to lift as a teenager as an adult would have far superior gains in comparison hell no bro that's very weird thinking to me like training at a young age will set you up later down the road and ultimately you'll have a much better physique than if you waited like why procrastinate what's the point does it make sense yeah your games might not be as good if you're like really freaking young say 14 15 but you can still get a pretty good physique and most of you in truth can look better than the majority of adults while being stronger at the same time and that's how it was for me bro and I can tell you that had I started later had I waited til I was a full-grown adult my games would not be where they are today and I also believe that starting young like you're just setting up that nuclei and your freakin muscle cell so it makes it easier to build them later on you know and you can check out Team 3d alphas channel on that but it's like start young why not you're in it you have the knowledge you have good training programs available as long as you don't get hurt as long as you don't eat go live and you do things gradually and you understand this is a long-term game like if anything is the best thing you can do you're setting up the right habits that's gonna lead you down a successful path in building strength of muscle and also the aspect of things right like how badass is it for you to be that guy at school who takes his fitness seriously who actually has an above-average physique and who's setting down the habits that will carry you for the rest of your life it makes you accountable makes you a better person the gym is not just about the physique is the mind-body connection it enhances you another aspects dude and I had that mentality oh I'm just gonna wait till I'm older like that actually there would be no Alpha Destiny if I thought of it that way and a lot of the experience I wouldn't have had like now is the time to learn and as I've said in older videos there are people online right now that are much stronger than even me because they got on really good programs at a super young age and they've been very very consistent they did a right from the get-go okay so if you can avoid all those mistakes and get started right now like this is the best thing you could do straight up like dude dude dude dude don't wait a second sign up at the gym and you won't regret it I'm telling you what do you think rather than doing rock post for multiple reps and not holding the weight at the top very long at all instead you're doing one rep percent holding at the top as long as possible honestly from a muscle building perspective this will work just fine that's exactly how the farmer walk exercise builds your traps way to stretch you can say whatever you want about rock pulls but you can't take away the fact that it works damn well for building two traps through with that immense way to stretch no matter what position you're pulling from okay and this goes for any other exercise as well like farmer walks like Dallas it's all in the stretch so yes you can easily just pick up a weight and hold it for a long period of time long haul its bro 3060 seconds absolutely it's gonna work and build up the traps bro 100% that said it's a little bit different from rep work okay cuz rep work you are changing the angle slightly as you go through the range of motion and I think it's more difficult to maintain that back tightness so maybe you're gonna get more gains from that and also I just I like the aspect of doing reps on poles in general but honestly if your goal is just get yoked you don't care about any of that stuff you just want bigger chops sure bro and I'll say that most people will get better gains when they incorporate holds compared to just doing touch-and-go or making it short like I found that 3 to 5 second holes are very freakin effective and it gets you onto the bar for longer periods of time so the longer you hold it bro you're better it's gonna be my hips cramp up when benching do I fix that okay the common culprit that I see is guys doing a lot of squats right before so a lot of you guys who follow my channel you're doing full body workouts maybe running my novice program are you doing something similar where you begin with the lower body right that's what I've seen and in my experience that's when the hips cramp up even the hamstrings because you're still kind of tied from all the squats so maybe do some stretching right after that might be helpful or you could just reverse the order start with bench first two squats right after if you're really struggling this problem because it's also the fact that you're trying to use a lot of leg drive right to maximize your performance but when you do the leg drive you're still a little bit F stuff from those squats right so I don't know I would say mobility training is the best thing you can do in this situation while you're benching technique so the leg drive aspect has been modified so maybe instead of going on your tippy-toes you can go flat foot you know or maybe don't go so wide with the legs and now we're out a little bit so I would say play around with the bench form and do some mobility right after your squats it should help quite a bit how lower should you go on the flat bench full range of motion man touch your freaking chest pause if you have to come back up and lockout as well okay I don't like manual half reps well you're just artificially stopping the only time I'll prove something like that is if it's a photo press or if you're like lightly touching your t-shirt but like it's super freakin controlled okay that's when it's okay but these half reps are guys do no and don't give me the excuse all you have long arms no no no no listen if you retract your scapula use the Kreg grip with and you tuck your elbows in okay you're not going to have shoulder