Migrant Child Dies From Common Illness

Migrant Child Dies From Common Illness

>>A fifth migrant child has died in US custody. Sixteen-year-old Guatemalan migrant Carlos
Gregorio Hernandez Vasquez died of what appears to be the flu. And we got this statement from Efren Olivares,
a lawyer with the Texas Civil Rights Project. He said you know, we should all be outraged
and demand that those responsible for his well-being be held accountable. If these were white children that were dying
at this rate, people would be up in arms. We see this callous disregard for brown, Spanish-speaking
children. And speaking of his well-being, this little
boy, and I call him a little boy, he’s 16. I get he’s a teenager, he probably didn’t
want to be called that, but he was a 16 year old. This is a child who was held for six days,
and you may know, that that is actually twice as long as federal law usually permits. And then he was, after those six days, transferred
to another holding facility, even after he was diagnosed with the flu. When asked to answer to this tragedy, Trump,
the President of the United States, had this to say. The Democrats are really making it very, very
dangerous for people by not approving simple quick 15 minutes legislation, we could have
it all worked out.>>No,
>>Right.>>No, that is not what’s happening. What’s happening is Trump and his administration
has been so punitive toward undocumented immigrants that people are not willing to come forward
to become sponsors of these children. And so as a result, all of these detention
facilities have gotten incredibly crowded. There aren’t enough spaces to provide proper
care while they’re detained. And a lot of these sponsors would be undocumented
themselves.>>Right.>>So if you know that the Trump administration
is as punitive as they are toward undocumented immigrants, you’re not gonna come forward,
you’re not gonna sponsor these kids. You’re not gonna look out for them as they
await trial or their day in front of a judge. Because most of these children and most of
their parents are asylum seekers. So Trump’s actions and the Department of Homeland
Security’s willingness to carry out some of his Draconian Anti-Immigration Policies has
led to the overcrowding in these facilities and it’s a very dangerous situation. Again, they’re not getting the appropriate
care that they need to remain alive. I mean, this is what the fifth miner from
Guatemala who’s died in Border Patrol custody.>>And you’re talking about the care that
they’re receiving and they’re not given the correct amount of care. I want to touch on that a little bit more
because we do know this child was given Tamiflu in an effort to prevent him from spreading
the flu to other children. But here’s the thing, we don’t know much else
about what was done to take care of him. He was not hospitalized, according to the
agency official who briefed reporters. So this child had the flu, and was in a facility
with other children, was given medication to not spread it, but he was not taken to
the hospital. And the official said CBP facilities have
medical providers who can monitor detainees, though the official didn’t know what specific
symptoms Carlos had. Carlos had last been checked an hour before
he was found unresponsive. And that’s it, there’s like another part of
that that this child was found dead in a facility with a bunch of other children.>>Yeah.>>Just how traumatic and horrifying, amidst
all the other trauma that they’re suffering.>>Exactly, and also keep in mind that there’s
still children who were separated from their parents at the border.>>Exactly.>>Who have not been reunited with their parents
yet because of the fact that DHS didn’t keep track of which child belongs to which parent. They didn’t keep track of where the parents
went after they were deported, so in some cases, the children remained in the United
States in detention, and their parents ended up getting deported. And there’s no way of getting in touch with
them. I mean it’s a mess, but it shows like a complete
disregard for human life. As long as you’re an immigrant, as long as
you’re coming to the country seeking asylum, your life just simply is not important to
the Trump administration. And they’ll throw you in these crowded facilities. They’ll do the bare minimum, if anything,
if your children are sick. And yeah I mean imagine not knowing where
your parents are and being in a facility where someone just died, it’s crazy.>>And the fact that this 16-year-old’s options
were to die here or home in Guatemala. That’s it, because asylum is not something
frivolous. And they’re not coming here because they want
a cool job.>>Right.>>This is a 16 year old, who is saying I
will die if I’m left at home. This is the state of my life at home, I will
die if I stay there. So save me, help me. And we have laws in place that say hey, this
is what we’re supposed to do when people say that. And this child’s options were die here or
die there. We’re not going to take care of you here,
because Democrats won’t let us allow you to only die at home.>>Well, you know what, I am really happy
though that the Republicans in this country are focusing on the issues that matter the
most. They do believe in protecting a clump of cells
that have some electrical activity. That is being mistaken as a full developed
heartbeat. And that’s the type of life that really counts
because living breathing human beings who die in Border Patrol custody, that’s nothing
to be up in arms about for the Republican Party.

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  1. Do you think U.S. Customs and Border Protection is doing everything they can to keep these children safe?

  2. Praise Yahweh that this illegal feral child died of natural causes before it festered into a greater criminal that raped our women

  3. This is sad and all but why her hairline start halfway on her head? At this point just shave Nd try Nd pull off a Lupita Nyong’o 😅

  4. The USA is at fault for these asylum seeking famies. The U.S. drug war and backing violent corporatist regimes in Guatemala has created refugees fleeing violence and oppression. To make matters worse, they lock these kids up in cages and deprive them of medical attention. The USA owes these People, especially from Honduras and Guatemala that has U.S. corporatist imperialistic racist fingerprints all over the place!

