Meditation for Healing, Illness, Injury – How to Meditate for Beginners – BEXLIFE

Meditation for Healing, Illness, Injury – How to Meditate for Beginners – BEXLIFE

Hey, guys. It’s Bex here. Welcome here to
another “You have Four Minutes for Meditation” video. Today’s video is by request and it
is a meditation for healing. I am the absolute worst when it comes to being
sick. If I even have the slightest indication of a sniffle, I’m on the coach with my sick
blanket watching reality TV all day long, acting like a complete princess.
But that’s not the reality every single day. Sometimes I have to get up and work anyway.
So I use a little healing mantra or meditation to help me get ready for my day and to convince
myself that I’m actually quite well. There is so much science behind the concept of mind
over matter. When it’s just a little sniffle, or you might
have worked too hard at the gym, I have something for you that’s going to help you get into
tip-top shape. Let’s begin. Go ahead and find your easy seat.
You can have your legs placed one in front of the other or crossed in half-lotus or full
lotus — whatever is comfortable for you. Place your hands downturned on your thighs
or upturned to receive the energy around you. I suggest upturned for this meditation because
we want to uplift and heal ourselves with good energy.
Close your eyes and inhale your shoulders up to your ears…exhale your shoulder blades
down your spine. It should have you sitting up nice and tall, forming a straight line
from your seat all the way to the tippy top of your head so that energy may flow freely.
Prana in Sanskrit means life, and it is said that life enters our body through our breath.
So let’s first pay attention to this life energy, this force of good, by just focusing
on our easy inhales and exhales. As we become more focused on our breath, I
want you to imagine that each inhale is carrying with it a beautiful, glowing beam of light
that is carrying all of the healing energy of the universe within it.
Maybe this beaming light is just shining steady and true. Maybe it sparkles like glitter.
Maybe it dances joyfully. Whatever it looks like, it brings a warming, joyful, healing
energy into our bodies. Maybe you feel a sniffle or an itchy throat
or a cough coming on. Maybe you’re a little sore from a gym appointment or a yoga class.
As you inhale that healing energy — that beam of light — hold at the top of your breath,
and imagine that you’re sending that energy straight to the part of your body that needs
it most, that needs healing. Exhale the pain, the ache, the illness away.
Maybe it takes a couple breaths to truly visualize this light, but as you hold it in at the top
of your breath, focus on sending all of that energy to the place that needs it. Allow it
to do its healing work, to do its magic. Exhale. You may continue to take these deep inhales
and exhales, or with your next inhale, go ahead and open your eyes with me.
Now, if all that meditation did was distract you from worrying about your impending illness
or your pain for just a little bit, that’s fine. Then it’s done its job. But hopefully
you feel some healing energy inside of you right now.
Another mantra that I love to use is, “I am completely well. I am strong.” I say that
with my inhale and then hold it in, feel that healing, and then exhale out all that bad
energy that comes along with being sick or injured.
Thank you for joining me for another four-minute meditation. I love your requests, so keep
them coming. I will see you next week with a brand-new one. Love you, guys!
Thanks so much for joining me for my four-minute meditation. Please your requests in the comments
below. As always, you can find more info on me or any of my health and wellness tips and Or just stick around for just a little bit longer and click on the thumbnails
below for either my latest yoga video, or my meditation with Amanda Russell. See you

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  1. Thank you so much for this! I'm also passing along to my sweet sister. Love your channel so much. Keeps me motivated as I'm vlogging my vegan weight loss adventures.

  2. I just started watching your videos and I love them! Quick question…what exercises should I do if I am pretty skinny (115 lbs., 5' 3") but I have a little tummy? Thank you!

  3. I can't explain how much I love these meditation videos and really all of your videos! They've helped me so much with dealing with stress and I'm slowly coming into self-acceptance of myself. :] (Also, I absolutely love your mala bead bracelets… I've been trying to find some for myself :])

  4. Love your 4 minutes for meditation! A meditation for self confidence will be fine and cool, and maybe another to stay motivated in what we are doing : diet, workout, work… 😉

  5. I do have a chest infection and an eye infection and having a reaction to antibiotics but am trying this meditation anyway. It keeps my spirits up and that's something to be grateful right now. Thank you, BEX!

  6. This was great! Does this also help for healing from heart ache or are their deeper meditation methods for that?

  7. Those are some dope bex life letters at the end and bex is looking pretty dope herself good job mang!

  8. Thank you so much for your videos and for being you, I am so grateful I found your channel! I would love some more guided meditation! Good luck on your journey!!

  9. Hello, thank you for this video, it worked on me. I'm complete new to to meditation and I'd like to use the mediation precisely for getting mental calmness (not to cure bodily injury etc.). So what I'm trying to do is that imagine the light you mentioned go straight to my heart. Do you think that works? If I want to get overall mental calmness quickly, how long should I meditate one day? I know the longer, the better it is, but still?

  10. I have. Bad cold right now and this really helped me put it in perspective. It's not as bad as it seems now that I think about how my body is feeling! Maybe a Meditation for productivity? Thank so much for your videos! I love how short the meditations are, they fit right into my day without having to worry about making time. Keep up the wonderful work!

  11. I have recently starting to meditate and i have an autoimmune disease. Called CRPS/RSD. Where I am contantly in pain. I would like to know if you can make a healing meditation for something such as this. With an autoimmune disease you are constantly on a roller coaster. Needing strength patience and healing. I do not take any medication and healing through health food non-gmos and organics and herbal is my chosen method.

  12. I have an autoimmune disease. That brings me great pain. Some days are worse than others. The disease is CRPS/RSD I commented on this post but as my daughters account. I would like to know if there is another specific meditation that you can provide for chronic pain.

  13. I really did enjoy this video, Thanks Bex! This healing video helped me and my mom a lot. Do you think you can make a meditation video for mental illnesses? Like paranoia schizophrenia, how to meditate through the voices that are in the minds of people. This video is for my mom and I think this will help if she has a good meditation for the mental illness that she has. I can't imagine how she feels with there being voices that are in her head. She says that its not good feeling at all, that's why I requested a video like this..this will definitely help her.

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