pain while benching even if you do have a very deep range of motion in fact we do have something called a cambered bar alright so even the shorter guys use cambree bars it's still very deep range of motion and injuries are not coming out from that okay actually I would argue that it's more dangerous to constantly do manual half-dressed because one day you can end up a little bit too low and you never strengthen that bond position you have very clear weakness here and that's where the PEC tears occur and that's what I see all these guys doing wrong with the dumbbell press always doing half reps flaring out their elbows to complete max when in reality I just have to talk a little bit touch at the bottom and this is even worse when they usually have your dumbbells because now the range of motion is with is reduced even further so they think they're getting stronger because they're pushing heavier low but no the dumbbells just bulkier so the range of motion is constant getting less and less and you know doing these quarter reps bro so that's when I have a serious problem with it but let's say you do a standard partial lift let's say a one to two board press if your shoulders feel a little bit iffy that's fine or if you want to make the strength pair of modify a little bit you could wear a sling shot okay or do very light reverse bend let's say a mini okay this way you get a little bit of pop off the chest but you're still getting full range of motion but now you're not compromising the bond position you understand or you're going a slight decline to reduce the range of motion but you're still doing full range for the exercise you understand so you always want to touch your chest pausing is optional but you at least want to get it full range okay and use proper form you have to use proper form Manuel half reps are no-no on the bench press in my honest opinion how many different variations should we use on concurrent periodization honestly as much as you want although with time you'll figure out which movements are most effective for you it might be 1525 movements it might be even less than that if you want to go more on the lower end it can be high – it can be like you have a fuckload of variations and you're constantly changing it up honestly it doesn't matter so much as long as you're addressing your weaknesses now and the variations that you utilize have carryover if that's your goal you're gonna be fine but in truth carryover is not required in the first place progressive overload and just the overall volume that's the main driver so you can use as many variations as you want you can go months without doing a regular flat bench if you choose to if you're getting stronger at that which you practice we just find from a hypertrophy perspective specificity is not the solution for bodybuilding okay guys don't want to hear that but it's just a goddamn truth okay you got to stop listening to a lot of these bias guys on internet okay I'm telling you what the real deal is so for just bodybuilding as many variations as you want if you want like the best carryover possible like pinpoint bro you have to figure out what experience no like with time you'll know that these are the movements that really help you out yo Alex won't use concurrent position in your cardio like rotating running bike jump rope time rest time to set or just an idea much loved in Portugal well I probably will do that eventually but right now since I'm kind of new to it ish I don't feel the need to do that right now I'm not even doing a running program like I'm going a hundred percent by instinct and hardwork just working my ass off okay I've been going every single day for over two months now which I'm so proud of man and honestly the benefits have been profound and I think I'll make a video soon talking about how I got one of the best shapes of my life like I can say right now bro I must fit as when I was a goddamn teenager doing the cardio for specific purposes here so I'm really really happy about that it's so much more muscle now and I'm more strong but everything's more balanced and my health has improved a lot as well so the running has been so goddamn helpful and honestly I can't recommend enough so right now it hasn't been too long right so I don't see the reason to enter an advanced type of protocol like that right away not saying that concurrent is advanced in the first place but I'm good but this current routine but if I notice that I'm starting to plateau like I'm having difficulties increasing the duration or I just I can't break through suit certain numbers let's say my 5k running time for example then I'll definitely start to incorporate duck and current strategy where maybe I'm running on different heights you know I'm changing the speeds at which I run constantly I'm changing the paths like right now I got a path that I really enjoy and that's pretty much what I do i lap it out okay and I monitor the time I'm going for distance while maintaining a proper speed simultaneous so in the future it's something that I'm definitely considering for sure and I think my games gonna be even better I want to do that approach and I can tell you right now that my performance on the bathroom and 30-minute boxing rounds has improved despite being very lazy with that I've been specializing in the running yet automatically I saw carryover why because the general cardio benefits are just that good as you get more fit it translates to other activities and I think would be the same for a lot of sports I'm just generally more fit you know I'm saying so it's definitely something consider but right now I don't need it if benchpress everyday is bad for your shoulders what do you think about push-ups weighted or not every day it's a different story because your body is moving through space and the serratus is being engaged quite nicely