Make Yourself Hallucinate Experiment

Make Yourself Hallucinate Experiment

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  1. You're just hyperventilating. This is not some transformational spiritual experience. You are just depleting your body of CO2 and causing tetany.

  2. I really like her laugh, I don't know why. I think it just seems very natural. She must have a really great personality

  3. Now if you slow the video down at the moment before you see the hallucinations, you will see the buns of those people deflate and inflate like basketballs

  4. hey guys, you can also get into a squating position, hands on your knees. breath fast and hard till you're tired and proceed to lightly choke yourself.

    yeah, don't do this

  5. They’re trying too hard for the camera. Which is to be expected but it was pretty much just two guys on the floor hyperventilating.

  6. When you said everything just got funny, that's kinda a bad sign bc that means not enough oxygen is going to the brain, causing you to hillusinate

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