Mike Tyson Doesn't Work Out Anymore: Here's Why - Joe Rogan

Mike Tyson Doesn't Work Out Anymore: Here's Why – Joe Rogan

do you work out anymore nah man keep away from that stuff me don't even like that stuff you know spin class right now that's tough um we activate to my ego oh really yeah oh wow I'm gonna get ripped off they react that's the thing about like extreme winners extreme winners that ego is hard my ego i'ma lose liya Maloof candidate I lose everything what if you let go jogging can you go jogging no I'll do my treadmill working stuff okay treadmill that's it but but if I thought the thing that I'm special if I get a glamour glimmer of that thing thingy oh yeah you better than know I saw a video you hit in the bag recently so a couple years ago you still hit the bag still throw some balm let's do the partly for the camera yeah that's what you're doing but I'm like damn you could still move you still have it in you right oh no it's in your body have to be how long to do this it feel weird what I was gonna get to when if you were standing front that heavy bag and you start rattling off combinations and people you start thinking like oh shit I'm actually Mike Tyson like I was that guy I am that guy who went through that I am the youngest heavyweight champion of all time I am that guy to destroy Tyrell Biggs I am that guy that knocked out Larry Holmes I'm that guy guy I look at that guy for money give me a platform to help me forget about that guy Wow yeah it's it's beautiful that you have that that mindset it is because most people who've accomplished as much as you have they don't want to ever let the past oh shit let that go but do you know do you recognize that that's a beautiful part of your personality you had one of the most successful boxing careers ever but you don't want it you don't want nothing to do with it you don't want to we want to acknowledge it exist you wish it went away in order to arrive to that next chapter in life you have to forget the chapter that came before you yeah and focus on the chapter ahead of you yes yes that's a great lesson and from coming from you that lesson I think is going to hit home with a lot of people thing fell yes honey 100% because you accomplished so much because you were the youngest heavyweight champion of all time because you're the baddest man on the planet is big hero for a lot of people like me when I was growing up to see you now say that's then I'm done no nothing I'm gonna watch it I don't workout it I'm not I'm not even a part of that anymore I'm concentrating my life right now and I'm happy and I love people you know Joe that's really crazy but when you think about this listen you know being that person that guy that sent me the fake world a couple of times if anything took so many other places the pregnant wife fed me play through that guy's a trip yeah that's a trick I had you in the underwear holding a tiger change the trip then what did you go to the psych ward for it's been crazy violent probably thought about hurting myself or something crazy like that what do they do when they take you in the psych ward how do they treat you oh no same way everybody this is Mike no but I mean how do they take care of you what do they do for you I mean how do they take my fucking pills that those things are something yeah throwing you out because I'll be doing a zombie swag event yeah yeah that is what they do huh just call me down medically pharmaceutically well you know what's going on we can't react to it change this and then once they got you calmed down enough to go alright you can go I don't know I don't think I ever get calmed down enough time for me to go I had to go

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  1. Only Mike Tyson knows the whole experience of being Mike Tyson. Which is why he knows his reasons for wanting to let the past go, but fame is the devil who will never let you go and be in peace. Mike will always be a legend and a hero too many. An undeniable champion and one of the greatest boxers the world has ever seen. I hope that someday he will find his peace.

  2. Mike was always smart and kind. But ego made him a monster. Cus would had slapped Mike in the face of he was alive for his big run as champ.

  3. Man the more videos I see of Tyson the more I think he is a grand philosopher. Wish I could just sit down for an hour with him and have him straighten me out.

  4. De ting. Is for Mike he tinks. It's ova… but Joe keep pushing him expantionallyism and perpetualistcally…..joes.. a dick…

  5. I know how he feels. I got into a lot of trouble when I was younger too and even though I had a lot of fun and did a lot of crazy shit that at the time I thought I was having the time of my life, I don't want anything to do with it anymore. Old friends I bump into wanna remenisce over it and I just say I'm not that guy anymore. It sucked my bank account dry, turned me into a nutcase, and in the end landed me in jail and on the street addicted to drugs for a while as well…. I totally understand what he's talking about. Just a slightly different path but it was anger that brought him there and anger that got me to where I was as well. Sometimes it's better just to move on.

  6. You can tell how honest Mike is hes looking directly at joe being clear eyed and not blinking he means every word there's probably only a handful of people in Mike's position in life great highs and lows

  7. Tyson was on a boxing level all by himself. So he was never really tested. Hollyfield and Douglas were pretty much the only 2 guys to REALLY test him, and he lost both times. "Teddy Atlas".

  8. Joe Yes… yes… you’re right. So let’s keep talking about it but please don’t kill me. Rogan

  9. His last comment really does resonate with me, I feel it 110%, I remember being in a psych ward, and it is like that. People would talk to me, and I could understand them, hear them but i could not respond to them, my mind felt like it was there, but it wouldnt let me react, i would sit and watch TV and not react, try to read or listen to music and nothing.. i could understand my surroundings, but i couldnt react to it.

    Loaded up on pills, feeling like a zombie. I am glad to not be there still.

  10. He's not afraid of the guy who beat people in boxing. He's afraid of the guy who will bite people's ears to win at all costs.

  11. I like the way Tyson has left behind his past,and also has grown up and change to a more calm,relaxed person.

  12. Why and how has he changed so much? Very humble. Anybody know the reason why or is it just old age? He doesn't even like talking about his boxing history

  13. Mental Hospitals torture people.
    Tyson ain't tell you everything they do to you in there.
    They literally try to change your personality with medication. Then they act like you do have problems. Then they force the meds on you without your consent.
    While in a mental hospital, you're not a patient. You're a prisoner of war.
    They will abuse you with the excuse of helping you.
    And they won't let you leave until they believe that you are ready for the outside world. So they will abuse you until you change.

    Tyson knew what he was talking about. Rogan tried to make it seem like if Tyson gad an anger problem. Rogan is one of them.
    Tyson went in a rage for a reason. He knows there's people around us who speak in occultic ways.

  14. You forgot to mention he's also that guy who kick the shit out of Peter McNeeley I'm from Boston Mass and I have met Peter McNeeley and he does nothing but talk shit and can't put his money where his mouth is and I remember Mike Tyson putting him on his ass flat on his back under 10 seconds if I'm can't put his money where his mouth is and I remember Mike Tyson putting him on his ass flat on his back under 10 seconds if I'm not correct that was one of the best moments when I saw that fight and Mike Tyson put him on his back.

  15. Proof that Christians exist out side of a church building , proof that GOD lives in us and transforms us, we don’t need to read no dam Bible

  16. Ive always had respect for Mike regardless of what he has done, but after boxing i think i respect him more!

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