actually so in many cases doing push-ups every day can be beneficial for the shoulders and I know that Omari soft me an excellent video talking about this he actually recommends you do them every day not a super high volume but you're stimulating your body and keep Minds assisting with the frequency right you're getting more total volume at the end of the week month year etc so I actually think it's a great idea as long as it's not impeding your build he'll recover and it's the same thing for the pull-ups actually I made a video about this a while back okay which discusses all the benefits so I would definitely recommend this and I think that it will serve you well in actually reducing shoulder pain yeah that's a large amount of people love fitness but in your opinion what is the point in which someone would want to make a living off it personal trainer gym owner online coach etc well in my experience you have to be very passionate for this stuff although that's not 100% required in the first place like honestly if you identify the demands of the market and you fulfill that people are gonna want what you have to offer and if you're good at what you do especially so ultimately information and life-changing advice is what triumphs okay and I've seen some guys who I don't think they're that passionate about it but they conduct themselves in a very proper way it's so good that people have no choice but to want to watch this stuff so obviously quality is very important in this and just fulfilling the demands of the market you know but if you want to be successful long term in my opinion that you got to have a passion for this for sure and you need to be different from the crowd in the sense that your advice is unique and you truly care about people actually what I found is that the online coaches who are really good at this they establish kind of like a personal connection with their clients you know it's almost like a mini friendship if you will and they treat them with extreme respect and it's just it's a beautiful thing and you can see that in people if they're genuine or not this is just it's a vibe that you detect and when you're working with someone one-on-one it's late it's hard to explain but you'll find that guys who are very good at this they just love it and they love helping people their whole life they've always enjoyed being of service you know of changing lives like when you hear testimonials when hear stories of inspiration of people changing their lives and listen to your advice or whatever it's just that should make your day that should light you up it's not about the sale it's not about how your bank is going up even though that's very nice to see and obviously you will want that you're not gonna do some free but it's what goes beyond that it's the impact that you have the fact that you change someone's life they consulted you and now they're in a much better place not only in the gym but outside the gym so in my experience I just what I've observed you got to love this got to be a little bit obsessed with it to certain extent you have to provide different information and you need to really care about people that's the main thing like are you genuine or you're just doing this for the money that's something you have to figure out for yourself but if you care about people and you're willing to provide that information you're gonna do what it takes you always connect people got you back that's when I would consider otherwise there's other professions that offer more money hi Alex is there much of an advantage or difference in doing military presses over the regular red press ok so Cena versus standing yeah the main one is a fact you get the on racket first at least that's how most people do it so you will get a greater stretch reflex component it's not so dead stop right so you might be a little a little bit more and also but I've noticed that guys who do the seated version tend to lean back more they always have that back pad on right so they tend to use much heavier weights compared to the standing version go standing yeah you can lean back a bit but you're still not gonna get the same benefits as when you're sitting down and you can get a little bit of an incline going on typically what I see is guys especially if they're taller they're gonna retract the scapula and they're gonna bend back into it so it's really just a high incline but provider you do it correctly and you're not cheating whatsoever they're quite similar if you ask me except for the fact that obviously you're not gonna get all the extra core engagement and the whole the entire kinetic chain effect is you know it's not where it is but as an overall mass builder just forgetting size and all that's perfectly fine I just think about the seated dumbbell shoulder press on the greatest mass builders of all time and there's nothing wrong with actually very few people do that one standing up and I would say that actually prefer to see a version for that but I would say just a core engagement less overall athleticism but four by but for bodybuilding like honestly it's fine should my main lifts on volume and intensity be different variations or the same exact lifts both days whatever you want bro for me I like to mix it up but in truth you can use the exact same variations so let's say on your intensity day you do a 1 or max flat bench ok volume day you can do 5 by 10 on the exact same variation you can use the same freaking exercise selection as long as you're getting a different training effect who the manipulation of vomit intensity and the percentages you're just fine so actually that makes your life a little bit more simple too if you don't want to make anything complicated just do the exact same list but change the sets and reps done easy but personally that's not how I do it sometimes I do but it's not my