Most Alpha Bicep Exercises

Most Alpha Bicep Exercises

so I've covered all the other major body chest back shoulders triceps yeah that's all that's it covers it but which one is the most doubtful body so which one is the most self some might say chest but when someone's mind when you're games and they asked you flex are you gonna pop out a titty and squeeze that shit together no you're gonna pull out the meet mortis launch a full-frontal assault yeah I should get a restaurant like I was a server did honor a military special so technically I served with honors also this video is sponsored by hims so there will be an ad later it could come up at any time so just you know people look out for that it's gonna be flawless transition more than the next I have Paige speaking spent the last several months narrowing them down for only the most alpha of the alpha every cheat curls in a squat rack as we pull up squat rack is one of the most flagrant gym cry tortillas – cool heavy enough that when you do it in the squat rack people won't fucking you are so alpha that your arms are basically leg nothing says fuck do you like cheek curler 135 well three people wait to you is a squat rack to squat like fucking idiots take your wooden squat clogs and ask the grass this big cuz I'm about to explode this is vinyl money you know me you didn't get the weight in that right the people who care about rules and courtesy and not looking like an asshole and then there's you and those people got names they're called betas and you have a fucking renegade try to get him make sure you get the weight in there that I don't get that make sure you get that plus the plus the resistance got to be like 375 450 Colby um blast the curls when you bring your own bicep paraphernalia people know your fucking theories it's like bringing a gun to a knife fight where you told everybody no guns this contraption will mash out your biceps and make them look bigger it's like a fad pity about the pop out of tiny ass booster yet it's like torture porn for your biceps and all you viewers don't worry you're not gay for staring just bicurious you might be bisexual in that upside down to you right yeah why sign up to me so I think that's right right retsu Jesus curls standing double cable bicep flex quartz also known as yeah I'm using both of these course this is basically you just doing the front double bicep pose in front of everybody we're p.m. Moffatt this was also Jesus's favorite move and everybody was pretty salty about it and we all know how that it everyone gather round for Bible study if you can reverse curl the same weight someone else is curling it's the exact same thing as making more money than my speaking of gettin paid it's time to pay myself and with hymns you can pay yourself too with the gift of club like bonus and hair like not my dad which means it'll stick around hymns helps guys improve things get moving heavy objects can't like your hair dick and skin do you hate going to the doctor and admitting you're human well with hymns now you don't have to do either it's like online dating except you don't have to lie and it actually makes your life better dating scene is wrong huh you takes ups to get better pumps in the gym why not take meds to get better pumps down there in the dungeon well I play with a slinky when you can play with a full size of rectus it well I shaved your head when you could wave instead goodbye to all these haters with this comprehensive hair kick that you can get for just $5 by clicking the link in the description below or going to for hints calm slash bro science that's for slash bro science heavily dumbbell hammer curls the weight is so big and called because it's so heavy but there was physically no room for you to rotate so you're forced a hammock or it's like one of these jerky t-rex e hammock roar like that since the weight is so called it limits your range of motion so you don't actually have to crawl the whole fucking thing stand in front of everyone's mirror space grab the dumbbells so everyone thinks you're gonna struggle and then hammer curl those tallboys like you blowing negatory bitch and everybody's mind concentration curls now I don't know why they call them concentration curls because you're supposed to make them look effortless you do these like you're just sitting around and you need something to fidget with so you grab a weight you just like passing the curl it's like smoking a cigarette juice but wrote tip these are great to do in your garage in the nineteen eighties while drinking a beer if we had a cut-off Budweiser ticket then bang a hand wrestling with ski slope titties and a blonde bush call that period piece she's on a period treat your curls he's a harder to do than regular curls because you can't really cheap and as you know staying faithful is the hardest thing you can do which is why they called preacher cross cuz it takes the strength of God not to cheat I do cheat though because I'm a winner cheating my girls not a mackerels they also cheat on my cross though sometimes and like you know my diet and on my tests I now believe anything really some regular last calls with nothing special about them whatsoever it's a fast horse you're less shit's coming still gonna strike your ass out though okay and that wraps it up oh yeah and uh also incline dumbbell curls I think Arnold did please talked about them once or I don't know maybe I was me and decline dumbbell curls to can't forget those people curl people close with no single arm cable close I'll go on single arm cable curls CD cable curls CD came across with rope seated single arm cable closed although arm seated single on cable cross this one on string curls single arm on street curls by the curls and curls cables Plato cook please subscribe to my youtube channel new videos every there's a bug in here do you see that mosquito thing was fucking Hughes ball got interrupted so I'm sick Ariane go to blow science like calm and sign up to be a ball member to see outtakes and bloopers videos it discounts on merchandise like this get early access to new videos every also if you've been meyer in this cutoff I have spent years genetically modifying t-shirts to arrive at the scientifically perfect cut off that you're looking at right now these are now available at da Mustafa along with the restock novel stack those together free shipping on orders $50 and old cuz I'm a generous guy you you you

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  1. I actually do those Jesus curls sitting down on the upright seat with dumbbells, I usually end on a set with 35lb dumbbells. I secretly am just hitting them with the front double bicep pose.

  2. Dom is just too much of a douche to be funny sometimes. Though I'll grant it's not always an easy line to walk.

  3. chin ups aka me curls. because curls are all about me to begin with. now I'm just making sure everyone knows it.

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