  5. A 100,000 ppl a month are flooding our border. We can’t handle all these sick, poor, dumb ppl. We are not doing enough to keep them out

  6. It's not border patrol that controls medical care. The teenager was seen by a nurse practitioner. The question is whether the NP was negligent in her assessment of the patient or if the agents didn't do anything as he deteriorated. It's an open-ended question, but people like TYT make it seem like border patrol caused this

  7. Ban immigration this deals with the issue you can't support the world???????? Elite are you look like the most self obsessed 1st class stupid and you can see the damage, hell you haven't even got rid off 3rd class in your own country befor thinking you where going to save them by inviting them all hear between you immigration, health care, schooling and so many amizon tax free 3rd world economy types you pack off [email protected]# up's .

  8. This is so so disgusting. How are we allowing this to happen…? I dont care if youre dem or repb.. If we continue to allow this we are monsters. And have no credibility at all as a "developed/first world" nation..

  9. Maybe there parents should take responsibility for dragging them across borders illegally. Yo ebony what do kids die of in shithole Africa

  10. GOP clearly tells them they shouldn't cross border illegally, yet dems are encouraging them and somehow Trump is to blame.
    It's not a secret they leftists are never willing to take blame for their actions but this is getting out of hand.

  11. Are not many of those being imprisoned asylum seekers? There is a difference between being labeled undocumented and seeking asylum. The laws of the USA says that those seeking asylum are NOT illegal.

  12. It'll be overcrowded no matter how big you make it. Look at some EU countries.If you make room for ten a hundred will come.

  13. Sadly legal citizens die from the common cold in the USA so i see no reason to pity a person going through the process wrong …. in part as they are made to go through it wrong …. dieing from what USA citizens die from. Why should we treat them better than we treat our own people?

  14. I know you want detainment centers abolished, but this is why we need vetting. Medically speaking, but criminally too. Contagious diseases don't care if you're "brown". It's kind of gross that this channel refers to people by color.

  15. They do not have care they NEED. Hmmm. Maybe they should return to Mexico ( or whatever ) and get that care ?
    By the way "undocumented immigrants " ? Really ? So hard to say "illegal" ? You are pathetic.

  16. refugee/asylum seeker=/=illegal immigrant

    common misconception. a refugee leaves their home country unwillingly.

  17. Migrant child dies after being forced to travel thousands of miles by foot at a young age. There fix the title for you.

  18. Morning, Apparently the guy trump since first days has created a crime spree worldwide, when will these settlers stand-up with honor amongst the few act responsible.jt

  19. The people responsible should absolutely be held accountable: his parents. And of course, that scumbag had to make it about race.

  20. The fact that we don't properly protect our border is what CAUSES this chaotic wave of people 'trying their luck.' This has been proven over and over in Australia, Sweden, India. Once those countries began enforcing their borders (including a two THOUSAND mile border wall for India), people stopped trying to jump the border and instead applied legally or not at all.

    In Australia, They stopped the crazy waves of migrants (some of whom were drowning or being gang raped) by putting them on an island. Immediately, the flow of new illegals dropped to almost zero. Then the left reversed that policy and IMMEDIATELY the chaos resumed, with thousands of illegals again 'trying their luck' and dozens drowning. Being raped or essentially enslaved by human trafficking gangs

  21. Check this out. You drag a child who has already left his hut hungry. 2000 miles across the desert. Without water, without food, and without proper clothing. But, it's Trumps fault ???? Not only are they coming across the border ILLEGALLY. They should also be charged with child abuse !!!! Prove me wrong !!!! TYT lacks any sense of reality!!!!

  22. America: kidnappers and child traffickers (steal a child, permanently separate them from their parents, then give them up for adoption). So, just who are the terrorists?

  23. White people need to wake up and realize that they're slaves in this system. Look at what the anti-white hate group TYT is saying. White people need to work and hand over their hard-earned cash to brown invaders, they need to pay to take care of them, why? No explanation given, white slavery is just expected to exist

  24. Tamaflu is useless unless it's used early enough, and as far as I know, has nothing to do with "stopping the spreading". And in a situation like that, where so many are in close proximity, one child like this could easily start a "controlled epidemic".

  25. This sucks..
    This just fuckin SUCKS.
    I hate that I can't do anything.
    5 dead kids is 5 too many…
    They didn't do anything
    Being asylum seekers doesn't mean they deserve to be tossed aside and left to die..

  26. During the Obama administration:
    A 2016 Human Rights Watch report analyzed ICE death reviews of 18 adults who passed away while under detention by U.S. immigration authorities at various facilities between 2012 and 2015.

  27. AND??????? bad things happen when you don't FOLLOW OUR LAWS and come here LEGALLY, if you think i'm gonna care about what happens to some ILLEGALS think again

  28. How many immigrants have died making the journey from Mexico's southern border to Mexico's northern border? Why don't you investigate and report on that?