standard but it works so you do what you want calisthenics burns a lot of calories should I really track my nutrition that's up to you my man like I could say that doing cardio burns a lot of calories I've tracked my nutrition I could just say that having more muscle mass or give you a higher TV so should you track I mean what do you want are you just trying to be in a calorie surplus do you have difficulties doing that given the extreme calorie burn like what are you trying to do here are you following a portion control strategy or just eating normally and your weight maintain just fine and performance is going up like what the hell do you want you know like the way that I see it if you're able to just find with natural appetite you have no problems gaining muscle massive strength and it's all good and you just happen to hit all your numbers on point then congratulations you have to track anything but if you notice that this is becoming a problem and you really want to optimize your nutrition and get all the factors on porn then go ahead and track it so that's up to you but I'll say that if you don't track you can either end up staying too lean year round or getting a little bit fluffy depending on where your appetite stance so you got to figure it out for yourself men a man my lifetime goal is a 180 kilogram bench is three times a week heavy line medium routine optimal for my goal I'd say that's perfectly fine my man and you can definitely hit that number and even higher with such an approach I even say less than that were you're doing twice a week vom gay intensity day naturally enhance doubt that'll work as well like honestly you can't go wrong with this approach I don't know what type of periodization routine you're using but with a heavy light medium but that works very well especially if you're rotating the variations that's how I would personally do it okay and I think about it like what I make better gains on my three times template I posted it twice a week it's a thought you know but definitely this will work 100% you have nothing to worry about in the frequency and it's not too stressful on the shoulders to me like this is an excellent strategy for sure okay last question of the week our super sets enough for cardio in my opinion no it's just another excuse not to do cardio which is uh not the way to go just do your cardio bro it's not hard doesn't take that long you could even be brisk walking a few times a day right after your meal like just get your cardio in a lot of guys want to skip it out saying oh I'll just cut the rest intervals back I'll just do super sets and giant sets and circuit training yeah that's all great it's all great GPP it's all gonna contribute to overall fitness but it doesn't compare it to the actual events they're doing full-blown cardio full-blown jogging outside full-blown freaking boxing rounds it's very very different and the studies reflect this – emerging research is constantly showing that weight training is not enough even if you are using relatively high volume and you it's a very intense I get that but I get it when the pump is through the roof and it's just an amazing workouts anything for high rep squats that's boodles but it's not the same as true cardio just isn't guys again please see my 30-day cardio challenge and I'm telling you it'll change your life like bro take it from me I've been doing concurrentization for a very long time so I'm always doing volume year-round so I'm doing all that that people talk about the super says and the giant says and the law rest interval is K I've been doing that for years can I have do these phases okay plus I do the GP P so I've been doing all of that but my cardio was still not on point until I started doing it seriously and that's what I noticed the remarkable health benefits that's when I noticed that my fitness truly improved big-time when I started taking this very seriously beyond this just a regular GP P and the volume training I'm telling you you'll see a major difference when you actually treat it seriously so guys just got to stop being lazy with this they got to just do the goddamn cardio I know it's not fun all the time I know that it can be very difficult mentally and physically but do it if you value your long-term health okay but like I said you don't have to be a marathon runner find activities that you enjoy get it in and enjoy the benefits so that's that guys really enjoyed answering your questions please post more down below I'll see you next week

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    What kind of bands tensions and widths you recommend to starting out face pulls and progress accordingly ?

  17. Hey Alex, can novice lifters use your 2x NE program for great gains? I'm asking because I work and do not have the time to go the gym for 3x a week in your novice program. If it is a necessity then I'll do the novice, but I was interested in doing NE for the sake of efficiency.

  18. I been losing strength and it sucks. I went from being able to squat 400lbs+ for reps to struggling to do 335lbs. I can't feel my legs/glutes working anymore. I even weigh the same

  19. Would you mind to shed some light on some respectable measurements as a natural? Ex: chest, forearms, legs, etc. Thanks so much alex! Keep up the great content

  20. Question: how can you gain as similar results as possible to dirty bulking, but in a clean and healthy way? I'm talking bear mode with muscle and a bit of fat, but achieved in a healthy way. Thanks Alex! – Louis Pontikis

  21. 6:30 – there’s a good chance his neck and trap muslces are pressing on nerves and making him light headed and dizzy

  22. Hey Mate,
    would be interesting to know what you think about Rippetoes stance on cardio/running.

    Cheers & Thanks for quality content!

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