by robbers from funk Lords fitness calm fitness expert former professional athlete I'm so excited today everyone I've got an amazing workout it's called Punk's Power Hour now I took this concept from Chris Chelios who's a 46 year old NHL player probably NHL is all this player and basically what it is is you take six to seven exercises that hit every part of your body and you do them one after the other so it may be skipping for 450 repetitions then chest press shoulder raises whatever you want to put together it's seven exercises that hit all the different parts of your body you do them in sequence one after the other eight reps per exercise but the but here's the caveat we do it for an hour so you do one after the other and you continually do it for an hour with no rest that's a power hour now I love this extra so I love this workout because it hits not only your strength not only your cardio not only your endurance but mentally as well because you've gotta be focused anyways I'm gonna go through with you I'm just gonna start it now I'll see you back in an hour bunks Power Hour good luck in the Hills because the damage is scarred see my animals large so don't expect me to stop put your money where your mouth is they can't gonna die just finish the hour this is one of the greatest work has to throw into your workout regime to do it once a week we've seen all the exercises you can even throw in your own exercise so make sure you hit every part of the body and make sure you throw cardio and abs in there as well I'm funk Roberts Punk Robert Smith is calm Jim Brown whiskey representing the ring King gonna die holla at your boy this opponent is mine all the components timber I will leave you for machetes boom you leave quote my runs I'm exposing you dimes don't can never touch with scheme anticipating punches y'all famiiy and your dreams you brother stumble better be ready

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  2. hey Funk, how should i schedule my mma workouts? i want to train 6 days a week but i dont know which of your circuits use and on which day. i was thinking about 3 days of strenght and conditioning and the other 3 of agility, balance, speed training all the things to make me a complete top physique fighter. YOUR VIDEOS ARE BEAST!!

  3. Hello Marcroops would this specific rotinue in this video be good for getting in shape to start karate? Also should I lift the weights and do the other exercises ina fast paced manner like you did in the video?

  4. @nnlkswm yep. I was looking everywhere for the best way to put on huge muscles mass. Between I must say I credit all of the 30 pounds of ripped mass I have put on since 1 video series it changed my life. The video describing the method is here =>

  5. @tinomaestrino Yep I hear you on the opinion. If you want to be ripped, ready for fitness pics, etc then the nutrition plays a hige factor, if you just want to stay thin and you are YOUNG twenties, then yea sure you can get away with a bit more…but as you get older you will see a difference – lol – just saying from experience what I have seen 20 yrs in the industry..that's all…but good point on you end

  6. @secfan4life but you need to watch what you eat food is the fuel for your body and your workouts its like putting crappy gas in your car it won't function at its best. your body needs a lot of nutrients in order for you to get the most out of your workouts and to grow and recover from your workouts. without the proper nutrition you're wasting your time training.

  7. I just turned 40 and tried my first muay thai class last week. You have inspired me not to give up on my body because of my age, thanks Funk.

  8. @ tino – whether you want to be big or ripped – check out my funkmma website and funkrobertsfitness website and spartacusworkout website plus I have posted nutrition posts and other workouts – Cheers – Funk Roberts

  9. @tinomaestrino Are you kidding me…if I ate McDonalds all day I would be massive. In fact, I had to just prepare for my first Pro Muay Thai Fight in Thailand which meant – turning up the workouts and cleaning up my eating and nutrition – controlling what I ate..I went from 205 (about what I was there) to 180 ripped and strong as an ox….That was Jan and I am still 180lbs, eating clean working out – 43 yrs old you have watch your food…Nutrition is 75% of the battle, whether you want big

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