  29. How many immigrants have died making the journey from Mexico's southern border to Mexico's northern border? Why don't you investigate and report on that?

  30. If you want to hold the Border Patrol responsible for this child's death, who are you going to hold responsible for other children in this
    country who have died from influenza this year? Is that on the Border Patrol too?

  31. If you want to hold the Border Patrol responsible for this child's death, who are you going to hold responsible for other children in this
    country who have died from influenza this year? Is that on the Border Patrol too?

  32. If you want to hold the Border Patrol responsible for this child's death, who are you going to hold responsible for other children in this
    country who have died from influenza this year? Is that on the Border Patrol too?

  33. How many immigrants have died making the journey from Mexico's southern border to Mexico's northern border? Why don't you investigate and report on that? Is the Border Patrol resposnible for those deaths too?

  34. All of these immigrant illegals had the option of staying in their native countries where they have health care facilities far superior to ours. They didn't have to come here and be exposed to our lousy health care.

  35. It's so tragic that the kid's parents put them in that situation, my heart goes out to the border control officers that have to contend with these tough times.

  36. If a 16-year old is dying from the flu while in custody then there is obviously insufficient medical care being given. Trump's goons apparently don't give a shit about these individuals.

  37. While the death of a child is tragic, it’s only been 5 kids over the course of months. Considering the 2000 mile death march they were just on, I’m surprised more haven’t died

  38. I look at the comments and I see no sympathy and lack of humanity. A child died of the flu and all these bible bashing religious nut jobs care about is shoving there way of life unto everyone else. It doesn't matter how you try to spin it… A child died while in the care of agents of the government and they are at fault! Totally messed up and they should be held accountable for there actions.


  40. You didn't care when it was Obama.
    You didn't care when it was Clinton.
    You didn't care when it was anyone you considered worth protecting despite similar crimes.
    You don't care, you never cared, these are crocodile tears, stop it.

  41. STOP coming here breaking the laws. Improve your own nation and stop expecting others to take care of you. PERIODT!!

  42. So then, the people who watched as this child died of an easily curable disease should be tried for murder.

  43. So we dont care because they are brown? Let's turn it around on TYT regressives; if they were white, not only would you not care, you would applaud.

  44. Why dont this olive bitch and this black bitch volunteer to taking care of so called 'migrants'? Oh, right, they might mess up their nails and hair. So much easier to virtue signal from far away! Dumb bitches

  45. stop pussyfooting its because he was brown thats it.stop playing into their hand its a racist policy both on imigration and abortion.republicans would rather have inbred white babies than brown imagrants .call it how it is stop playing nice this is a war on minorities you are playing into tbier had.i expect better frm tyt.stop failing.

  46. What in the hell! Are there no doctor's! This is f*cked up! The blood of these children is on Trump's hands!

  47. Show me thousands of white people rushing a border through hazardous conditions and i'll guarantee You a few will die just the same, has nothing to do with them being Brown, they are being FORCED to go on a dangerous journey.

  48. Karma is Karma. The brown mongoloid got a dose of reality. Blame Trump Blame trump. But you can’t deny Karma. Kid got his….

  49. This really underscores America's lack of universal healthcare. What a sad state of affairs. 1st world country….3rd world healthcare. Pathetic.

  50. H1N1 is not common…nice try though. Let's forget he traveled over 2000 miles without a shower, proper food or adequate cover and was kept like cattle under the cartels transporting him.

  51. Yo TYT look at these comments !!!! It's hilarious !!!! Do you have ANY supporters at all ??? If you do what's the ratio ??? 1 out of 9 ??? You should be ashamed !!!

  52. If the Dems worked to fix the problem that little criminal would still be alive to bleed taxpayers of more money and resources.

  53. Really. You people know what's in the hearts of these workers? I see (on one of the few) on a truth seeking site, employees who purchase diapers, OTC medications, etc. There are many with loving, caring hearts, reaching out to provide what they can for these displaced people. Don't speak disparagingly about people you have no knowledge of. There are so many who go beyond and above to do all they can for people they don't know. That speaks volumes of these people. Have any of you reached out?

  54. i am starting a petition to have the statue of liberty dismantled along with the
    'poem' plague. "we do not want your tired your hungry your huddled masses"(omg i sound like a republican)
    sarcasm from a progressive veteran

  55. Trump's hate policies are clearly killing innocent people. Another example of how the right wingers are pro life until the baby comes out of the chute, and heaven forbid they are not snow white. Trump is clearly guilty of multiple counts of murder and should be dealt with appropriately.

  56. Great point by Ana: Republicans go out of their way to save a 6-week old fetus with a barely discernible "heartbeat" while letting brown kids from south of the border die in cages. Pro-life indeed. Jesus must be proud.

  57. Not our problem, throw the kids over the Border fence and hope for the best. No Asylum for anyone. Also I am pro-abortion let stupid people kill their children 100% for that

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