Men's Weight Throw - Ivy League Indoor Heptagonal T&F Championships

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  1. im an 8th grader and ive been throwing the 25lbs weight for 2 days and throw 35 feet. is that good?

  2. That last guy really had all neurons firing, he released it at the optimal time and showed up the bigger guys. Kick ASS!

  3. still wonder why he didn't just show up to nationals that year, win, and go back to hammer training

  4. The trade-off is that when you hold it in the corner, it is very hard to fit your whole hand comfortably. Some throwers pull a finger out. Or even two. But as you do this your grip gets weaker and the weight tends to leave a little earlier thus missing the final application of force. So the two effects offset each other for many.

  5. Ooo, smooth. I threw 16,34 earlier this year, struggeling with the damn heavy weight! xD Only 19 though. Crazy seeing Connor going that far, yet he's only 21.

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