MMA Bodyweight Cardio Workout

MMA Bodyweight Cardio Workout

we'll top fighters its funk Roberts here from funk MMA calm and I'm super excited today to bring you guys an awesome 10 exercise bodyweight MMA workout this it's been awhile I know it has but I want to hook you guys up with an awesome strength to get HD workout that'll help you get your cardio glowing so in today's workout you're gonna do 10 exercises each exercise you're doing 65 60 seconds work fall by 15 seconds rest one after the other with no rest in between now after you've done that I want you to rest for about a minute 10 minute and a half and then repeat for three rounds that's it you'll see these exercises are gonna be tough they're gonna help the full total body so you get explosiveness you're gonna get muscle muscular endurance you're gonna get cardio you're gonna get abs everything you need to help you become a better fighter alright so I'm done talking I want to show you guys this workout you ready let's get it done our first exercise our side-to-side burpees I love this exercise because it's full body we're jumping from side to side letting on both feet went back as fast as we can and coming up as fast as we can now you can either sprawl or burp eight slowly up to you the focus here is moving as fast exploding from side to side our next exercise our judo pushup so this is the upper body you're gonna get some shoulder stability and with this exercise again you are going to go from an upward dog to a downward dog once you go off you want to kick those hips back and then inhale on the way down exhale on the way up moves fast the next exercise forward jumping lunges so here it's lower body explosive movement we're in a fighters position we're trying to go as low as we can and explode up staying on the balls of our feet you can use that lower body to really explode keep your body tall exhale on the way up inhale on the way down our next exercise our V up so this is full AB and core we're going from into a B so all the way back and then explode up exhaling on the way up inhaling on the way down trying to use that core and abs to get your body all the way up make sure those that back is off the ground as well we're doing that exercise next up our Pogo now we're doing a little plyometric here in the cardio as well but we're looking at fast feet here a little bit of a shuffle and here you can see I go into that fighter stance shuffling my feet from forward and back and trying to see the balls of my feet moving fast next exercise are Superman so now we're going to the back okay so we're gonna lift up our upper body and lower body at the same time some of you guys will be able to go higher but if your lower back hurts and don't go it's high but exhale on the way up inhale on the way down keep those hands inside our next exercise are ever Everest climbers so here it's a little bit more mobility and more dynamic explosive movement going from side to side getting that elbow to the knees the elbow after that our prisoner squat so here we're gonna add a jump to the prisoner squat so we're going down as fast as we can and using the lower body glutes and keeping your heels and grounds explode up make sure that you land softly go into a squat and then explode up next up are plank body race we went back to the core but now this is a dynamic plank variation okay so here we're inhaling on the way up trying to back to a straight core plank finally we have sit-ups and here this is the mobility exercise shoulder exercise a core exercise and we're just going from side to side rotating our core kicking out and trying to get as much coordination possible so there you go guys you fighters out there Muay Thai MMA BJJ boxing kickboxing whatever it is it was a type of workout I love you guys to do bodyweight only don't worry about working on weights you can do it anywhere anytime but the goal is getting you got your cardio up getting your overall muscular endurance up getting your your mobility up getting your core strength up getting a full body explode the workouts that you can implement after your training session on your days off to get in the best shape of your life guys listen I'm not talking foolishness gooferz in the pudding alright now if you like that workout please like it share it leave your comments below subscribe this channel because I'm gonna hook you fighters up still I'm gonna bring you guys awesome workouts and if you like that work I don't want free workouts go to funk MMA calm download my six free workouts today and get started get in the best shape of your life I'm funk Roberts now it's your turn to get in the cage get in the ring get on the mats and get it done

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  1. 3:50 Did anyone notice he has 2 different nipples lol thats amazing no hate love funk roberts im just clownin

  2. Interesting but it's just typically my wrestling warm up exercises but for more long haha ! (Side to side Burpees look nice I'll try it)

  3. Can somebody recomend any heavybag/brand for beginners which doesnt make you go broke ? Im planning to practice some muay thai at home too

  4. All of these workouts looked like potential sex position training.

    1:01 the mistress and the maid
    1:16 sex salutations
    1:33 the jackhammer
    1:54 soon to be missing rib
    2:09 the double slut suck

    etc etc you get the idea

  5. Not even a workout for 30 yearolds or 20 somethings this is an assault workout.1 rnd and i was done try it again in couple days or so.

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