Man arrested for stealing nearly 600 high school girl gym uniforms from 50 different schools

Man arrested for stealing nearly 600 high school girl gym uniforms from 50 different schools

On Wednesday, a 53-year-old man living in
Mihama, Japan was arrested because he allegedly stole hundreds of uniforms intended for high
school girls. The Tokyo Reporter, relaying a news item from Sankei Sports in Japanese,
writes that Koichi Hirose, a staff member of Wakayama National College of Technology,
is believed to have pilfered, “approximately 600 gym suits and cheerleading and volleyball
uniforms.” “I started stealing them in the summer of last year,” Mr. Hirose reportedly
told officers of the Gifu Prefecture Police. “I did it to wear them.” The Tokyo Reporter
writes that Mr. Hirose, “is alleged to have taken the items from 50 schools in 12 prefectures.”
Yahoo News readers are having a field day with the bizarre theft. The comments alone
are worth the read. One Yahoo News user wrote, “Wear them? — Sheesh, I don’t even own 600
sets of clothing in my entire life so far!” Another Yahoo News user wrote, “So many good
one liners….so little time…..”

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  1. In other news, Josuke Higashikata, Okuyasu Nijimura, Rohan Kishibe, and Yukako Yamagishi claim that they had no knowledge of Koichi Hirose's fetishes.

    Ms. Yamagishi responded to this report with denial, saying that it was preposterous for her boyfriend to be doing such a thing. She was reported to have tossed away the reporters with her hair.

    Mr. Kishibe also claims to have not seen any perverted desires when using something called "Heaven's Door" on Mr. Hirose.

    Mr. Higashikata and Mr. Nijimura refused to comment, and any reporters who pursued any further comments were mysteriously drawn closer to the 2, beaten up by some unseen force, healed, then beaten up again.

  2. In other news, a Japanese Boy's hair was insulted. 21 injured, 15 million Yen in property damage done.

    Still no Dignity.

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