Lower Body Workout | Toned Legs & Butt | 2 Weeks Challenge

Lower Body Workout | Toned Legs & Butt | 2 Weeks Challenge

Hey everyone, so today’s workout is a lower body workout. It’s gonna target both your legs and your butt. This workout is part of two weeks shredding program and can find a schedule over here. Now this program is all free So don’t forget to smash that like button subscribe and also turn on Notification write if you want to join in on this challenge do not forget to leave a comment down below if your progress Or use my hashtag on Instagram Or even create a YouTube video like these girls have so that we can support one another and let’s get started We’ve got 19 exercises today 30 to 50 seconds on and 5 to 10 seconds off. Let’s start with curtsy jump Take a big jump to the left and land softly and do a curtsy lunge then do the same on the other side for low Impact just do it without the jump do it safe and controlled Next we have reversed lunch, bring one leg behind and lunch down and make sure your front knee does not pass your toes Make sure your core is engaged too Now we have 50 seconds of squat with front kick. Squat down as low as you can and make sure your glutes are engaged then do a front kick as you come up Next lateral lunch with toe tap. This works the outer thighs and also the inner thighs Now on to the other side All right, we’ve got slightly longer break here and we’re going into single leg deadlift with toe taps push your hips back as you lower down your body and make sure your back is Neutral then come back up and touch your toes with your opposite hand having balance is the key here So take your time and do the best you can it’s okay. If you are losing your balance, just try your best Now on to the other side Now we have kick back with lateral raise Make sure your core is engaged and kick your legs back and then to the side this works your butt and legs at the same time Next we have to squat jump followed by squats. We’re halfway through the workout guys. You can do this So we’re halfway there guys You can take a longer break here if you want to and next we got curtsy lunge with knee tuck bring one leg diagonally behind you And lunge down then pulse one more time then bring your knee towards your chest. This works your legs, butt and abs at the same time it’s amazing Now on to the other side Next we have squat with side kick go down low and have your glutes and core engaged. This works your side glutes and also your legs Now we have squat pulse we’re really burning out legs here So squats and pulse five times then come back up and squat again My legs are dying on me here, but I’m pushing it and you can do it, too Now get on the mat and we’re going to do some rainbows Imagine during a rainbow using one of the legs. This works the glutes and also the back of the legs. Now we are doing the same on the other side Now we have fire hydrants And I’m doing a harder variation with a kick have your leg bends and bring it to the side then Extend your leg into a kick. This is going to work the side of the legs and you should feel the burn right there Now on to the other side All right, now we’re ending the workout with more lunges to work those legs you can do this guy’s let’s smash this That’s the for today’s workout don’t forget to smash that thumbs up button subscribe and turn on notifications So you don’t miss out on my new videos, and I’ll see you in the next video. Bye

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  1. I’m going into my senior year of high school next week and I really want to be healthier and look healthier before my senior year is over, I just lack motivation 🙁 but I’m going to do your program for sure, because I know it will give me results, thanks in advance Chloe!! I’ll start the first day today!

  2. I just finished doing this after the abs, and full body workout. i can say i am very proud of myself. I will update once I start observing changes. Wish me luck.
    1 week later: Initially i weighed 73.1kg. Took my measure this morning and I now weigh 71.1kg. 2kg down.
    2 weeks later:

  3. I owe you half of my confidence you are queen you helped me sooo much! I love you! You motivate me to be a better version of me ❤️

  4. omg i love ur workout videos likeur amazing i was wondering is there like less advance workout that i can be able to do.?

  5. I'm doing your programs nearly three months and now everyone saying " your legs are looking slim than before " and also they are saying " where's your belly " 😁😁 you'r amazing and ı will continue to do your workouts 💘

  6. I started the two week shred challenge yesterday, and let me say, as someone who suffers with compulsive eating and anxiety, it’s hard 🙁 but I’m pushing myself to try!

  7. It was awesome, perfect and most important isn't for machines. It was doable. I'm reliefed. Thank you a lot!!!!!!!

  8. Chloe i have a question i eat very healthy and all (i just can’t do sport at the time) and i gain weight than lose it can u please help me? (Oh and it’s fat weight not muscels)

  9. I really want to get fit before i go back to school. I have fat mainly on my stomach & thighs so im working on them the most. School is coming up in 2 weeks so this is perfect! I will start this workout w arms & ab workouts tomorrow, i'll update in another 2 weeks! Thank u chloe ♡

  10. I loves you workout . I have a question hope you can answer. I weight myself this morning and the weight is 118 then I tried to weight myself after lunch and it 125. How can the weight fluctuates 7 pounds from morning to afternoon? Is it normal ? Please help !!!!

  11. I did this after the shred 2 weeks abs challenge and i’m sweating, which barely happens to me, but felt good after this 👌👌

  12. Finished with day 2! (I started a day late lol) but this really made me realize how out of shape I've gotten! Def going to complete this 2 week challenge <3

  13. Thanks so much for doing all of your awesome workouts they really help I lost a of fat belly by adding your abs workout to my routine. You're such an inspiration.

