LOW IMPACT HIIT Workout With Weights // No Jumping

LOW IMPACT HIIT Workout With Weights // No Jumping

What’s up guys and welcome to my channel and
welcome to today’s low impact HIIT workout with weights. If you’re new here don’t forget to hit that
subscribe button because I’m posting brand new full length workouts just like this one
every week. Alright guys, as you know, low impact does
not mean low intensity when it comes to my workouts. So, we’re going to be focusing on some strength
moves and some cardio moves in today’s HIIT circuit. We have 10 different low impact exercises
that we’re going to get through – that means no jumping. Because we are adding some resistance to today’s
workout, that means you’re going to need some dumbbells. So grab those and then all you need to do
is follow along because I’ve got my timer set and I’m starting it right now.

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  1. LOVE your workouts! Do you think you could mention whether the workouts are intense, or moderate intensity? I think it will help so much (because some days I want a real burn and some days I want something efficient, but not too intense) 😁 love from India

  2. Wow Always look forward to your workout. You're so talented. I take HIIT as my go-to workout because of you. ❤️❤️❤️

  3. Thank you so much Heather for another great workout. Whenever you post a new one, I get so excited that it's going to be my next workout at 6:00 am. Sunny regards from Morocco! Vanessa

  4. You are my absolute favourite workout inspo here on youtube, your videos are AMAZING ❤️ and I see you are getting close to 100K subscribers, yaaaay, good for you. Love from Czech republic

  5. Thank you, Heather, I LOVE this format! For those days when you just can't deal with a burpee or a jumping jack . . . perfect!

  6. I'm 40! I've been struggling with cellulite since I was a teenager. Since I started doing your workouts I've notice big time improvement. I still and will always have it, but your workouts have made a difference. Thank you! Love your videos! I know eating better can help a lot more! But I can't 😬😁😎

  7. Your videos are literally THE BEST!!!!! I can’t even tell you how many people I’ve shared your other HIIT videos with!! Can’t wait to try this one out!

  8. Yessssss, low impact is the way to my heart and it's so hard to find good HIIT style ones! My knees and apartment neighbors thank you.

  9. After finishing a 12 hr shift that starts at 5am . . .the thought of doing burpees or jump lunges….is not going to happen! I LOVE the low impact with weights – and your other just weight workouts! You're lifesaver! Thank you!

  10. Can’t wait to try this workout this week! How many calories on average does this workout burn please? Thanks!

  11. First time doing one of your workouts. Loved it! Thank you! Love the low impact. Easy to follow and great music…gonna try you out for a bit. Thanks again

  12. Love this!! I have done Melissa Ioja workouts for years but now that I’m almost 47, I need to not be so hard on myself. I don’t feel 47, but these workouts are probably more realistic and safe for me💚You ROCK Heather!!! Thank you 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

  13. YESS !! THANK YOU !! I was literally wishing that you'd make a low impact workout vdo with weights. More of this pleaseeeeeeeeeeee

  14. Low impact is my favorite! I'm in a condo so I hate bugging my neighbours below me and I still get a wicked workout!

  15. Are these workouts numbered for those logging which workouts completed? Really like your instructions by windows of what’s coming up. Great job! Thanks

  16. never thought that a low impact workout would make be sweat and be out of breath! awesome workout Heather! I follow you 5 times a week!

  17. amazing as always 💕 love this workout ~ thank you!! ✨and congrats…you’re almost at 100k subs!✨

  18. That's what I call a pumped up morning! Thank you so much!!HIIT will always be my favourite thanks to you!

  19. Hey Heather! I just did this workout in my basement after having my second kiddo and you are still kicking my ass 5 years later! Besides the usual "OMG she's trying to kill me" all I could think of was where did she get that cute tank top?!?!

  20. Thank you for this workout! I feel a little pain in my left thigh (I think I overdid yesterday's workout) so I didn't want to be jumping around today.

  21. Thank you so much. I have lumbagia and I suffer joints pain, if I workout jumping as jumping jacks or burpees I get worst. I really appreciate your contribution to fitness community. Greetings from Mexico.

  22. Thanks. I like the no jumping workouts. As a mom of a just one year old baby , I want more of that. Greetings from germany.

  23. This is the second low impact hiit workout i try from you and i'm so thankful! I have major ankle pain that doesn't let me jump right now so these low impact workouts allow me to still get a good cardio sweat on!

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