  14. I just want to say thank you, Chloe!! I've been doing at least one of your videos a day to get used to the exercises and whatnot. I've been doing this for around 2 weeks and I changed my diet and lost 6 pounds 🙈🙈
    Today, I am going to start the hourglass program and I cannot wait to see the results I get from it. Thank you again!

  15. working out is so hard.. I focus on my abs for a week and my legs are weak when I go back to leg workouts, I focus on my legs for a few days and my abs and arms are weak again… 😒😢

  16. I’m on my 3 day on the 2 week challenge and let me say I am seeing results already.. I’m loving it 💪🏽😁

  17. I swear the music with your voice is awesome it motivates me. The best background music and timers award goes to chloe🏆 love from 13 year teen ❤❤❤💯

  18. Am I the only one liking how my stomach looks with a bit of sweat going in and out showing a sort of definition after one of Chloe's workout on the bed wanting abs like kookie💜

  19. I'm on day 16 of the summer shred challenge !! I see results and im so happy 😁

    You are the biggest motivation on youtube love ya girl ❤️❤️😭

  20. Been doing your 30days hiit work out chloe!! Im on my 2nd week now and im seeing lots of improvement!! Thanks for your channel! 😍😍😍

  21. Psshh what do you mean I fall almost everytime when I do a lunge? Nonsense

    Also thank you so much. I really love this workout and I love the way you edit it. You are truly amazing💜

  22. wow wow wow day 1 for both lower body and abs workout. I feel soo good. Today is a cultural festival in India and I ate a lot of sweets, I don't feel guilty anymore 🙂 Thanks a lot

  23. Just finished this workout and the other one about arms and legs let me just say I never been happy for commercials lmao

  24. chloe can you please answer?
    Will this make my thighs thicker?
    Cause I don’t want that i want to slim down my thighs and burn the fat

  25. I found this very easy for some one who is lazy, I sweated a lot I will do this for 2 weeks
    Day 1: loved it
    Day 2 : my but was a bit sore but great work out
    Day 3 : did it and love it

  26. I cant do your actual plan bc I'm so out of shape, but your workout vids are my go to. Thanks for posting such great content~

  27. Curtsy jump (30 sec)
    Reverse lunge (30 sec)
    Squat with front kick (50 sec)
    Lateral lunge + toe tap (L) (30 sec)
    Lateral lunge + toe tap (R) (30 sec)
    Single leg deadlift + toe tap (L) (30 sec)
    Single leg deadlift + toe tap (R) (30 sec)
    Kick back lateral raise (L) (30 sec)
    Kick back lateral raise (R) (30 sec)
    Squat jump (30 sec)
    Curtsy lunge + knee tuck (L) (30 sec)
    Curtsy lunge + knee tuck (R) (30 sec)
    Squat with side kick (50 sec)
    Squat pulse (30 sec)
    Rainbow (L) (30 sec)
    Rainbow (R) (30 sec)
    Fire hydrant (L) (30 sec)
    Fire hydrant (R) (30 sec)
    Lunges (30 sec)
    Have fun! 🙂

  28. So this is how it feels like to have your butt burning… I love it! Just like how your workouts make my abs burn 😆💕💕

  29. Again note to myself: don't do these workouts before heading to work. Now I can't use my arms AND my legs. 😅🙈

  30. Do I need to do all of 2 weeks shred program workouts, do I need to do all 4 everyday? Because I will if I have to… ❤️

  31. I'm so glad you asked about the music and CAME THROUGH! I was one of the people who complained about your workout music, and let me admit, I like the change 🙂

  32. Already down from 68kg to 58kg thanks to you, blogilates and emi wong ♡ I am no longer out of breath when going up stairs and my asthma is also much better. Thank you so much !

  33. I've been doing only abs exercises and then i saw people saying i need to do cardio but idk what cardio is or if i have to do it. Can someone help me?

  34. looking so cute here Chloe💜 the baby blue, the shorts and the hair do 😭 you look so innocent but you are so hard on us 😂😈
    Thank you for the challenge!

  35. Starting this program tomorrow…. omg I'm scared I just hope I'll do everything well 😭 it looks hard. Also people don't give up ! ❤

  36. Yeah, school starts in two weeks. So i am starting this. But i am not gonna do that “do this everyday to lose weight” video cause i don’t need cardio. :)) luv ya

  37. Drenched in sweat and I don’t care for the first time in a long time I feel like I’m taking control finally of how my body looks. Thank you so much for these workout programs and thank you for making them free. I just started this two week program but I’ve been doing your other workouts for a while and I already feel so much stronger. Thank you thank you thank you 😊!

  38. Hey people, I just wanted to say: There are some people who don‘t need to do much and get muscles. I am not one of those, but I am so proud when I see changes, because it shows that I worked hard. I am very happy with Chloe‘s workouts, because they make me feel strong. I also like to challenge myself.
    Keep pushing folks, you got this!

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